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    4 Stars For Cam is the fourth installment in the Chicago Syndicate series by author Soraya Naomi and it was once again a winner for me This book can be read as a standalone, even though there are plenty of continuous elements in the storyline from the previous three books Adriano is the new capo crimine mafia boss of the Chicago Syndicate and Cam daughter of the former mafia boss is now an official capo The new dynamic in their relationship isn t always easy for them, but along the way they re able to find a balance between work and their private life.As for the rest of the storyline, there were a lot of unexpected turns of events that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading this book It was a true pageturner filled with action, love, lust and a sufficient amount of drama.Throughout the series I have really come to like Adriano and Cam as a couple Even though Adriano sometimes handled things in a way I didn t always like, in the end he won me over completely and I especially liked the way their relationship developed throughout the story.All in all, I would highly recommend everyone to read this book and especially those who are fan of maffia stories of the romantic suspense genre ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    The stories have been bundled in Fallon Luca book 1 and 2 Adriano Cam book 3 and 4 Another amazing addition to the Chicago Syndicate series A page turner from beginning to end, I enjoyed the surprise element of the storyline I felt something was going to happen while reading, and several major things happen that make this an outstanding read Her writing has come so far, and this story flowed so well The plot is somewhat intricate, but really cool, and not predictable with twists and turns you may see coming, but I didn t especially one major twist Both characters are obsessed with each other, but their Mafia world makes it challenging to live together, which results in a thrilling romantic suspense With another long epilogue, like in For Luca, that made my heart melt.A small gif impression of what I went through I m excited to start.Then angst buildsAnd builds, with very sweet, sexy scenes Then I m screaming and turning pages like crazy.Then I m shocked, crying, laughing With twists and turns you may see coming, but I didn t especially one major twist The end.

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    4 Stars ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review Cam and Adriano are so perfect together They are each others weakness as well as each others strength Reading their story was so entertaining and so hot, making this book the perfect winter read When we re apart, neither of us is whole But together, we blossom Our bond has proven to be unbreakable by any force In this book Adriano and Cam are both trying to deal with their new identities him as the new Mafia Boss and Cam as the daughter of the former Capo The crime life is full of danger and threats for the both of them so they look for solace in each other s arms When they are between the sheets their love ignites , and keeps all the darkness away.Cam is a very strong female character and I loved her for it She was born to play the role next to her man as Capo, even if she had to defy him a few times Her passionate personality drives Adriano crazy with love and sometimes with frustration, but no other woman can compare to his Cam She owns him, heart and soul.Adriano knows he needs to be ruthless in order to be the best boss he can be He and Luca are running the new underground club and all the events with the previous owner have set in motion a very dangerous war where no one is safe and the two best friends, Adriano and Luca are willing to do everything to protect their loved ones Chapter after chapter Soraya Naomi delivers an action packed story where you barely have time to breathe So many twists and turns, nothing about this novel was predictable The writing style was so beautiful ,each word was bleeding intense emotion into the pages of this book, making you feel as if you were center stage to everything that was going on inside the story.Most of all, I really loved the epilogue, because I m not going to lie, there were a few times times that I had my doubts about whether Cam and Adriano were going to make it The author really kept me guessing , but then she gifted the reader with a really beautiful ending that was the perfect seal for this very fervent couple.I m not usually one to love these Mafia themed books but Soraya Naomi has turned me into a big fan of the Chicago Syndicate series Definitely a must read for those looking for both thrill and hot romance in a story.

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    I saw there s a box set now The couples stories have been bundled in Fallon Luca book 1 and 2 Adriano Cam book 3 and 4 I d say that Adriano Cam book 3 and 4 are a little darker than the first two books You can also skip book 1 and 2 and dive into book 3 After For Adriano 3 , I was skeptical if this author could continue the upward progression in her books I enjoyed the first and second book that revolve around another couple, but I was engrossed by Adriano in his book, For Adriano It was a top notch sensual mix of Mafia love interwoven with an intriguing plotline But Soraya Naomi didn t fail and For Cam is in my humble opinion the best book of this series I d say every book can be read as a standalone since the set up is quite unique and clever, and you can jump in at every book Written in multiple pov, the chapters flow perfectly This series is plotdriven but is always supported by developed characters as well not too developed so that it takes away from the edge of my seat plotline.The main characters are fierce and loyal to a fault It was simply amazing to see Adriano evolve without losing his devilish ways And Cam is an awesome heroine, who doesn t let her alpha male boyfriend push her around This makes for some steamy and angsty scenes The chase scenes are riveting and eery sometimes, but I couldn t stop reading The, at times, lyrical writing style make the emotions and feelings just jump off the page I especially think this series stands out from other Indie Romances because of the intensity and intriguing dialogue, which I read some readers found formal, but I think it adds so much depth to the plotline and characters I would definitely not enjoy these intelligent, smart killers if they talked acted like teenagers.It kept me guessing throughout It made me cry It made me tingly The series gets suspenseful with every book, and I loved the storyline I even checked if it would be possible the major twist , and it is possible apparently It s very creative Although I don t care if it s plausible because it was something I ve never read before and thought it added so much to the suspense and tenderness of Adriano s character I d prefer the intense and over the top storyline to continue in book 5 that s what Mafia Romance is all about I don t want realism, I want escapism I especially enjoy the long epilogues this author writes a la KA After all the emotions I went through, I needed that epilogue It reads like a movie or a TV show This would be a great TV series, by the way The plotlines are perfect for TV it s so exciting and unpredictable.

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    ARC kindly provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review This is the fourth book I read from this series and it s another win for me This author keeps me on edge during reading and even though I had a few busy days I had a hard time putting this book aside In the first 2 books I didn t really like Adriano but in For Adriano he made me fall in love with him In For Cam they both have to adjust to their new positions within the mafia How do you work together professionally when you re also involved romantically Adriano acts overprotective and his position of boss is changing him Both have a hard time adapting to the new situation He still has his hot, dirty mouth and even this strict mafia boss showed his romantic side at the end of the book which I really loved.There were lots of dangerous situations, devastating decisions to make, lots of lost time and a heart breaking situation which had me crying a lot I loved it from the beginning till the end I was glad to find out that there will be another book in this series In For Cam you find out who the Logan is for her next book For Logan I really liked this person and am looking forward to his book

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    I love this series

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    This book makes you go through the gambit of emotions It can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty some of the previous storyline characters play secondary roles but any important information from the prior stories is imparted where necessary The premise follows Adriano and Cam s building relationship into a world of murder and mayhem Adriano is the Capo crimine of the Chicago Syndicate, in other words the Boss Camilla Cam is the daughter of the Syndicate s former boss, and a Capo She is to be treated in respect and be well protected.The author did such a great job developing Adriano s character He becomes one of the most powerful Mafia bosses in Chicago and I can say that he is perfect amounts of bad and eventually sweet Adriano might be the devil but he is a charming one for sure Cam is strong and does not let herself get walked over for anything The sex scenes between them are vey well written and no matter how many there are in this book, I didn t roll my eyes once Adriano s ties with other mobsters still disturb his world and his own way of handling problems don t always run the straight and narrow His ways will surely get under your skin, buy also will he totally get into your heart New enemies and deadly threats are going to challenge his relationship with Cam In order to improve their relationship, they ll have to learn about themselves, to be honest with each other and find a better way to communicate.This book had me on the edge of my seat The drama, suspense, the love and sex are just few of the things that make this book awesome as hell and worth reading ARC kindly provided in exchange for a fair review Thank you.

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    Free with Kindle Unlimited For Cam 4 can be read as standalone

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    I do not even know how to begin this review It s been days since I finished this book and I still can t put into words everything that I want to say about this book I highly recommend reading this series in order This book can be read as a standalone but in order to get the most out of this book, it s best to read everything in order.For Cam is the fourth book in the Syndicate series by Soraya Naomi and each book just gets better and better This book has everything tension, suspense, angst, steamy scenes, gut wrenching parts this is TRUE ITALIAN MAFIA A saint changes for love A sinner kills to hold on to love And I m not a saint Cam is Adriano s girlfriend and she is one fierce woman Adriano is now Capo Crimine and Cam is his Capo But it s much harder to protect the ones you love when they themselves are always going to put into danger being part of the mafia And Adriano ends up learning this a very hard way Il mio angelo Sei diavolo There is so much action and suspense in this novel, I absolutely loved it It propelled the story forward and kept you ankle deep in everything There is a lot going on, but Soraya does such a great job of never confusing anything and always keeping things moving at the same, perfect pace I will warn you Soraya does not hold back on what the hell the Mafia do to enemies I can t tell you how many times my jaw just dropped to the floor It s one of the many reasons I love reading her books These characters are written with such creativity and same with their empire You can picture everything and it feels like you are right there right in the middle of it all I can t say enough about how well written this book is I am blown away by the perfect blend of everything The passion, not just between Cam and Adriano, but within the Mafia family and the blood families The aggravation and how unrelenting Adriano becomes during those high tension situations you feel it all My review won t come close to telling you how unbelievably amazing this book is I have to say, it is probably my favorite in this series If you want, suspense, action, hot steamy scenes all wrapped into the perfect package this book is for you.

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    Camilla Guillermo s life has been turned upside down ever since she joined the Chicago Syndicate and was reunited with Adriano Montesi, the cocky and charismatic Mafia man who captured her heart two years ago Finally, she has a family that she can depend on and the one man she s always wanted but who was never truly hers before Love within the Mafia is than complicated it s explosive Before For Cam I would have told you For Fallon was my favorite and then we learn about Adriano and Cam s relationship It s explosive, gut wrenching, amazing, loving, and so much I was shocked at the feels of this book Oh my It was fast paced, extremely emotional, and unputdownable Yes, that s not really a word unless you re a book nerd like me But the power to be so drawn in that you stay up until the wee hours of the morning just to find out what happened, and then stare at the ceiling because you just can t believe it, and you need that s an unputdownable book It s superfly and wonderful I ve been so drawn into the Chicago Syndicate and can t wait for Logan s book Oh, the web we weave and how that web includes work, life and our hearts Often I wonder what will happen when those with hard hearts have them unlocked After reading about Luca and Adriano, I ve come to believe that there is hope for those with hard hearts Love will change them in the best way Heather, 4.5 Almost Perfect stars

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For Cam (Chicago Syndicate, #4) summary pdf For Cam (Chicago Syndicate, #4) , summary chapter 2 For Cam (Chicago Syndicate, #4) , sparknotes For Cam (Chicago Syndicate, #4) , For Cam (Chicago Syndicate, #4) 036d299 He May Be Cocky And Charismatic, But Mafia Man Adriano Montesi Is Also Madly In Love With Camilla GuillermoAdriano S A Man On A Mission, Yet Cam S Magnetic Pull Toward Him Doesn T Waver While He S Busy Building A New Empire Although, As Their Connection Deepens, It Does Bring Conflicting Emotions To The Surface Emotions That Seep Into Adriano S Psyche While He Works To Become One Of The Most Powerful Men In ChicagoCamilla S Life Has Been Turned Upside Down Ever Since She Joined The Chicago Syndicate And Was Reunited With Adriano Finally, She Has A Family That She Can Depend On And The One Man She S Always Wanted But Who She Could Never ClaimBut Love Within The Mafia Is Than Complicated It S Explosive And Now That Adriano And Cam Are Both Members Of The Chicago Syndicate, Not Only Has Everything Changed, But Their New Roles Are Accompanied With New Rules, New Players, And New Deadly Enemies That Must Be Dealt With While They Re Still Cleaning Up The Dirt Of Their PastA Romantic Suspense In Dual Point Of View For Cam Can Be Read As Standalone, But It S Advised To Read BookFor Adriano Before BookBookAndCenter Around Another Couple All Other Books In The Series Are Standalones Novel Grounds Semi Annual Literary AwardsWinner Of Best Breakout Novel For Fallon Chicago Syndicate,

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  • Soraya Naomi
  • English
  • 10 October 2019

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