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    Because this book on Christian apologetics is geared toward youth, and I used it to instruct my tween daughter, my review will mostly focus on how understandable it was for my daughter.The material covered by Dr Cutchins in this book includes The role and importance of apologetics This section reminds the readers of the biblical commands to discern and refute false teaching and examples of such actions by Jesus and Paul A defense of absolute truth Consistent with the adage, The best defense is a good offense, Dr Cutchins goes on the attack on the prevalent contemporary views of relative truth Theology and worldview concepts about God This chapter provides simplified versions of the cosmological, teleological and moral arguments for God s existence It also discusses the seven major theological worldviews theism, atheism, pantheism, panentheism, deism, finite godism e.g process theology and polytheism Finally, it explains the difference between general and specific revelation and discusses attributes and characteristics of God An explanation and defense of biblical miracles This chapter explains the nature and role of biblical miracles Given that God usually does not intervene miraculously in His creation, the chapter also addresses providence and the role of prayer World religions This chapter provides a high level contrast between Christianity and its major competitors Cults This chapter contrasts Christianity and cults based on a generic definition of a cult It also discusses how to defend against cult teaching, primarily with a proper understanding of biblical teaching The problem of evil, the apparent contradiction between an omnipotent, omnibenevolent and omniscient God and the existence of natural and moral evil in the universe This issue fills the last three chapters of the book These chapters define the problem of evil and confront it head on, primarily using a soul making theodicy.In general, my daughter was able to understand the concepts While she can probably explain the difference between attributes and characteristics of God in her sleep, I doubt that she can remember the different attributes and characteristics listed and defined in the book In my opinion, the best section of the book was the chapters on the problem of evil I remember the completely perplexed look on my daughter s face when confronted with the problem of evil She completely understood the problem but had absolutely no idea how to answer it The explanations of free will and its implications for the existence of evil were easy for her to understand, as were the explanations regarding the future defeat of evil Those challenging Christians with the problem of evil assume that the existence of evil means that God either lacks the ability or will to defeat it and fail to consider the biblical promises of the future destruction of evil.The section that caused my daughter the most trouble is the chapter on cults It reads like a teacher s manual and went completely over her head Perhaps it would be understandable for an older teen Regardless of this weakness, I consider this book to be worthwhile for Christian middle and high schoolers They face challenges to their faith now and in the future, and this book is a good start toward preparing them to face these challenges.

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    Great book for someone who is searching for which faith I am choosingMany years i felt God was eithet punishing me or didn t care.Till I actually sought him for myself.this book has good answers to many questions I had on my search for the true God.

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    A great concise introduction to Christian apologetics.

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Prove It download Prove It , read online Prove It , kindle ebook Prove It , Prove It 4800063f7a95 Prove ItThis Is The Cry Of A Generation That Is Both Skeptical Of Truth And Hostile Toward Christianity Too Many People Are Turning Away From Christianity, And God, Because They Have Questions And Challenges That Go Unanswered Because Of This, Christianity Is Viewed By Many As An Insanity That Is Only For The Weak Minded And Misguided The Purpose Of This Book Is To Introduce The Basic Concepts, Contenders, And Criticisms Of Christianity And Prepare The Reader To Provide A Defense For The Hope That Is In ThemPet The Importance Of This Book, And Others Like It, Cannot Be Overstated From Both A Practical And An Academic Sense The Local Church Has A Serious Responsibility To Defend The Basic Concepts Of The Christian Faith But Cannot Keep Up With The Attacks Without Basic Tools And Training That Will Equip Christians To Love People Enough To Answer Their Hard Questions Unless The Church Is Equipped To Deal With The Intellectual Mind That Is Rejecting The Existence Of God, The Objective Nature Of Truth, And The Validity Of Miracles, A Generation Will Be Lost To The Lies And Confusion Of False Teaching This Book Will Enhance The Readers Potential In The Areas Of Apologetics Pre Evangelism And Evangelism