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Nasty cop quotes Nasty cop , litcharts Nasty cop , symbolism Nasty cop , summary shmoop Nasty cop , Nasty cop 0badf0df What Do You Do If You Get Caught Embezzling AlmostMillion Dollars What Do You Do If You Re Facing Charges And You Might End Up In A Prison For Years What Do You Do If You Re Blackmailed By The Detective What If It S Not The Money He S After Let Me Tell You A Little Bit About Myself My Name Is Michelle I Am Thirty Two Years Old I Work As An Accountant In An Investment Company Wait, That Is Not Actually True I Worked As An Accountant I Was Involved In Embezzlement OfMillion Dollars, And I Got Caught So, Why Wasn T I Convicted Or Even Charged Of Embezzlement And Money Laundering Yet It S Simple, The Detective Or The Nasty Cop As I Call Him Not To His Face, Though , Has Other Plans For Me He Started Blackmailing Me, But It S Not The Money He S After I Never Thought That I Was Going To Get Caught, Not In A Million Years Well, Maybe I M Lying Again Maybe I Expected On Some Level It Would Happen Maybe, I Wanted To Be Punished, Since I Hadn T Been Properly F In Last Three Years, And Not F At All In The Last Few Months, So A Subconscious Urge To Be Punished Was Almost Natural A Quick, Lively And Exciting Read There S A Lot Of Action And The Pace Of The Story Moves Fast, Keeping The Reader Wanting From The Graphic Scenes To The Main Character S Growing Predicament, There Doesn T Seem To Be Any Viable Solution Until The Plot Shifts Unexpectedly This Only Makes The Book Even Better I Enjoyed The Nail Biting Pace Of The Story And Look Forward To Books From This Author Review Of The Reader This Was An Excellent, Gripping, Story From Beginning To End I Couldn T Put Down, Once I Started Reading It It S Edgy, A Bit Dark, And Enticing It Makes A Person Aware Of How The Bottom Can Fall Completely Out From Under A Person One Day, All Is Well The Next Day, It S All In Shambles I Liked That It Was Different Form A Lot Of Stories, And I Was Surprised By The Woman S Personal Conflict I Could Visualize An Angel On One Shoulder And A Devil On The Other Shoulder You Just Never Know Who You Can Trust In This World, Professional Or Otherwise Review Of The Reader

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    Great read if.you like quick reads, sexual content, corruption, and an HEA.Side Note So.this wasn t exactly what was I was expecting There were times during the bdsm part it felt rushed or like rough sex than actual BDSM and then there were times where I felt other parts dragged a bit It s a great and interesting premise While I felt the main female fell a little flat, the author did a great job making the nasty cop the appropriate amount of sleazy It was a very quick read and I m all for giving a new author I ve never heard of a shot Not sure if I would recommend highly, but if you re in the mood for fast and dirty, give it a try.

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    A quick, lively and exciting read There s a lot of action and the pace of the story moves fast, keeping the reader wanting From the graphic scenes to the main character s growing predicament, there doesn t seem to be any viable solution until the plot shifts unexpectedly This only makes the book even better.My only suggestion for this story would be details in the development and a longer read This would build depth to the background of the characters and the dilemma Either way, I enjoyed the nail biting pace of the story and look forward to books from this author

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    A Really Great Quick ReadThis book drew me in from the very start and kept my rapt attention, flipping pages until the very end This story is about a person who is in a rapidly escalating situation, without any hope of escaping it See she embezzled a huge amount of money, and she got busted She isn t on her way to prison because she was busted by a Nasty Cop who decides to blackmail her The plot has plenty of twists and turns, excitement, and a fast pace As you ride along with Michelle, you will be flipping page after page on the edge of your seat I can t wait to read from this author.I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion from the author I like the premise of the story and think that the author had a really great idea of where he wanted to go with the story The love scenes are really hot and can make even a cold fish blush Me personally, I wanted to know about the bad cop I think that a little character development is needed Michelle seems like the kind of person who lets bad things happen to her She seems very weak.There are a lot of grammatical errors in this story that makes it a little harder to get through I think once the story is flushed out a little , it could be absolutely amazing It is a good start.

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