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Conquering Fate quotes Conquering Fate , litcharts Conquering Fate , symbolism Conquering Fate , summary shmoop Conquering Fate , Conquering Fate a44a1efe Henry Isn T The White Knight In Shining Armor No He S The Highly Trained Former Army Ranger Ready To Leap Out At His Enemies From The Cover Of Darkness He S Been Hurt Before But That Doesn T Stop Him From Caring For All Those Around Him Like Family Elizabeth Is Headstrong And Fiercely Independent She S Leery Of Any Man Willing To Help Her Without An Ulterior Motive Can Henry Conquer Her Heart And Show Her That Good Men Still Exist Will Elizabeth Be Able To Conquer Her Fears And Let Henry In Could Fate Be At It Again

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    This story is about Henry and Elizabeth Henry is the owner of a security company, all alpha male, with a huge body and a big heart He s a loyal friend and a kind soul Elizabeth is a thief who breaks in houses of rich people provoked by Elliot, a ruthless criminal, in order to keep her sister safe, who is held hostage by him Henry catches her red handed in the house of one of his clients and he is instantly physically attracted to her.The story is a catch bad guys one and it has almost everything Romance, hot sex, shootings, chase, humor, love but also abuse of women human trafficking and prostitution references , psychological treatment and light bdsm.The book was fast paced and full of action It was such a fun, exciting romance I loved Henry, he was so alpha and possessive but he also tried to accommodate Elizabeth and make her happy in his life of course Elizabeth was a great heroine, she was strong and didn t just let Henry run over her Henry and Elizabeth were a great match and holy hell, were they hot together I loved the story, it was exciting and well written.3.75 Stars

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    I received this book in return for an honest review.Wow this book has Romance, Action, Suspense and Hot Alpha males what can a girl ask for in a book Henry is an ex Military Ranger owner of a Security Firm with high profile clients He is single and his soul focus is his firm So when he receives information regarding recent home and business break ins that are also affecting him he set out to investigate, by setting up surveillance outside one his high profile clients who they believe will be the perpetrator s next victim Sure enough a couple of hours into his surveillance the silent alarms goes off and Henry jumps into action Only to his surprise when he catches the perpetrator actions The perpetrator is not what Henry expected and he definitely wasn t ready for what found either Henry grabbed for the mask and ripped it away, gasping in surprised at what he found behind it Looking back at him was the most beautiful imp like face he d ever seen in his entire life He was tempted to rip off the hat she had on so he could see what color hair she had He hoped it was blonde, with those aquamarine eyes staring him down Shaking himself, Henry knew he needed to focus on the problem here She was the thief She had been somehow getting in and out of his clients homes, and he needed to know how so he could fix the problem After snapping out of it Henry believe he has everything under control that is until prisoner vanished with in seconds leaving him even perplexed with a simple note for an explanation. My name is Elizabeth Please don t try to find me I wish I could tell you , but lives are at risk This leaves Henry wondering what the hell is going on But he determined to find his beautiful thief and find out for the sake of his business and his.Elizabeth s mind was set on setting her sitter free from a drug dealer Elliot s hands If she didn t meet his demands she would soon be sold to the highest bidder and who knows what would become of her Unfortunately for her what Elliot wanted consisted of her breaking into high profile homes and stealing expensive valuables Elizabeth was good having had experience in her parents magic acts made it easy for her to get in and out with out being detected.Until she runs into the big, hot, mean looking owner of the security system she just penetrated During the time she is hand cuffed and interrogated she finds her opportunity to make her escape and she takes it Leaving him and explanation and a warning When she returns to inform Elliot of her failed attempt he gives her one chance to complete the job and rescue her sister Unfortunately Elizabeth didn t count on the hot security owner to show up on her door step and demands to know what is going on What she least expected was for him to make promises of rescuing his sister and keeping her safe But having shared a so she sets of to finish what she a a connection with and his bed makes her rethink things But she won t risk him and his team so sets off to finish what she started But things spiral out of her control will The hot Ranger keep his promise and find her and come to her rescue Wow these 2 characters share a connection from the moment they meet Only to have a series of events unfold before them and get in their way But because of what they felt and what they are willing to do and sacrifices for each other love grows strong between them I say definitely give this book a shot and find out for yourself what this hot ex military ranger is willing to do to protect what he wants.

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    Henry isn t the white knight in shining armor no he s the highly trained former Army Ranger ready to leap out at his enemies from the cover of darkness He s been hurt before but that doesn t stop him from caring for all those around him like family.Elizabeth is headstrong and fiercely independent She s leery of any man willing to help her without an ulterior motive.Can Henry conquer her heart and show her that good men still exist Will Elizabeth be able to conquer her fears and let Henry in Could fate be at it again This book was okay overall There were a few times where it was very hard to keep an interest I did like the fact that the story was based off of something that happens a lot in this world, which is sex trafficking It did seem like there was a lot going on during the book to where it was somewhat complicated as to what was going on I also think that the author could have done something different in the way she splits up the conversations between all of the characters I did like the ending because they ended up getting exactly what they needed to hear Overall I really liked the story My heart felt heavy through some of the book I really like that even though there was alot going that this story still managed to capture my heart and make me want to keep reading to find out what happened next I totally recommend this book.

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    In Conquering Fate we get to see a little bit of Bella and Logan This story s central characters are Henry and Elizabeth She was forced to do some sneaky things in order to save her sister and in comes Henry to catch her, yet it seems he was was the one caught.Henry is a commitment phobe Why you ask If I told you it wouldn t be fair to you, you need to read the book to find out Elizabeth has the floor taken from under her feet, and all the happiness she experienced throughout her life is sucked out of her by different events.Here you will find romance, hot steamy sex, and even action and suspense This story has it all, and for those of you that were waiting to know hat happened to Henry after Submitting to Fate, well is a must buy.Screaming Mimi is an up and coming writer that has the ability to trap us in the stories she brings us She has the ability to pull you into the world and lives of the characters she creates It is an amazing story very well written and it successfully follows the line of the events that occur previously on Book One of the Series.A must buy 1 click it.

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    In Conquering Fate we got to know Henry a little better and got to meet Elizabeth We all feel in love with Henry s alpha male ways in Submitting to Fate, but was great to get to learn of his story.Elizabeth is a blonde headed green eyed goddess, doing whatever she has to do to try and keep her sister safe I loved the way Screaming Mimi brought this story together I was on the edge of my seat biting my nails to laughing in the same chapter This book truly has it all This is only her second novel and they just keep getting better I can t wait to see what the future will hold for her This book is a must read 5 stars

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    This is a fast paced and exciting insta love story Henry meets Elizabeth under unfortunate circumstances and each of them instantly feel drawn to each other Although neither one wants to act on their feelings because they have other bigger things on their minds, they can help the way the feel Serious events threaten to break both of them emotionally making you wonder what will happen in the end.This book provides the reader with an array of emotions making it a great page turner

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    I love this series by Screaming Mimi It has everything in it that you could want love, suspense, and hot sex I loved both of the main characters, Henry and Elizabeth Henry was the strong, protective Alpha type Elizabeth was strong willed and full of courage Definitely my kind of book I can t wait to see what the author has in store for us next

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    Wow Just Wow This book is fast paced and action packed not a boring moment to say the least I do enjoy an insta love story and this one did not disappoint I loved that we got a little bit of Logan and Bella from book 1 So glad Henry found a love of his own Can t wait for the next book

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    Screaming Mimi has blown me away with her second book, Conquering Fate You could read this as a stand alone but you would get out of it by reading Submitting Fate first Logan and Bella are the characters in Submitting To Fate while Henry and Elisabeth are the characters in Conquering Fate Henry and Logan are best friends Henry owns a security company and when his clients houses are being robbed, he finds Elisabeth is the culprit The reason is to save her sister This is not for the young to read There is sex and violence in this book It gets your attention. Thanks, Screaming Mimi.

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