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If I Loved You (Harper Falls #1) summary If I Loved You (Harper Falls #1) , series If I Loved You (Harper Falls #1) , book If I Loved You (Harper Falls #1) , pdf If I Loved You (Harper Falls #1) , If I Loved You (Harper Falls #1) 510a5c871b Welcome To Harper Falls, Washington A Place Where Everything You Ever Dreamed Of Can Be Yours Especially LoveIf All You Wanted Was One Night Would You Take A Chance On A Man Who Wanted Forever Rose O Brian Wants To Spice Up Her Love Life, And She Knows That Jack Winston Is Just The Man To Help Her Unfortunately, Jack Has A Secret That Is Keeping His From The One Thing He Wants Than His Next Breath RoseRose Has Never Believed In A Happily Ever After Ending For Herself Emotional Scars Run Too Deep She Tells Jack It S One Night Or Nothing, But What She Can T Admit To Him Or Herself Is That He Is The First Man That Has Ever Had Her Dreaming Of When A Demon From Her Past Rears Its Ugly Head Will Rose Have The Strength To Reach For What She Wants Can Jack Convince Her They Have A Future Worth Fighting For Book One In The Harper Falls Series

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    3.3 starsThe pov abrupt changes threw me off a bit but this was a solid story with an adorable sweet hero If you like Jill Shalvis but with not as strong an editor then this would be in your ballpark It s an Indie, free on Kindle Unlimited and.99 for Kindle, definitely worth the asking price.Thanks to Mary for the recommendation.

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    When I saw this book was setup in eastern Washington I spent my first 23 years in Kennewick Washington I had to try it out and I m so glad I did Review to come loved it

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    Cute, light, little trouble, and hilarious Okay so Rose had a bit of a shitty upbringing with her mother then her Aunt Well I wouldn t even call her Aunt an Aunt Personally I d call her the devil s ex wife But, with that childhood, Rose made something of her self and 3 Grammy s later, she is a famous song writer and settled down in a smaller town with her 2 best friends Jack is a perfect male specimen He comes from a large family being the only boy out of seven children He is so very well mannered A previous body guard but current millionaire computer geek with his best friend and they also reside in the same small town of Harper Falls When I say he is perfect, I mean, this is literally the man every single woman wants Of course he is HOT, but smart, caring, respectful, can be a badass in certain situations But, he is not an asshole to woman surprisingly and I still love him Rose told him she wanted him to screw her brains out He said no But, they developed a special bond Which was amazing Rose has some serious issues she has to work on When she finally meets his amazing family, those issues of hers gets a whole hell of a lot worse This is an amazing book It was sooo funny between all the girls The shit the guys did Jack s dog is also a favored pet The story line is just awesome Loved it.

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    This book was such a mixed bag i can t even begin to rate it Anyone who reads my reviews can see i frequently use the phrase life s too short for bad books I used to be a die hard you start you finish but there s so much crap out there these days and my free time is too limited to martyr myself just to say I finished I usually give books five chapters to do or die unless something happens to make me rage quit before then This book wasn t bad enough to make me rage quit but it was tasking long enough to get going that i doubted my ability to give it its fair shake One of my biggest overall complaints is that theauthor spends too much time telling instead of showing and that was the biggest problem to start with She spent so long going into minute details about inane things i was getting bored Then she finally moved into things that actually mattered and were interesting She has that magic quality that makes an author a must read but she always self sabotaged it She d hit a stride where i was loving the book then she d bog it down with minutiae or detailing character traits rather than letting the actions speak for themselves Same thing with the sex scenes,they d be going super steamy then she d throw in a terrible cheesy erotica thing like weeping penis The hero was excellent, a real book boyfriend I enjoyed the heroine though her character arc was a bit odd and forced Her refusal to have feelings didn t ring true based on her history It wasn t anything wildly off base just felt slightly off normal given the circumstances The second biggest issue with this though is her not knowing where to end the story Around the halfway point i was like how much could possibly be left in this story because it feels like it s wrapping up If she d stopped around that point this would be a solid first book by an author that just needed somepolishing but had written a lovely romance with just the right amount of depth Unfortunately instead of doing that she went totally off the rails and just threw silly twist after sillier twist until it was comical rather than impactful The character s actions ok the heroines actions made no sense to me and at times she was downright unlikable I m curious to read the other books in this series because i do think the author has potential but I ll wait till the next time i do kindle unlimited because i can t see myself paying for them if they re as wild as this one

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    This was an highly entertaining start to a promising new series ROSE FELT LIKE she had a neon sign flashing over her head looking for a one night stand, only sex gods need apply.IF I LOVED YOU by Mary J Williams was a delightfully sweet, small town romance It s the first book in a series about three friends Rose, Dani and Drew in Harper Falls, Washington, finding their happy ever afters I was so excited when the author offered me an audible review copy and I was not disappointed This was the story of Rose O Brian, a songwriter, and Jack Winston, a security expert.Rose had experienced a terrible childhood She still suffers the aftermath of the abuse she suffered Because of that, she does not believe in marriage and feels that she is incapable of loving anyone She is terrified of being hurt again After experiencing another awkward date, Rose announced to her two best friends that she was writing off dating and men entirely As an alternative, they urged her to go for a one night stand with a hot guy instead They re beyond astounded when Rose puts their option in action by propositioning and taking sexy Jack Winston home.Jack has written off sex for one month courtesy of a crazy bet that he s determined to win Then Rose hits on him and he can t tell her why he won t bed her But he doesn t want Rose to solicit anyone else as he wants her for himself So he has to spend time with her that only makes him want her Will Jack win the bet and will he end up with the girl of his dreams You ll have to read this book to find out This tale was a wild emotional ride I laughed, sighed and cried while listening to it I loved both primary characters Rose s tale broke my heart and Jack was such a perfect gentleman He had earned a playboy reputation, but when he saw Rose, he knew she was THE ONE for him He was strong, patient and so protective of her, but Rose understandably had some pretty secure fencing around her heart I also really liked Rose s friends and Jack s family His mother, especially, was just such an awesome character The scenes with Jack s family were some of my favorites.My full review is posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club Please check it out here 4 Wine Glasses

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    2.5 Stars Copy kindly received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review So this was a good story, I just couldn t really find myself getting into it, or being invested with the characters I m not sure if that s because I have a massive book hangover from a series I read the other week, or if its just that this book wasn t totally for me I have read Mary J Williams before and quite enjoyed it, so maybe it was just this particular book I might possibly read the other books in the series, I would like to see how things play out for some characters It wasn t bad, it just wasn t fantastic either.

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    Set in eastern Washington, If I Loved you is the first book in the Harper Falls series This is Rose and Jack s story.Rose is a songwriter composer who had a horrendous childhood at the hands of her Aunt , buoyed only by her best friends Dani and Tyler The three are still best friends These three have history and we get a great glimpse at the backstory throughout the book, just enough to bait us with Tyler and Dani and then in depth with Rose Rose decides while attending the annual Lilac charity ball to finally cave into her friends urging her to just go for it and she approaches Jack Winstead Jack is already a little enad with Rose, she asks him to dance, they do and when Rose boldly suggests they hit the sheets, she and Jack leave What Rose doesn t know is that Jack made a drunken bet just prior to this that he could keep it in his pants for 3 weeks So Jack stalls Rose under the guise of them getting to know each other Rose tells Jack up front, she doesn t want a relationship, he refuses to be a one night stand and the two agree to get to know each other This is novel for Jack, because his prior encounters last no than a few weeks But he is really taken with Rose and for the first time really wants to get to know someone before sex Not to say there isn t plenty of steam prior to that.Jacks partner and long time best friend is Drew Harper, yes as in Harper Falls He s also Tyler s ex boyfriend and after 10 years he wants nothing than to explain to her why he left her and she wants nothing than to cut off his reproductive parts We do see a slight shift during the book as maybe Tyler is softening a little Their story comes in book three I really liked this book, l loved both Jack and Rose Their characters were well developed, and the dialogue was great Two mature adults, which was a refreshing change Rose s issues were very real, and allowing Jack in made the story all the credible I liked Drew also, while he had his stubborn side as well, he was a good friend to both Jack and Rose Dani and Tyler were at times a little much, but part of their personalities Dani deflects and Tyler just kicks butt There were parts of the story that dragged for me, about 30% in until about half way But before and past that, the book sailed I d recommend this book and I d like to read the other two in the series arc from Net Galley and publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    If I Loved You is the first book in the Harper Falls series and is Rose and Jacks story.Rose is a successful songwriter whose terrible childhood has left her believing that there is no such thing as happily ever after Following yet another bad date, she swears off men but her best friends convince her that what she needs is a one night stand with a sexy guy Jack is a security expert who has made a bet that he can abstain from sex for a month, his will power is stretched to the limit when Rose propositions him for one steamy night of pleasure Jack is determined to win his bet but, at the same time, he wants Rose for himself and can t stand the thought of her offering herself to another man Jack has his work cut out for him steering Rose away from her plans and the time he spends with her, the he realises that he also has to prove to her that she is worthy of love In this sweet, compelling, small town romance, can two confirmed bachelors find love and happiness together I really enjoyed If I Loved You and it is a great start to a new series Jack and Rose were great together, I loved their interactions and their chemistry and was routing for them to find their HEA The next two Harper Falls books are about Rose s two best friends and I look forward to continuing with the series A copy of If I Loved You was generously provided in exchange for an honest review

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    I am so glad this book was recommended to me This is about two confirmed bachelors Rose feels she is unable to lovedue to events in her childhoodplus if she gives her heart to someone then she stands the chance to get hurt She sure doesn t want to hurt.Then there is Jack He worked his way up from nothing and now wants for nothing He has been a player and feels when the right one comes along he will know Then he meets Rose She is THE one He knows he has to be patient and understanding But trying to get through to her is like breaking down a brick wall But he is determined.I love the characters and the flow of the story The two best friends of Rose are Tyler and Dani and they are like her family Looking ahead the next book in the series is about Dani I hope after that we get Tyler s story with or without Drew This is a stand alone so don t worry there is no cliffhanger Looking forward to reading from this author.

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