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    This very dark and eerie read from Jackson Dean Chase had me from the title, Come to the Cemetery Everyone loves a little dark horror sometimes, don t they Something is happening at Duskhaven Cemetery, teens are dying and Cara has lost her best friends Top it off, these girls were all found on top of the SAME grave Coincidence, or is Cara the missing link Is she cursed or somehow at fault There is evil afoot and Cara needs answers, because something is going on and she is intent on finding out what.Only an author with a little twist in their imagination could have written such a completely magnetic tale in so few words while keeping it on the young adult level Jackson Dean Chase lights the dark and narrow path of a perfect campfire tale, designed to have one looking over their shoulder at every sound and wanting to scream, do NOT do that Brilliant scenes, characters with a need to discover the truth, and the guts of a young adult heroine, not sure I could have done what Cara did I can say that, if you need a dark tale to tell, read this, grab a flashlight for your face and scare the bejesus out of your friends Great reading, and you know what they say, location, location, location a cemetery in the dark BOO Series Young Adult Horror Book 1Publication Date February 2, 2015Publisher Jackson Dean Chase, Inc 2 editionGenre YA HorrorPrint Length 75 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor More Reviews, Promotions and all things Books visit

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    One by one, Cara s friends have all been found dead at the local cemetery, their bodies on the same grave Cara doesn t believe the police reports of the girls dying from natural causes and begins her mission to find out who, or what, is responsible COME TO THE CEMETERY is a very well written, fast paced horror novella I was a bit torn on the rating because although I enjoyed the book, if you can even call it that it is a bit deceptive It literally took me 30 minutes to complete It s not very long and ends rather abruptly, following up with a preview of the authors next book It does look like this might be part of a series so I would be very interested in continuing part 2.

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    Come to the Cemetery by Jackson Dean Chase is a ghostly tale of love and revenge.Well I will tell you DON T GO INTO THE CEMETERY.It could be hazardous to your health All Cara s friends are dropping dead and are found in the cemetery.Her parents said she would be okay YEAH RIGHT.Is she cursed Would she be next She didn t shy away from the problem and went looking for answers I like her gumption and determination.Jake, thank God for Jake and his love for her.A scary short story that tells me don t listen to the voices from the beyond I will think twice before making love in the cemetery, especially on a grave.I enjoyed this ghostly tale of a misguided or evil love.The story is predictable, but scary with a romance and mystery.To see visit

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    Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookCara s friends are all dead They died one by one, in the same way and in the same place the cemetery Cara fears she s next, so she goes to the cemetery to decipher this mystery before she also turns up dead All with the help of her crush, Jake, of course.Overall, I really liked the short story First of all, Cara and Jake were super cute together And the reveal of the mystery I thought was pretty okay It made sense, but I kinda saw it coming I m not usually a fan of epilogues, but the epilogue to this was pretty creepy and interesting, I have to admit.If you re looking for something spooky to read, this one is a short and sweet read Well, not sweet cause it s kinda creepy but you know what I mean Lol

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    Enjoyed reading Come to the Cemetery Spooky but I would like to read other stories like this.

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    Not badThis is book one in this series, it wasn t bad However just not really my cup of tea It s not scary at all, just different in my opinion.

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    I rarely give a book 5 stars, but this story just captivated me took me in the journey of its tale.I highly recommend it

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    Not Kindle Unlimited, received it via one of those here are some free books hope you take the time to review it Actually aware of this writer, read Worms Ate Your Face poetry collection and quite a few of his other works, and he never has been right but he s been entertaining and sometimes amusing and sometimes gross, but at least never boring.At one time had quite a few on ku but don t think any or many now.Just check out his writer page on already.Some of the others got through freebies too or else ku Dates may be wrong on some of the reviews, missed some.

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    I love this I can t wait for .I will be also leaving a review on Goodreads .And letting everyone know about it.So i gave it a 5 Stars.

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    Full review on Fangfreakintasticreviews.comI enjoyed this story, it was short, but it was really sweet in a sad sort of way The writing is good and the story with the plot is pretty interesting The story, especially with the Mormon connection is really good and makes you wonder what happens after death The best part of the book for me is the last two pages, the fact that Jake does what he does to protect Cara is by far the sweetest thing While this is horror, for me it was of a sad love story One that had a interesting twist What You should I was going to say happy ending You know my rules on spilling beans.

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Come to the Cemetery (Young Adult Horror, #1) download Come to the Cemetery (Young Adult Horror, #1) , read online Come to the Cemetery (Young Adult Horror, #1) , kindle ebook Come to the Cemetery (Young Adult Horror, #1) , Come to the Cemetery (Young Adult Horror, #1) ca68373fa9a7 A Weird Tale Of Ghostly Love And Revenge All Of Sixteen Year Old Cara Jones S Friends Are Dead Their Bodies Were Found Lying Atop The Same Grave In Duskhaven Cemetery The Coroner S Report Lists The Girls Cause Of Death As Massive Cerebral Hemorrhage, But Cara Doesn T Believe It She Knows Something Strange And Terrible Is HappeningWhen Cara Hears A Voice In Her Head Commanding Her To Come To The Cemetery, She Knows Time Is Running Out With No One Else To Turn To, Cara Asks Her Secret Crush, Jake Rogers, For Help As They Begin To Put Together Clues, The Mysterious Voice Gets Louder And It Feels Like She S Losing Her MindCan Jake And Cara Unravel The Ancient Secret Before She Joins Her Friends In Death