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    SUPER BEARRR LICIOUS OH MY GOD Rosette Bolter has delivered yet another exciting installment in her amazing new hit series, Worshiped By The Bear Kings And it just gets better and better I love it The story is original, action packed, exciting, compelling, thrilling, romantic arousing and steamy The characters are captivating, fascinating, imaginative and sexy They capture your heart and your imagination Beautiful curvy Jasmine Whiley has once again found herself in a totally unpleasant and unbearable situation with her dimwitted brother, Dennis Why in the world she let s him talk her into these things, she ll never know So when her trip with her brother and his two companions takes a tragic and very dangerous turn, Jasmine realizes that she must sacrifice herself to save her brother again But Jasmine soon learns that the restitution demanded may be than she can pay or can she Handsome Thunder Brad is not only a park ranger but also a bear shifter of the Uthuro Tribe He rules as King along with his sexy cousin, Spike, and they share the same mate as their queen When Juliet, their queen is viciously murdered, they demand restitution a new mate Oh my Jasmine is instantly attracted and feels magically drawn to both of the werebear kings But Jasmine soon discovers that her life is in grave danger again and fears her secret may be revealed There s a new alliance and a new deadly enemy that threaten Jasmine and her Kings And just why in the world does Arch Baron Gaspar Travis of the Ice Storm Panthers want Jasmine so badly and what are his plans for her Could he know her secret Will Jasmine be lost to the enemy for good this time Or will Spike and Thunder Brad be able to save her Will they still want to save her after she reveals her secret Oh my goodness gracious Here we go again Buckle up, we are in for another bumpy ride Handsome sexy werebears check Beautiful curvy human female check Heinous villains, danger, suspense and action check Romance and steamy sex check and check Fantastic read and great entertainment I can hardly wait for Part Four

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    Why oh why do I continue reading this Seriously parts of it are ok and then its like a bomb goes off She really really needs to learn to write sex scenes They are just terrible There are so many things happening at once its easy to become lost I find that Spike is a better King than Brad The types of wording this author uses just aren t right I like my books to make complete sense I like well rounded characters who are developed and make sense in their actions I like having good descriptions in my books.

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    This was really good This book was a continuous part of awesome series It keeps you guess who is the good guys and who is the bad I was glued to this book until it read wait until part 4 I hope it comes out soon

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    Keeps getting better Part of Kindle unlimited Book 3 in there shifter series Cliffhanger How far will they go to save their mate Brad gets her back only to send her away for her own safety Many twists and turns with an ending that comes out of nowhere.

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Worshiped By The Bear Kings download Worshiped By The Bear Kings , read online Worshiped By The Bear Kings , kindle ebook Worshiped By The Bear Kings , Worshiped By The Bear Kings ff451a71903b With The Uthuro Tribe Being Held As Prisoner, The Black Bear Leader Wants Thunder And Spike To Reconnect With An Old Ally Of Theirs In A Bid To Hold A Meeting For The Unity Of All Shifters Thunder Knows This Is The Only Chance They Have To Save Their Tribe Spike Wants No Part In It The Cousins Go Their Separate Ways As Jasmine Is Abandoned And Left Alone With No Sense Of Belonging Or Protection Ahead Of Her, Dark Forces Are On The Brink Of Making Their Move To Capture Her, As She Has Already Been Forewarned Still There Is Time, And A Chance For Her To Escape But Will She