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  • Kindle Edition
  • 274 pages
  • Heart of a Lion (Dark Sun Dawn #1)
  • Stephen Zimmer
  • English
  • 10 January 2019

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    Heart of a Lion is a powerful fantasy story that has a lot of heart of its own The characters are really well written with strength and courage that is totally befitting the name Rayden Valkyrie is such a lovely and intelligent woman with a code of honor She is led to a life of wiping out corruption and she does a great job with her calling I found the story to be really well told The characters are bursting with life You see her from an Avengers point of view and it is powerful to read The way that Stephen brings her to life, is a beautiful process I can see why this is being turned into a tv series The book follows Rayden as she sets out to take care of the wrongs in her land Thoughtfully written and Stephen makes you fall in love with her sense of right and her character She has strength but she is not one of those mindless hulks that are all brawn and no spirit She is a very well rounded heroine You will enjoy this book if you like to find the heart of the character as well as the action and adventure in a well crafted land.

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    Equally throwback and progressive, Heart of a Lion the first book of Stephen Zimmer s Dark Sun Dawn saga was a fantasy novel that reminded me of the pulp fantasies of the past, but with a sophisticated twist Rayden Valkyrie is a fantasy heroine who can stand tall and proud alongside Red Sonja Robert E Howard , Jalav Sharon Green , Estri Janet E Morris , Raven Richard Kirk , Morgaine CJ Cherryh , Paks Elizabeth Moon , and of course Xena.In terms of storytelling, this felt a lot like one of those episodic pulp sword and sorcery novels, with Rayden journeying from one adventure to another, picking up and discarding sidekicks and partners along the way It s a violent story, full of both torture and warfare, with some exceptionally well choreographed battles along the way There s than a few touches of monstrous horror to it as well, further reinforcing that pulp feel While there is some humor to the story, it s well placed and restrained, and while Rayden has friends and allies, there are no scenes of romance to unnecessarily soften her character.In terms of mythology and world building, this is one of those stories that straddles two worlds, pulling equally from real life history and from Stephen Zimmer s imagination Despite it s episodic feel, there is a larger story that pulls it all together, with some intricacies of plotting that you only truly appreciate in hindsight If you re up for a solid sword and sorcery novel with a kick ass protagonist, a lot of imagination, and some quality writing, Heart of a Lion is well worth the read Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins

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    Rayden Valkyrie, sword and ax wielding female warrior extraordinaire, is strong, honorable, and compassionate Her word is her bond and she is who you want at your back when in battle Heart of a Lion, the outstanding introduction to the Dark Sun Trilogy, contains rich language, vivid descriptions of gruesome battles with both man and supernatural creatures, along with insights into Rayden s character I love strong female protagonists Well done, Stephen.

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    Genre FantasyAuthor Stephen ZimmerTitle Heart of a LionSeries Dark Sun Dawn SeriesDisclaimer I received a copy of Heart of a Lion in exchange for a fair review When authors send me a book, they know that I will take my time getting through it and will look at the pros and cons before rating the book That said, I m human and try to be impartial, but I try As a Book Dragon, I claim responsibility for this review May the powers of the Book Dragons be with you For Book Dragon info, check out my post How to Read Like a Book Dragon About the book This is the first book in the Dark Sun awn Series, published in 2015 by Seventh Star Press Rayden Valkyrie is a warrior from a Northern tribe who fights for her code of honor On the journey home from the South after long years of battle, she fights for those who can t fight for themselves On the way North, she fights beasts and men Rayden leads warriors through wit and experience She makes friends and enemies along the way Oh, and this isn t the first Zimmer book I ve read I read Exodus Gate and Crown of Vengeance reviews on those to come.Stephen ZimmerAbout the author Stephen Zimmer is a fantasy writer who wields a pen like a sword He is a filmmaker and author He wrote the Fires in Eden series, the Harvey and Solomon tales, the Hellscapes collections, and the Rising Dawn saga Breakdown The first go through, I read books for fun Then in the second dive, I go into details I scheduled a few days for the fun read, and then ended up staying up all night reading it in one go It was engrossing and pulled me in You know the moments when you get sucked in and the rest of the world disappears It happened here Pros The characters Rayden is unique she s the kind of warrior you want to have dinner and a drink with and listen to her stories She has a personal code and sticks to it she fights for those who can t fight for themselves and lives by the warrior code which is similar to the code of the Knights.She s not the only unique character either there are other developed characters like Hamilcar, a boy Rayden saves from being sacrificed to his people s gods.The action moves across the world of the story from southern city, across a desert, over water, and through war filed lands.My favorite line No day spent in this world is safe or promised I can only travel my world as best I can Rayden ValkyrieWhen I go through a book, I process the pros in yellow, things I loved in pink, and questionable things in orange Looking through my notes, there are tons of yellow and pinks.As a writer, I would turn to this book to learn the elements of Epic Fantasy, description, and action scenes I d focus on the last as there are several good battle scenes that translated well from reading to visualizing it in the mind Cons No books are perfect It might have been the anthropologist in me, but I wanted cultural links Also, I had questions when Rayden interfered with another culture s religious practices From her perspective, she had reasons which were explained I don t know that would require further exploration note I m not condoning the religious people actions but the idea of a character interfering in another culture s religious practice is where I have reservations Another person could read it and be fine I m not sure what I would have done in her shoes There were a few moments where the ew factor of gore was so descriptive, I was uncomfortable This happens when I read this type of books, so it could be just me.I wondered why other characters didn t have as much agency Yes, they were background characters, but some of them were there to drive Rayden s story, and didn t feel as if they had stories of their own Example a character I loved at the start of the story faded away twenty percent in and I wanted of him I kept hoping they would meet up later Overall A good fantasy story Readers who love to dive into story will enjoy reading it Writers who want to work on their action and cinematic skills will find this helpful.My rating 4 starsWould I read it again I read it twice and will read it again

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    Spellbound I am completely in love with this world in which Zimmer brings us a modge podge of characters who are truly unique full of courage, honor, wonder including a hard core heroine her comrades who are willing to dish out punishment to any who deserve it Oh but let s not forget the culprits of the prior angerthose who wish to strangle the life soul out of anyone they deem lesser than themselves or who fail to bow down before them or their rules Being my first book by this author I am very impressed with his ability to mix such passion, fear, rage without crushing the souls of those he created ours too It is a difficult task to balance the dark light, I feel he did it wonderfully This world is definitely not for the faint of heart as these characters have been through things most can not even imagine Be aware that there are a few intense topics including slavery abuse as well as some gruesome battle scenes that may cause some queasiness or anger, but be assured Zimmer s characters demand justice while dishing out payments due.The heroine Rayden Valkyrie is truly kick She is not afraid to speak her mind holds all she meets to a specific set of standards Those who do not adhere to her moral code best watch out Rayden won me over the moment she jumped in to protect save the innocent, fascinated me with each page thereafter.Her team who quickly became also stole my heart Each with their own struggles of overcoming past tragedies fighting for what s rightor simply claiming vengeance for what has been stolen from them Regardless, it was hard to put this book down ESPECIALLY once a battle began Every scene was so intense, motivating, heart crushing, action packed I only wish people were held to such morals as this crew truly understands what happens when those are lost or taken.If you are a fan of fantastical stories of epic proportions you should give this one a go See my blog post w review on 8 23 17

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    I must say I was captivated with this book I have always had a thing for fantasy world and I absolutely love a strong kick ass heroine Rayden is that character for me , she is strong and fearless She is a rebel that bows to no king and she with her band of best friend will prove that the southern land whispers that Rayden is the true heart of the lion The characters are so well written and so complex Rayden is such a power house She is strong and fearless and has an unapologetic strength to stick to her morals She has a very strong sense of right and wrong which works well for her in her battles Not only does she have these values and morals , she keeps everyone in her band adhering to them It is so great to see such a strong well written character She makes me want to become a warrior This book had be hooked by the third page The author takes us on such a great adventure ride You honestly feel like you are right beside Rayden when she is in her battles The author has a way of taking you right into the battle and are right beside her as she fights for what is right This is a book that once you start reading you just can t put it down You get sucked right in You will cheer and you will shed a tear You will fall in love with all the characters this is a book for all the fantasy lovers out there Check it out.

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    Rayden Valkyrie lives up to the title Heart of a Lion is the epic tale of Rayden Valkyrie, an independent, brave, fierce woman with a strong moral compass and a caring, compassionate heart Rayden is a fantastical character who embodies and personifies the attributes of honor, loyalty and courage Zimmer brings her to life so beautifully and realistically, that I experienced a full range of human emotions for her I cheered for her I cried for her I wanted to high five her I wanted to give her a hugs for reassurance, comfort and strength Rayden made me feel like I was a part of something greater than myself, and I wanted to help her set right the wrongs She was such an inspirational character, and I grew to admire and respect her much as I would a flesh and blood friend Fan Fic is not a genre I normally read a lot of, and it takes a very special story to draw me in, KEEP my interest and make me crave Zimmer accomplished all three and had me than eager to begin book two just, as soon as I reached The End of book one I received a complimentary copy of this story in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.

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    Loved itlThis is an awesome story about a female warrior Truly a strong character, the author shows the humane side Rayden when she helps a young boy escape a near grisly death on her homeward bound journey, returning after being gone for three years The story flowed smoothly and the writing is well done I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy, action, adventure, or stories with a string female lead.

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    I really enjoyed reading this, Rayden is a interesting and caring character I was able to read this and it s sequel together but it still left me wanting a sequel to Heart of a Lion and Thunder Horizon The writing was well done and the characters were interesting, this world had the perfect amount of magic and adventure that I d want in a book like this Overall I really enjoyed reading it and look forward to hopefully a third book.

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    It was captivating from beginning to end The way it is written made every sentence interesting If you want a story about a brave female warrior then this is the book for you she defends the weak and gives to the needy A story of a true heroines I will continue reading and of the following stories to do with Rayden Valkyrie Very happy for reading this.

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Heart of a Lion (Dark Sun Dawn #1) characters Heart of a Lion (Dark Sun Dawn #1) , audiobook Heart of a Lion (Dark Sun Dawn #1) , files book Heart of a Lion (Dark Sun Dawn #1) , today Heart of a Lion (Dark Sun Dawn #1) , Heart of a Lion (Dark Sun Dawn #1) 3e8b0 Rayden Valkyrie She Walks Alone, Serving No King, Emperor, Or Master Forged In The Fires Of Tragedy, She Has No Place She Truly Calls Home A Deadly Warrior Wielding Both Blade And Axe, Rayden Is The Bane Of The Wicked And Corrupt To Many Others, She Is The Most Loyal And Dedicated Of Friends, An Ally Who Is Unyielding In The Most Dangerous Of Circumstances The People Of The Far Southern Lands She Has Just Aided Claim That She Has The Heart Of A Lion For Rayden, A Long Journey To The Lands Of The Far Northern Tribes Who Adopted Her As A Child Beckons, With An Ocean Lying In Between Her Path Will Lead Her Once Into The Center Of A Maelstrom, One Involving A Rising Empire That Is Said To Be Making Use Of The Darkest Kinds Of Sorcery To Grow Its Power Making New Friends And Discoveries Amid Tremendous Peril, Rayden Makes Her Way To The North Monstrous Beasts, Supernatural Powers, And The Bloody Specter Of War Have Been A Part Of Her World For A Long Time And This Journey Will Be No Different Rayden Chooses The Battles That She Will Fight, Whether She Takes Up The Cause Of One Individual Or An Entire People Both Friends And Enemies Alike Will Swiftly Learn That The People Of The Far Southern Lands Spoke Truly Rayden Valkyrie Has The Heart Of A Lion Heart Of A Lion Is Book One Of The Dark Sun Dawn Trilogy