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The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource files The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource, read online The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource, free The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource, free The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource, The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource f1ad80ed0 Ksi A Biblia Handlowca Najbogatsze R D O Wiedzy O Sprzeda Y To Poradnik Przeznaczony Dla Wszystkich Pracownik W Dzia W Sprzeda Y Jej Autor Jeffrey Gitomer, Uznany Autorytet W Dziedzinie Sprzeda Y I Obs Ugi Klienta, Opisuje Najlepsze Praktyki Prowadz Ce Do Zwi Kszenia Poziomu Sprzeda Y, Pozyskiwania Nowych Klient W I Utrzymywania Istniej Cych

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    Quotes If they turn you down because of price, whose fault is that If they don t return your phone call, whose fault is that If they decided to buy from the competition, whose fault is that Yours you couldn t get the prospect to lean forward Don t blame yourself Take responsibility for it Learn from it And then do something about it Qualify the buyer Don t waste time with someone who can t decide Redefine rejection They re not rejecting you they re just rejecting the offer you re making them Understand that hard work makes luck Take a close look at the people you think are lucky Either they or someone in their family put in years of hard work to create that luck You can get just as lucky Don t blame others when the fault or responsibility is yours Accepting responsibility is the fulcrum point for succeeding at anything Doing something about it is the criterion Execution is the reward When something goes wrong, remember it s no one s fault but yours You always have and have had a choice If you think it s okay, it is If you think it s not okay, it s not Ignore the junk news Work on a worthwhile project, make a plan, or do something to enhance your life Stop blaming circumstances for your situation It s not the rain, or the car, or the phone, or the product it s YOU You have a choice in everything you do Choose a better way Don t blame the path, change the path Don t blame the situation, change the situation DON T CONFUSE ME The complicated it is, the less likely I am to buy THERE ARE VERY FEW ACTUAL OBJECTIONS MOST ARE JUST STALLS This is further complicated by the fact that buyers will often hide the true objection Why They don t want to hurt your feelings, they are embarrassed, or they are afraid to tell the truth A white lie is so much easier, convenient, and less bloody than actually having to tell the truth, so they just say something to get rid of you Failure is an event not a person Why do customers buy To solve a problem.They need it.They think they need it.To get a competitive edge.To save money or produce faster.To eliminate mistakes or people.To feel good.To show off.To change a mood.To solidify a relationship.They were talked into it.It sounded too good to refuse.They got a great deal or thought they did Know the kings of problems you can solve rather than a bunch of boring facts about your product or service Talk in terms of how you solve problems rather than the product or service you offer Many people in their struggle will come to me and say, Jeffery, you don t understand And then they go on to say something about their personal situation, their money, their spouse, or their kids I understand fine People are afraid to risk what they have in order to go for what they really want.

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    This book was recommended to me a long time ago At the time I thought I ll never be in sales so I don t think I should waste my time besides, a bible, a bible I already have a bible Fast forward a few years and I finally read it out of desperation I am now in sales and I find that I missed out on years of learning productivity even before my sales career I learned quite a bit about how to not only sell but really how to be a good friend As with most of Gitomer s books, The Sales Bible is read in a list format which, I am learning, is meant to be digested in small bites and then put into practice slowly over time This is no exception Each step including the.5 s could be it s own book and contains a wealth of information and creative ideas I will revisit this one several times.

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    awesome book exceeded my expectations I have to read it over and over or maybe use it as a dictionary by reading the article I need each timeI used to work in sales and marketing I used to hate me in them this book with its mativational language , lessons , strategies and tricks changed my mind although it s an old book but it s worth alote I hope I don t lose it as other books which I give to my friends to read Dmy no 1 book to read in 2015 and I guess it will be in my top 10 books in 2015 list I recommend it for anyone inside the world of business and for sales people it s a must to have it

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    This book was highly recommended by a few people I knew including a very successful salesman and entrepreneurs as the book to have if you want to sell anything.Very detailed Informative The pictures and formatting make it very easy to read and find the information needed This book is a classic.

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    Loy Machedo s Book Review The Sales Bible by Jeffrey GitomerCheck this out I found it so bloody hilarious According to Wikipedia Jeffrey Gitomer the author of Multi Million Sold Books gained notoriety in November, 2003 for being the first passenger ever to be banned from US Airways The airline cited chronic, unreasonable complaints, numerous confrontations with employees, and verbal abuse that allegedly brought employees to tears In an interview, Gitomer described himself as a demanding, but not abusive, customer and cited only one time that he made an employee cry, several years prior In October 2004, Gitomer was quietly reinstated as a customer and passenger, having learned from the experience and documenting the positive outcome All his frequent flyer miles were restored.I mean this is one guy who is capable of such a feat Now that I have grabbed your attention as to the controversial side of Mr Gitomer, let me share with you few tit bits about him The Charlotte Observer describes him as a college drop out who has built a sales training empire He has written nine books, including New York Times best sellers, The Sales Bible and The Little Gold Book of YES Attitude His most successful title, The Little Red Book of Selling, has sold than three million copies worldwide and has been translated into 14 languages All Gitomer s titles have reached 1 on .com, and collectively his books have appeared on major best seller lists nationwide than 750 times On September 16, 2006, four of Gitomer s titles appeared simultaneously on The Wall Street Journal best seller lists, the only business author to achieve this in the Journal s history He also publishes Sales Caffeine, a weekly, multi media e zine online magazine , which is distributed internationally to 250,000 subscribers.Now that you know who Mr Gitomer is, let us review the book by itself The Sales Bible There are 12 Chapters namely 1 The Rules The Secrets The Fun.2 Preparing to WOW the Prospect3 Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself4 Making a Great Presentation5 Objections, Closing and Follow up Getting to YES 6 Woes and Foes7 All Hail the King Customer8 Spreading the Gospel9 Networking Success by Association s 10 Prophets and Profits11 Up Your Income 12 Can I Get an Amen So what is so great about this book The Brilliance of this man is, unlike Zig Ziglar Tom Hopkins, he does not give you canned answers or one size fits all closes that you can adapt and adopt into your sales conversations Rather he comes out with a deeper understanding and education focused towards his readers on the common sense and common grounds of Relationship building His approach in every aspect of the sale starts with the Hello And does not end even after the sale is done with Guess what It never ends What I loved best about this book It has it all the A to Z of Selling Secrets from the dreaded Cold Calls, to Objection Handling, to the Price versus Value Focus, to Networking He baptized this book as the Sales Bible and and I can tell you without a doubt, it is truly a Must Have Book for anyone Any person working in any level of any organization because in the end, we are all but Sales People selling something or another What I didn t like about the book Surprisingly Nothing I loved the book to bits Overall Comments When I was 21 years old, I was accidentally shown a video of Jeffrey Gitomer Speaking to a Group of People It was love at first sight And no, I am not gay Neither do I have any issue with anyone who is I was so blown away by his performance and his content that I wrote down on my wish list, that one day I would buy it One day because I was a poor lad.Fast forward 15 years since that day Today I have the entire collection of Jeffrey Gitomer It cost me quite a bit But this is the investment I believe I made in myself That is how much I love and adore this man for his sincerity, his honesty and the wisdom by which he blesses people around the world So like so many other books of his The Sales Bible is yet another collectors item you must have I consider this as among the Top 50 Books in the world you must have.Overall Rating Go ahead and do yourself a favor Buy this book today 10 out of 10 Loy Machedoloymachedo.com

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    2.5 Stars This Sales Book felt like reading a set of PowerPoint Slides for most parts of the book.It was of a presentation rather then a proper non fiction book, the entire content even though being quite good could have been shrinked to half its size.Many parts felt repetitive but the Jeffrey makes his points effectively makes the reader understand how important it is to keep practising the Art of Sale regularly There were many Quoteworthy lines throughout the book, Jeffrey doesn t get too technical with his usage of words his explanations are in simple easy understand phrases People don t like to be sold, but they love to Buy , this was the best line from the book, ironically I got the feeling of the Author overselling this book

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    Jeffrey Gitomer NAILS it This book is a powerhouse If I could use a generationally obscure mixed metaphor for this book, I would say 5 Robotic Lions team up Self help Lion, Motivational Lion, Master at Sales Lion, Guidebook to a better future Lion, and Success Lion to form a super Voltron like book to help you defend against all things failure related in the universe Mandatory reading for anyone in the sales profession.

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    I selected this book because I needed literature to help guide me into the world of sales something completely out of my comfort zone.The book was helpful and the tips are broken down into relative steps I did get a little discouraged because 1 3 of the book talked about what the book will be talking about and helping withand I just wanted to jump in and learn Once you get past that aspect the direction is helpful.

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    A modern sales classic from Jeffrey Gitomer, the Sales Bible was one of the first books I read with the intent to become a sales professional after I had the opportunity to see Jeffrey in action at one of his seminars This updated version of the Sales Bible contains all the power of the original with additional insights from the author and the new 10.5 Sales Commandments of Sales Success Even if you own the original like I do this new version is well worth the investment.

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    I consider Gitomer the best sales teacher I ever heard about His book is structured perfectly for understanding it with a direct writing style always on subject let s face it, nowadays, we get tired reading 300 pages of selling advices with only 50 significant pages He really gave me some good ideas for promoting better my business e mail marketing, face to face presentations, publicity and the book deserved the money payed for it.

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