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Trail of Deceit chapter 1 Trail of Deceit , meaning Trail of Deceit , genre Trail of Deceit , book cover Trail of Deceit , flies Trail of Deceit , Trail of Deceit 0ba7abbd446d7 What Was Once A Simple Adventure Is Now A Test Of Survival Four College Students Set Out To Spend A Holiday Weekend Hiking A Section Of The Appalachian Trail Unfortunately, A Fun Filled Trek Turns To Terror When A Stranger Brutally Attacks Them Trying To Escape The Grips Of Death, The Group Is Forced To Veer From The Main Trail Relationships Are Tested, Lives Are On The Line, And One Of Their Own Is Dead However, Even In The Mix Of All This Chaos, An Unexpected Love Manages To Bloom Nothing Is As It Seems And All Is Worse Than Could Ever Be Imagined

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    I would love to see this turned into a film The storyline was riveting from the opening chapter and it had a great mix of characters that I found myself both hating and cheering for The plot is pretty straight forward but there is a lot of suspense which plays out really well as the storyline progresses.

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    Trail of Deceit makes you realize that what we take for granted a nice hike in the woods on a beautiful day with friends can turn into a wicked nightmare John House did a jam up job in convincing me to be prepared for anything next time I go into the woods Bravo And I LOVED the ending CJ Loiacono

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    Dr House s book, Trail of Deceit, kept me captivated from the first page to the last A fast paced read with lots of twists and turns along the way I didn t want to put the book down This well written, fast paced thriller would make a great movie.

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    The first 75% of this book was really strong, easily a 4 5 star book There s a lot going on, 10% in and there had already been sexual assault and murder Four inexperienced hikers with a mountain man stalker on their trail made for some suspenseful reading The details of the hikers dealing with injuries, dehydration, hunger and lack of cell phones, which was incredibly stupid were riveting to me Almost every choice they made seemed reasonable at the time, but didn t always work out positively.The reason I m only giving this three stars is that I felt let down by the last 25% of the book Here s why 1 It dragged on just a bit too long, it lost the desperation.2 The God will take care of everything comments I rolled my eyes every time.3 The farcical romance Sure he s a serial murderer and rapist, but he s not a bad guy Ugh.4 The end Way too abrupt and of the God took care of everything crap Could have left out some of the filler in the last 25% to expand on the after part.

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    TRAIL OF DECEIT, a drama set on the Appalachian Trail, has twists and turns and switchbacks than the trail itself Dr John House propels this page turner forward with crisp, evocative writing and short chapters supporting numerous scene changes The book starts out as a seemingly clich d tale four college age kids out to hike a section of the trail find themselves stalked by a killer but ends up as anything but In fact, like me, you may actually find yourself rooting for the bad guy by the end of the story Well, almost Dr House puts a clever spin on what could have been an ordinary novel and turned it into an outstanding read.

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    Definitely a real page turner The great thing about tRail Of Deceit is the pacing Switching between action and suspense there is never a dull moment as the plot progresses The characters are well rounded and their personilities distinct which helps give the reader a real insight into how each one feels I m hoping there will be another book like this from John House in the coming future.BV394

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    A new book and a new author for me It took me a little while to get into the story as there is quite a bit to absorb across the opening chapters but once I got into it I really enjoyed how it progressed There were a few red herrings to keep the readers questioning the outcome but the ending was excellent.

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    A well written and commending thriller there isn t much I can add to the other reviews on here without becoming repetitive In short, a superb narrative with a powerful ending that was worth waiting for I now have author John House on my watch list and am looking forward to reading his future release.

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    Entertaining with a powerful storyline I quickly got into the characters and found them very believable Whilst I can t say it is wholly original There have been books and blockbuster movies with similar themes the writing was excellent and plot was flawless This would also make a greta movie

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