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    I have read betterThis book showed that mother can mess up their children,and Tina need to love her self before trying to love a man

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    This was just a ok read for me This book was very long Tano is crazy in love The ending confused me Is it over or will there be a part 2.

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    Hmmmm.Very confusing a lot of back and forth good story just was all over the place Hope the sequel is better.

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    Pills Potions was an excellent read that I read in one day Shay Tano were meant to be together but Tano let his family tear them apart in their teenage years Once the opportunity presented itself again for them to be together, he jumped on it knowing that she had a man at home Ethan was a leach and didn t realize what he had in Shay until it was to late She made all of his dreams come true but he couldn t be faithful to her Shay Tina were both damaged by their mom who was harboring a secret of her own I loved Tano s character He knew that Shay stilled loved him after all those years and that they were destined to be together Tina was just trifling Can t wait to read part 2 to see what Tano has in store for Ethan his dad.

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    Great PlotThis book kept me entertained from page one I liked how all of the characters storylines were intertwined with each other Tano is a man that gets exactly what he wants Shay has serious rose colored glasses on where Tano is concerned Everybody is shady in this book I would have given it a five but there were repeated typos throughout the book.

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    This book was a great read It had a little bit of everything from sex, drama, love, betrayal and murder It tells the story from each characters point of view I was totally shocked by the way it ended I hope that there is a part 2, because I have a lot of unanswered questions Deidre Leshay, you did an awesome job Please keep them coming, and I will keep reading them.

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    I loved it There are so many twist and turns The author keeps you guessing There is love, Lust, Obsession Jealousy, Envy, and so much To see how far someone will go for Love or is it Obsession Dysfunctional family at its best Hope there will be a part 2 I have a few questions I want the answer to.

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    I gave it 4 stars

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    Great storyThis was an awesome readGreat storyline with lots of drama and plenty of twists and turns Looking forward to reading part two.

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    Pills PotionsThis book was very good There were a few mistakes, but I got past them It full full of action and drama The ending was not what I expected.

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