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Trapping the Goalkeeper chapter 1 Trapping the Goalkeeper , meaning Trapping the Goalkeeper , genre Trapping the Goalkeeper , book cover Trapping the Goalkeeper , flies Trapping the Goalkeeper , Trapping the Goalkeeper d75e95a9f6a5f How Do You Trust A Woman With A Mighty Pen And Than A Million Fans With Your Secret Especially When She Has Her Own Silver Penguins Goalkeeper, Javier De Asis, Has Been Preparing For The Global Futsal Cup With What Feels Like His Entire Life, Putting Him In A Position Least Likely To Fail His Teammates And His Dream All Those Years, However, Hasn T Prepared Him For The Return Of Kiona Montemayor, A Lady From His Past, Now A Famous Blogger, Whom He Just Couldn T Get Off His Mind With Kiona Hanging Around The Team In Brazil To Write About Its Success, Javier Fears The Very Thought Of His Secret Being Revealed To The World A Scandal Especially One That Involves Their Steamy Nights Is The Least Of What He Needs What He Doesn T Know, However, Is That His Secret Isn T The Only Thing A Scandal Of A Lifetime Awaits, But All Of Hers

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    Fate must be playing tricks on Javier de Asis, rising star player goalkeeper for Silver Penguins Futsal Team That s what he felt when he learned that renowned blogger Kiona Montemayor would be tagging along with his team to the Global Futsal Cup in Brazil They once shared a history that ended quite disastrously, so Javier was reasonably agitated seeing Kiona once again Together, in Brazil, they put their issues and inhibitions aside, hence the beginning of a torrid, secret, hot and heavy love affair Little did they both know that their newly found relationship status would again end in doom due to scandals and lies and betrayal These factors immediately tainted the reputations they had respectively built in years Can the woman with her mighty pen erase the doubts on people s minds and persuade them to believe her stories Can the goalkeeper still keep his hands and head high and dodge the rumors and intrigues being thrown at him This had been a very satisfyingly hot and romantic read Once again, KZ Riman brought the house down with her writing skills, bringing erotica, drama, action and romance in her latest novel, Trapping the Goalkeeper I couldn t stop reading about Javier Kiona, two formidable characters that could easily ignite a matchstick and could immediately make your tummy clench and do somersaults when they have scenes together I loved the fact that they both have secrets they re afraid to tell, it made their story mysterious in ways than one And the supporting cast Ian, Jake, Chris, Claudia, plus the Congressman each individual has a story to tell These are the characters that you would love to hate and hate to love Kudos to KZ Riman for another mouth watering read Couldn t wait to read her other books that really pack a punch

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    I like this novel for the social relevance and realism connected to the love story which provide lessons that readers can reflect on The story was set against the dark background of Philippine society, where people in the limelight are subjected to critical judgement, defamatory propaganda, and credibility onslaught where people feast on scandals that allure the public attention where there is a tendency to focus on the darkness and overlook the brightness on the other side.The characters were given fair share of the moment as the story went along, which gave me an insight into their individual identities I like Kiona for being honest with her feelings and careful with her thoughts Her emotionality and sensuality were well explored I wish there are Kiona out there in the real world Javier portrayed how a man can be as vulnerable as a child with intense feelings he cannot or does not want to accept as real The author has the strength to switch voices and tell the story from various points of view How she played with the feelings of Javier and Kiona brings an emotional roller coaster ride that will make you ask If I were in his or her shoes, what should I do The best parts of the story happened in Brazil where the two picked up on where they left off years ago and also in Manila after the scandal broke into the public, forcing Javier to reconsider what was really important to him Kiona and Javier s occasional recounting of their closeness and friendship in the past made the story poignant and nostalgic Their intimate encounters were sweetromantic They had an affective friction that put my epidermis ablaze.I am beginning to like Filipino romance stories This book set a good start

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    Review to follow.

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