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Phandius quotes Phandius , litcharts Phandius , symbolism Phandius , summary shmoop Phandius , Phandius 522486e9 The Stone Started Vibrating Uncontrollably And After Another Quick Blast Of Light The Stone Started Transforming It Was Rapid One Second It Was A Stone, Another Second It Was A Knife And Then, As If On Cue, It Became A Sleek Sword The Sword Was Itself Not Made Of Phandius, Instead It Was Some Bluish, Strange Metal With Phandius Studded In The Hilt A Fabled Stone On An Abandoned Island, Phandius Has Extraordinary Magical Powers This Powerful Rock Is Believed To Grant Immortality To Its Master Legend Has It That The Stone Is Hidden Somewhere On The Deserted Island Of Velomer Dreaded Terrorist Arzoo Nasrulla Will Do Anything To Get To Phandius And Bend It To His Will Four Children, Jeremy, Adam, Suhani And Farida, Unwittingly Get Caught In His Quest For The Stone They Discover His Purpose And Know He Has To Be Stopped His Triumph Would Lead To A World Of Terror And Devastation The Four Of Them Embark On A Journey From Araveros Hills To Velomer To Protect Phandius From Nasrulla But Defying Arzoo Nasrulla Always Has Dangerous Consequences Will They Be Able To Protect The Legendary Stone Or Will They Fall To The Hand Of Evil

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    I started reading Phandius Whispers from the Past a few days ago I was quite mesmerized by it The flow was very smooth and consistent I could not leave the book until I had finished reading it The language is lucid and grabs the reader till the last word It is certainly worth the time and money it takes.I especially loved the main villain of the book Arzoo Nasrulla is wicked, mean, cruel and anything that you want in a villain The story talks about the courage of the four children Adam, Jeremy, Suhani and Farida who embark on a journey to look for the mysterious stone Phandius which has some extraordinary powers that can change the lives of both Arzoo and the children The ending was quite surprising and there were bits of the book where I gasped in shock they were so unexpected.The story has the right blend of character development, friendship, action, and drama It is a must read for all the adventurous young adults.

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    An extraordinary genre This book is so engrossing you cannot leave it till you have finished it Such a wonderful blend of narration that you are instantly transported in another world The language is so soothing that you do not realise you are flowing with the content You get carried away in a dream like sequence of events as they start unfolding as if they are really being enacted in front of your eyes.Its rare to find such a refreshing handling of content.

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    Fantastic book by a budding new author The plot and storytelling is excellent The flow of the book keeps you guessing till the end The language is simple and at the same time touches your heart Must read book for book lovers.

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    Phandius Whispers from the past is an excellent book by a child, for the children My 14 year old daughter read this book yesterday, and I swear, she read it cover to cover, without any major breaks Just goes on to show how engrossing it is The author, Shruti, has really done a great job at this age I d recommend reading it, it s certainly worth every penny and every second.

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    Excellent writing While reading book it felt as if things are happening before me Loved and enjoyed reading it All children would really love to read it.

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    Got this book as a birthday gift from friends It s an excellent book Would recommend this to everyone, youngster and elder alike Good job, author

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