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Imperial Agent (Invader #4) pdf Imperial Agent (Invader #4) , ebook Imperial Agent (Invader #4) , epub Imperial Agent (Invader #4) , doc Imperial Agent (Invader #4) , e-pub Imperial Agent (Invader #4) , Imperial Agent (Invader #4) 48895b8aa59 The Fourth Ebook Exclusive Novella In The Brand New INVADER Series, Set In Roman Britain, AD , From Sunday Times Bestselling Authors Simon Scarrow And T J Andrews In The Winter Of AD , Rome S Plan To Install A Friendly King In The Most Hostile Area Of Britannia Is Facing A New Threat There Are Rumours Of A Traitor Close To The New King, And A New Enemy Is Gathering Strength Beyond The Marshes As The King Continues With His Plans To Romanise His Subjects, Horatius Figulus, A Junior Officer In The Second Legion, Is Charged With Training Up The New Royal Bodyguard But When A Trap Is Sprung On The Roman Army, A Secretive Druid Sect Seizes Power And Takes The King HostageNow Figulus Must Infiltrate The Enemy Ranks, Release The King And Track Down The Elusive Leader Of The Druids Before The Whole Of Britannia Descends Into Bloody Chaos

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    Ten years or so after the Roman invasion and conquest of Britannia, the Britons are still fighting Although the Romans have co opted some tribes, and propped up puppet kings in others, the proud warriors of Briton and the shadowy Druids will not submit.Into this cauldron of seething resentment and open hostility is dropped the good natured Optio from Gaul, Figulus The Gaul is tasked with protecting a client king that Rome is propping up over a tribe of Britons He and his men are training a new cadre of warriors to serve as body guards for the puppet king Unfortunately, Figulus is challenged at every turn not enough support from his superiors, hostility from the natives, treachery from an unexpected source, and a fanatic Druid who is stirring up trouble Of course, being the hero, Figulus staves off one disaster after another and comes out on top.The book was fun To be fair, I like historical fiction focused on the Romans They are quasi civilized and you can almost imagine yourself living in the time Figulus, as a Gaul rather than a true Roman offered a slightly new twist which was nice As with most Scarrow books, the writing is good, and the action is quick, so there is much to like There is, however, some stuff to not like I did not care for the multiple well, two near miraculous rescues that Figulus had The author should never rescue his main character s The other thing that bugged me is the nature of these little books Rather than package them up as one big novel, they are released in short novellas Just give me the whole damn book, thank you very much III stars out of V If you like your Roman fiction, go for it.

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    Penultimate entry in Simon Scarrow s Invader series, set during the Roman conquest of Brittania as are some of his famous Cato and Macro books.Unlike the full sized stories, however, these short stories tend to be episodic in nature with their own distinct start, middle and end a requirement, perhaps, of the format if that s not too strong a word.This is no different than the previous 3 Invader Death Beach, Invader Blood Enemy and Invader Dark Blade in being so, with the Dark Moon sect of the Druids again causing trouble for Figulus and his men, and even managing to temporarily defeat them in battle I have to say, though, that I spotted the identity of the traitor from a mile off

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