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Scorched (Headless Reapers Motorcycle Club #1) summary Scorched (Headless Reapers Motorcycle Club #1) , series Scorched (Headless Reapers Motorcycle Club #1) , book Scorched (Headless Reapers Motorcycle Club #1) , pdf Scorched (Headless Reapers Motorcycle Club #1) , Scorched (Headless Reapers Motorcycle Club #1) 61e538bf64 He S A Tribesman And A Sworn Enemy The VP Of The Mountain Tribesmen MC, Rafael Is A Man That S Lived His Whole Life In The Fast Lane Having Had Hot Girls Than Hot Meals, His Need For Reckless Adventure And Adrenaline Causes Him To End Up In Headless Reapers Territory She S Just Another Club Girl For The Headless Reapers MC Just Another Club Girl For The Headless Reapers MC, Emma Walsh Is Starting To Get Real Tired Of The Life She S Chosen But Once You Were A Reapers Girl, You Had No Other Choice It Was A Job For Life Her Devotion To The Reapers Is About To Be Seriously Questioned When She Spots A Mysterious Stranger At One Of The Reapers Parties Their Lives Are About To Change Forever Though Both Of Them Are Fully Aware Of The Consequence Of Their Coming Together, Some Temptations In Life Are Too Hard To Ignore A New Connection Will Be Forged But Only If Emma And Rafael Can Withstand Their Trial By Fire EXCERPT Alright, But I D Like To See Your Face Before We Get On Your Bike, She Said, As She Walked Toward The Road She Was Still Leading The Way When He Spun Her Around And Eased Her Back Against The Wall, Pulling Her Arms Up And Over Her Head He Jerked Up His Mask And Looked Down Into Her Face, As The Gasp Of Recognition Filled His Ears He Waited A Minute And Thought Of All The Scenarios That Could Play Out He Knew That She Would Recognize Him When He Took Off His Mask As The Vice President Of The Mountain Tribesmen, He Was Vocal And Easily Identified Had He Been Too Reckless On This One If She Turned Around And Ran The Short Distance Into The House, Would He Have To Make Fast Time To His Bike And Hot Wheel It Out Of There Or Would This Be The Day He Met His Maker The Smile She Gave Him Was Like A Permission Slip, And She Moved Her Body As If She Wanted Contact With His He Was Glad That She Made This Choice He Kissed Her Glossy Lips, Starting It Out Just How He Liked It He Wanted To See If She D Keep Up Or Want Him To Slow Down But, She Was With Him The Whole Way, As He Delved Into Her Mouth To Taste Her He Didn T Do Soft And Sweet He Was Grabby And Demanding, And He Loved When His Women Sighed Deep Into His Mouth, A Clear Indication That They Liked Pleasure He Enjoyed A Woman Who Liked To Get Off, And Emma Didn T Disappoint Him On That Score Either

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    1 Star off for being a serialOtherwise a 5 star story beginning Rival clubs in the same townthe obstacles to the H h making anything out of their scorching first night together are nearly insurmountable I like that we get background on both main characters prior to their MC lives and some info on current tensions between the MCs The sex is off the charts hot The h is a survivor, not a whiny club sweet butt, who has a snarky attitude and a quick mind The H is definitely an alpha bad boy but he also has an innate ability to see into a person which gives him a head start on dealing with people in a fair and straight way No game playing here, they talk straight to each other without discussing club business but still sharing the similarities in their lives There is a major connection and both want to explore it further This installment covers their first night together and ends upon waking around lunchtime the next day I am hooked and since the next installments are available through Kindle Unlimited, I am going to continue despite my dislike of the serial chapter release trend.

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    Great M C seriesI love McDonald s romance erotica This is a good one The premise is similar to others but the way the author gets there is very imaginative I thoroughly enjoyed reading this series.

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    Hmmm CliffhangerI liked the book pretty well, but just as we were making progress it ends in a cliffhanger The storyline is unique and the writing is really good Just hate cliffhangers

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    It took some time getting into this story but when I did it cut off in a cliffhanger

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