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Dead Men (Libros De Inferno #1) quotes Dead Men (Libros De Inferno #1) , litcharts Dead Men (Libros De Inferno #1) , symbolism Dead Men (Libros De Inferno #1) , summary shmoop Dead Men (Libros De Inferno #1) , Dead Men (Libros De Inferno #1) dff3dd14 Roaring South In A Black Cadillac, John Smith Is On The Road Trip From Hell Through A Nightmarish Version Of Americana, A Place Of Rotting Hollows And Dusty Crossroads, Slaughterhouses And Haunted Trains He Doesn T Know How He Woke Up After Sitting Down In The Electric Chair, Where He Got The Black Suit With The Slit Up The Back Or Even The Cigarettes In His Pocket All He Knows Is That There Is A Woman Guarding A Great Secret And He S Supposed To Kill Her

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    The first chapter of any novel is important, an immediate and important impression is formed regarding the style of the author and the quality of the story you re about to read That first chapter of Dead Men by John C Foster amounted to a little over 4 pages and ultimately set the standard for what I was about to read There were a couple of sentences that had me cringing, and unfortunately that carried through the rest of the story I called some bad men to me and they showed me what to do Not called on the phone, understand But called The driver made a sound that meant nothing much Ok that was the first and the second, just 2 pages later.But though she had run far and fast, eventually memories pounded up behind her on flat feet and kicked her in the ass Now this kind of thing cropped up than regularly, I highlighted countless examples of writing that had me thinking, seriously, come on The story promptly faded into the background as I skipped through as quickly as possible, taken with the shocking idioms and the like, than anything else.To the story and what I could be bothered to take in, at an old asylum, a priest brings dead men back to life and effectively points them in a direction John Smith is one of them and some mental fuckery is telling him to kill her and those who hold her, erase her and all her work That s his job, there s a few other characters but it all just faded into nothingness.Whether it s a niche market or not, the writing has to have some positive aspect to capture the reader s attention and sadly this didn t have anything I could talk about in a beneficial or constructive way He caught a glimpse of his reflection in the rearview mirror and saw it was smiling Well I m glad somebody was.Dead Men was provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and that s what you ve just read.Also posted at

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    This is one of these novels I d be at lost to say whether it s gothic horror or dark fantasy as it s walking the line rather cleverly Simply put, DEAD MEN is about a group of guys who returned to life after being executed with the task of killing a young woman Seems easy like that, but there s a long way separating them from their target.Although DEAD MEN is technically a linear novel, you re going to lose your mind trying to follow the plot Many times I ve lost the highway and wondered what the f% was going on It s like a series of portraits through which the characters are traveling through and John C Foster s attention isn t always on them It s a different, uneasy way to narrate a story and it drove me nuts sometimes.DEAD MEN might be a little long for what it has to offer, but it definitely is a unique novel with its own inherent narrative logic Think Jon Bassoff meets yikes Alejandro Jodorowsky.

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    Review DEAD MEN by John C FosterFirst in the LIBROS DE INFERNO series, DEAD MEN gleefully and gore ily presents pure, unadulterated, horror horror turned inside out and upended, then stood on its head If you re seeking a story where good and evil, black and white, humanity and inhumanity, sanity and insanity, are fully reversed, look over here DEAD MEN will give you all that, and .Four brutal murderers are resurrected following execution, by a figure known only as The Priest Gathered in a long abandoned insane asylum, once dedicated to the practices of sadists, they are assigned a mission destroy The Woman As it turns out, so does she have a mission.

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    John C Foster s Dead Men is a fascinating, entertaining and challenging new horror novel As the subtitle, Libros de Inferno Book One, makes clear it s the first in a new trilogy It s a dynamic opening chapter, but it plays equally well as a single novel The story arc wraps up nicely while leaving enough room for of the story to be told The book isn t an easy read and there s no room to get complacent and fall back on the familiar elements of the story There are no familiar elements Dead Men is a nightmarish road novel propelled through an America of dark and ugly places and strange and awful characters.Without spending too much time describing the story, which I would have a tough time doing anyway, it is the tale of the Priest, Hoodoo Girl, Spike and four dead men named John Smith Each Smith, who choose different monikers to clear things up, who have been executed for mass murder They awake in an isolated and largely abandoned asylum, where they find each other and escape They burn the asylum around them as they flee, starting a theme recurring throughout the book of the whoosh hiss of a light and flame roaring to life in the darkness.The John Smiths trip their way through a version of America similar to, though much darker and weird than our own as they attempt to ascertain why they were resurrected and try to fulfill the task put to them by the mysterious puppet master, the Priest The characters are bizarre and rarely well defined, the author striving for atmosphere and creepiness rather than depth and reality This works for the most part as the majority of the players are transitory, only popping up for a short time to advance the main characters to the next point in the story.The John Smiths are interesting and individual, two going by Alice and the Ghoul, and the Priest s mysterious presence is compelling The Butcher, Lum, the Director, the Doctor are just used in passing and have little substance The weakest character is Spike, who plays a major part in the book s second half, and never achieves the appeal of the others The only slow points in the narrative are during those second half passages focusing on Spike.The world these characters inhabit is very dark, both in the literal and figurative sense Everything feels like it s happening at night, and considering the haunted trains, abandoned asylums, makeshift prisons and maternity wards that host the action, daylight doesn t even seem possible The settings have a nihilistic and oppressive feel as hilltop cemeteries and mythic crossroads do.In the novel the Libros de Inferno is described as an antediluvian text which imparted knowledge that almost cost the reader their life Dead Men doesn t come at that price, but is not an easy read It has the guts to demand something of the reader, that an effort is required to take in the book, an effort that will be well rewarded by a unique and lyrically beautiful tale of terrible things.

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    Dead Men by John C Foster is a hypnotic tale, told with blazing eyes, and a gut full of twisting snakes The darkness swims across the page, but it is not without light, not without hope Tense, violent, and sprinkled with humor, it s a gripping read.

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    I received this book from NetGalley and Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, in exchange for my honest review This story was an out of control, confusing, jaw clenching adventure and you are just along for the ride I am not even sure how to describe this story, but it gripped me until the end I am not sure I would describe this as horror, because I was never really scared, but I am sure some readers would be scared The main characters are seriously screwed up, especially the Preacher You never really get the full development of any of the characters, but you still root for them The main story line is vague, but you get the general gist of it and it is pretty weird You find yourself wanting the first John Smith to find his peace. The ending was an ending, but there is of the story to be told No real resolution I would recommend to readers of suspense and horror There is blood and bad language I would recommend to readers, who like to have chaos with their stories I will be reading the next one Thank you for the crazy thrill ride

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    It s hard to believe that this is the debut novel from John Foster It reads like it s been written by an author with ten plus novels to their name It s a read filled with darkness and bleak imagery It s not a run of the mill horror book, although it does have it s horrific moments Definitely a book that you need to pay attention too as there are a few characters and things happen very quickly The characters are fascinating and although not very likeable, this doesn t detract from the story Like I said, it isn t easy reading and at times It can be difficult to keep track of the characters and what their goals are Definitely worth checking out, especially if you are looking for something to make you work and you re looking for a read that drips atmosphere This is book 1 of a trilogy and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here A great debut 4 stars.

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    Imagine a marriage between Clive Barker and Quentin Tarantino and you have some inkling of what this dark, gory and often quirky tale is like Foster s atmospheric prose and lightning fast pacing fit the narrative of this offering perfectly and the characters, though often extremely unlikable, are always engaging I found myself at the end of this book much sooner than I wanted to be and will be waiting ever so impatiently for the next entry in the series.Overall, this is one of the most impressive debut novels I ve read in the past decade John C Foster is an extraordinary wordsmith with a hellishly brilliant imagination I loved this book and will read anything that John publishes going forward.

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    A chilling dark gene thriller well written with occasional nmoments of humor,

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    Southern noir gothic horror I don t know if the genre exists, but John C Foster may have invented it now Famous American novelist and playwright Cormac McCarthy set many of his stories in the American south, and it seems like Foster has written a novel in somewhere between McCarthy s books Outer Dark and Child of God, mixed up with characters and plot as a consequence threads in the vein of the Cohen brothers and the Preacher comic book series.An ultra violent story that is as fast and dangerous as the black Cadillac that rides through the dark roads of Foster s memorable and tragic setting, we are treated to an updated McCarthy esque take on violence and ass backwards spirituality I dare not give away plot details or even hint at specific themes you can skip any literary junk and revel in the mayhem, but for those who want intelligence behind the sheen of violence, there is a lot to love.Many authors have tackled the idea of redemption through violence Foster turns that idea on its head There is no way to save a man who spent years of his life on death row, only to be executed with the utmost vindictiveness by the penal system John Smith s resurrection , and the lazarus effect s application to three other men, is not a second chance at life, but rather, a second chance at death There is no hero in this novel in fact, many readers won t be able to decipher exactly what is happening, or why, until the novel is nearly finished.Which is exactly why I loved it so much.This book is an absolute page turner Christian mysticism, cultish folk magic, and twisted technology combine forces to serve as the catalysts for the powerful black Cadillac that is often described as a dragon or beast Rarely do I feel that an author can effectively use each word to effect too many authors waste language on needless sentences that shove plot threads or details down our throats Foster relies on his characters and the setting we are allowed to see events unfold and infer whatever amount of meaning we want.Despite all of the literary trappings, the book is, at its core, a violent, unforgiving romp rife with clever observances of destruction Each of the four dead men have some fun characteristics that make them rather unique in their approach to destruction.Dead Men entertains on a level that many books can t achieve with characters who are absolute villains, and a plot that is never easily revealed to the audience Too many books use long exposition dumps to explain story elements that I may not care about even veteran authors seem to shove information down our throats, and some readers don t mind However, some of the most celebrated artists have allowed a sense of mystery to permeate our perception of the art readers should be allowed an opportunity to guess, and thus, actively participate until they are rewarded with answers This is a technique that only the best writers can incorporate into their works how many viewers turn in every week to Game of Thrones, only to have their own theories verified or debunked I absolutely loved this book I have wanted a totally immersive book for a long time I had almost given up hope that I could find a book that would absolutely urge me to read the next page I am very excited to read from Foster he is going to be a huge voice in fiction very, very soon.

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