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About the Author: Francois Bissonnette

Children s books indie author, I published close to 40 books including the Stories for Children series Check out my page for information.Also like my Facebook page

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    Engaging Stories For ChildrenThis book contains two stories, Princess Bellisma and the short tale of Alicia And The Wolf which is based on Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault Princess Bellisma, 15 years old, lives with her mother, Queen Sarah, in the Kingdom of Kindall Knight William tells the queen a dragon is approaching the castle and wants to move her and Bellisma to safety Suddenly Sorcerer Malrick appears in the room and tells them it is HIS dragon approaching No harm will come if he is granted marriage to Bellisma in five years when she becomes 20 years old This is a well written story which children will like The next story is very short about Alicia learning of her grandmother s illness She fills a basket of food to deliver to her Her mom tells her to go swiftly and not to linger along the way as her trip takes her through the woods where grandma lives in a small cottage After walking for sometime, Alicia fears she s being watched She sees nothing to fear, but she hears the howling of a wolf Suddenly she comes across a bandit obstructing her path He wants her basket, but he s not going to get it Very surprising tale here that will excite kids Many photos are included to depict the characters of these wonderful tales.

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    The author delivers another couple of fun stories In one, we have princesses, evil sorcerers, a dragon, elves, and a promise made years before.The second is a new take on Little Red Riding Hood.What distinguishes Bissonette s tales are the photographs with each story Full costumes designed for the young reader And old ones like me.Recommended.

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    ANOTHER GREAT BOOK by BISSONNETTEA SUPER, fun, read..keep looking for the White Wolf, A nice, protecting white wolf..my grandkids want a white wolf of their ownoh my..wonder if a white dog would do.

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