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The Crescent summary The Crescent , series The Crescent , book The Crescent , pdf The Crescent , The Crescent e2f57fa4d5 In A Violent Time Where Respect Was Taken At The Tip Of A Sword, And Gladiators Were The Rockstars Of Their Era, Two Women Will Stake Their Claim In A Sport Of Death Dominated By Men To Fulfill Their Respective Destinies Nadja The Slave Girl, As Sensuous As She Is Savage, Captured And Forced Into Training To Become A Gladiator She Fights Hard And Well, Intent On Attaining A Long Sought Freedom Liza, The Queen, As Passionate As She Is Powerful, Married Into Royalty But Her Adventurous Spirit Leads Her Down The Path Of The Gladiator Mindful Of Her Husband, The King She Shields Her Identity And Fights In Secrecy Two Goals, One Victor They Are A Parallel Of Ability And A Paradox Of Stylewho Shall Succeed

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    Great page turner that keeps you gripped full review here

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    Weak characters Nadja only good characterIt started out with a pretty descent storyline and plot, but the weak characters dragged it down which was turning to be 2.5 stars, but with how the ending went it lost that half star.Just before the ending.I thought finally some character growth.when nadja and Liz finally start talking to each other,but the ending destroyed that growth.Character weaknessesNadja is the only descent character and her two friends Millie and the Viking At least she is fighting for survival and we do find out a little about her family.Liza spoiled princess ornament that somehow becomes one of the best gladiators ever with just a few months of training Very minor growth at the end, but she loses it quickly She feels trapped as a queen with no powerso she tries to get herself killed in the arena by volunteering not for any noble reason but to feel the rush like a drug addict.The king is a weak and abusive husbandhe is mentally and physically abusive to his wife.,if he was the only weak characterok, but he was just one in a long list He also has no idea how to rule frankly I am surprised he is still alive.The Kings brother started out ok, if but a clich and shallow villain who turned stupid at the end.I might read another book by hershe needs to redo this rough draft.

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