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Narendra Modi chapter 1 Narendra Modi , meaning Narendra Modi , genre Narendra Modi , book cover Narendra Modi , flies Narendra Modi , Narendra Modi e831d5183eead On The Eve Of Independence, Nehru Had Declared India S Tryst With Destiny As Redeemed However, Thanks Mainly To Shenanigans And The Venality Of Its Political And Bureaucratic Executive, The Hope Held Out By That Destiny Has Turned Into Unqualified Despair By Now And, It Is As Good As Cast In Stone That Before It Got Opportunity To Celebrate The Centenary Of Its Independence, India Or Whatever Had Been Left Of It Would Be Busy Redeeming Its Tryst With The Forces Of Doom The Rest Of The World Too Can T Escape Being Caught Up In The Death Throes Of So Huge A Nation And Suffer TremendouslyHopeless Is Said To Be The Lot Of The Peoples That Await A Saviour To Rescue Them From The Consequences Of Actions That May Or May Not Belong To Them System And Not Person Is What They Should Place Their Collective Faith In As For The Indians, They Were Given A System, Alright But, Tragically, The Same Not Only Failed To Deliver Them Of Their Ills, Old And New, But Has Also Corrupted Itself Almost Irredeemably So, A Person Call Him Savior, Man Friday , Or Just A National Chotu It Has To Be, As Far As They Are ConcernedPresent Book Is An Attempt To Find Out Whether The Legatees Of The Venerable Land, Whose Two Millennia Long Caste Reprehensibility Was First Compounded By Six Centuries Of Slavery, Then Overlaid By Two Centuries Of Imperialism, And, Finally, Aggravated Beyond Imagination By Six Decades Long Orgy Of Corruption And Sins Practiced In The Fair Names Of Democracy And People, Have Got So Lucky As To Have Produced A Leader Who They Could All Place Their Collective Faith In, Giving Him All Out Support To Enable Him To Extricate Them From The Mess They Have Been Stuck In And Save Their Future For Them

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