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One Monk, Many Masters pdf One Monk, Many Masters , ebook One Monk, Many Masters , epub One Monk, Many Masters , doc One Monk, Many Masters , e-pub One Monk, Many Masters , One Monk, Many Masters 7c280e9dc03 In Paul Breiter Was Among The Throngs Of Disaffected Youth Who Traveled To The Exotic East, Seeking To Escape The Cultural And Spiritual Upheavals At Home He Traveled To India, Thinking That Indulging The Senses Would Be His Means Of Finding GodInstead, He Found Himself At A Monastery In Thailand, Taking The Precepts Of A Buddhist Monk He Would Spend The Next Seven Years In Robes, Not Indulging The Senses, But Depriving Them One Monk, Many Masters The Wanderings Of A Simple Buddhist Traveler Follows Breiter S Life As A Monk And His Ongoing Search For Enlightenment After Leaving The Robes One Monk, Many Masters Is An Engaging Account Of Paul S Spiritual Wanderings Through The Theravada, Zen, And Tibetan Buddhist Traditions Under Such Great Teachers As Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho, Kobun, Lama Gonpo, And The Th Karmapa

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    One Monk Many Masters is kind of an addendum to the author s cult classic, Venerable Father We learn about Breiter s life before his years as a monk with Ajahn Chah in Thailand, and about his encounters with Zen and Tibetan Buddhist teachers afterwards Ajahn Chah looms large in the narrative, with about half of the book devoted to him and the years spent in Thailand Unfortunately, the author was never as close to the Mahayana masters as he was to the Thai Forest Tradition teachers, so the book feels a bit uneven If you have read Venerable Father and want to know about the author, you ll probably enjoy this one.

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