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Meditations for a New Day pdf Meditations for a New Day , ebook Meditations for a New Day , epub Meditations for a New Day , doc Meditations for a New Day , e-pub Meditations for a New Day , Meditations for a New Day 8667253d1f8 This Volume Contains Guided Christian Meditations Using Active Imagination To Visit Biblical Stories Of Jesus And Other Spiritual Journeys To Encounter Jesus And Receive Inner Healing Christian Meditation Is A Modern Adaptation Of The Traditional Method Known As Lectio Divina Dr Schmitt Studied Under The Rev Dr Morton Kelsey Where He Learned This Method Of Meditation And Prayer These Meditations Can Be Read By One Person Or Read To A Group It Might Also Be Possible To Record Them And Then Listen To The Playback Dr Schmitt Hopes To Publish An Audio Version Of The Book In The Future

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    Prayer Journeys You ll Never ForgetThis excellent prayer guide helps the follower of Jesus practice His Presence and make precious memories of times spent with Him in prayer If you ve desired to go deeper in your spiritual life and encounter the Risen Christ, this book is for you Written with both creativity and spiritual depth, it s sure to be a gift to you in your spiritual journey.

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review While I was initially curious because meditation is a biblically commanded activity Joshua 1 8 1 Timothy 4 15 , I quickly became disappointed The meditations presented in this book are not what was meant by the biblical authors Instead of reflecting on what God s word says, means, and how it applies to our lives today, these meditations are custom created by the author to take you into a fantasy world While the author blends the fantasy world with some details from biblical accounts, this only makes matters worse Many of these meditations essentially re write how the biblical accounts happen and make you the reader the central character As one example, the account of Palm Sunday is used where the Lord Jesus is riding in on the donkey and in the imagined scene He stops because He notices you Wow I was shocked at how the meditations promote a completely self centered worldview instead of making Christ the center I also fear that the way Jesus interacts with you in the meditations is not an accurate representation of how the Lord interacted with his own disciples and we have written accounts of that Sadly, I also found several grammatical or punctuation mistakes too.Unfortunately, I cannot recommend anyone read this book.

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I would not normally read a book about meditation If I were to rate this book grammatically I would give it five stars It is well written and the author does a great job with imagery and letting someone feel like they are in the story However, I don t agree with the practice and I think there is a danger in it I think that pushing someone into imaging a certain scenario with Jesus is also like telling the Living God how to interact with a person He interacts with each one of us differently To some He gives visions and dreams, but not according to man s scripts During His earthly ministry, He chose not to heal people the same way He is not predictable in the sense that we cannot put Him in our own box of ideas and expect Him to meet us in the way we choose Further, placing the reader into Bible stories would be great but changing them and adding interactions between the reader and Jesus seems to me to take license that is not ours to take I realize that this is imagination, but I still felt uncomfortable with it.I struggled through this book because I did not agree with it but that does not take away from the author s polished writing craft.

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