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The Mother of All Monsters pdf The Mother of All Monsters , ebook The Mother of All Monsters , epub The Mother of All Monsters , doc The Mother of All Monsters , e-pub The Mother of All Monsters , The Mother of All Monsters 5241e2763ac In A Community Shattered By The Abduction And Murder Of Three Little Girls, An Indiana Mother Makes A Grisly Discovery About Her Seemingly Upstanding Son Faced With The Undeniable Truth And Overwhelmed With Guilt, She Must Choose Between Protecting Her Beloved Child Or Punishing The Monster He May Have Become Note This Short Story Contains Graphic Violence And Is Not Suitable For Young Readers

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    A dark, haunting story told through a deceptively simple narrative which peels back like an onion, revealing new layers of depth and meaning A community is shocked and horrified by a series of disappearances Three young girls, kidnapped and later found dead A serial killer Panic and paranoia spread through the community until a local mother makes a shocking discover about her son, home from his first year of college that sets the whole tale on its head Her reaction, told unflinchingly through an epistolary framing device a letter to her sister, brings up images of a traumatic childhood and illustrates well the philosophy of He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster It also touches on the complex concept of nature vs nurture are negative behavioral traits hereditary, or learned It further poses the question if it is in the blood, can it skip a generation Though even if it seems to, is it really always there, lurking, suppressed, but waiting to come out in the right circumstances

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    What would you do if you discovered that your son had done something unspeakable This extreme short story tackles that problem with some tough love Narrated in first person as a letter to her sister a style that seems an imperfect fit, at times , this sickening tale of a mother s discipline is not for those with a weak constitution I rather enjoyed it.

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    Very good and really creepy

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    A Tale Both Short and Bleak I won t go into the story here both because of the length and because I don t want to ruin the feel of its narrative This story is well worth your time and a great introduction to the author, who writes a very satisfying and cerebral piece here Highly recommended

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    This is a stunning debut short story by a very gifted writer Ashe manages to tug at the human experience through love and horror A striking read.

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    This was a riveting ten minute read, and I loved it Well done

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    Disturbing as hell One of the creepiest serial killer stories I ve read in along time.

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    Ashe s writing is taught and keeps you engaged A short read and one I ll not soon shake from my mind Riveting and tragic.

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