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Reap The Whirlwind chapter 1 Reap The Whirlwind , meaning Reap The Whirlwind , genre Reap The Whirlwind , book cover Reap The Whirlwind , flies Reap The Whirlwind , Reap The Whirlwind 12d0b1c79bac7 Whit Emerson Had A Beautiful Girlfriend, Great Friends, The Respect Of His Peers, And Than Enough Money Until He Discovered His Bank Account Has Been Depleted A Day Later He S Fired From His Job Friends Die, Disappear, Or Disown Him Everywhere He Goes, He Is Watched By Security Cameras Something Is Definitely Wrong With His World, But Whit Doesn T Know Who Or Why Then He Is Accused Of A Crime He Didn T Commit That S When His Life Got Worse Much Worse Whit Seeks Help From A Stuttering Computer Nerd, His Attractive Sister, A Bank Robber And A Rogue Detective All Hiding From The Government For Different Reasons Together They Search For A Legendary Computer Expert Known As Little Lion Eleven Years Before Little Lion Created A Super Computer For The Military, A Super Computer Which Is Now Being Used To Take Over The Internet Little Lion Mysteriously Disappeared But Left Strange Clues Behind To Help Whit And His Friends When The Clues Are Unraveled, An Even Worse Threat Faces The Friends They Are Determined To Stop A Nightmare Scenario If They Can Live Long Enough Please Be Advised, The Story Is Fictional, But The Nightmare Scenario Is Inevitable, If It Hasn T Already Happened

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