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A Horse of Many Colours pdf A Horse of Many Colours , ebook A Horse of Many Colours , epub A Horse of Many Colours , doc A Horse of Many Colours , e-pub A Horse of Many Colours , A Horse of Many Colours 877c9328480 What Do Ancient Greece, Golden Age Science Fiction, Horses, And The Art Of Costuming All Have In Common Michael W Bard, Of Course From Generation Ships To Unicorns And From The Psychology Of The Costumed Performer To The Carefully Calculated Escape Velocity Of A Bunny Taur, These Are The Worlds Of The Noted Furry Author Michael Bard Come And Ride Along With The Galactic Patrol, Construct A Dragon Miniature That Has A Mind Of Its Own, And Learn What It Means To Be Trapped In The Role Of A Method Actor For The Rest Of Time Michael Was Taken From Us Far Too Early He Passed Away Unexpectedly From A Brain Aneurysm In At The Age Of But His Dreams Live On In This Volume To Be Enjoyed By The Rest Of Us Forever And Best Of All, The Proceeds Go To Benefit The Heart And Stroke Foundation Of Ontario Michael S Passions Were Myriad, And Each Of Them Left Their Unmistakable Footprints On His Fiction So Come With Us And Sail Across Endless Seas With A Squirrel And An Otter As Shipmates, And Find The True Meaning Of Love In The Depths Of A Stained Glass Window Become A Season, And Prove Yourself Worthy To Be The First Equine Ever To Join The Galactic Patrol Take A Little Break From Reality And Perceive The Universe As Michael Did, Through His Gentle Canadian Soul And When You Re Done, You Ll Miss Michael Every Bit As Much As We Do

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    I met snails and unicorns I went to Xanadu and Venus.I met sentient beings sprouting fur and human beings wearing fur suits.I met Micheal Bard under different names and guises I met another Typing Horse who died tragically young.Well, maybe not young, but certainly not old enough.I met myself coming down the lane, a path I shall follow one day.If I can only hope to leave a similar bounty behind, the long journey on shoes made up of typewriter keys will have been worth it.

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