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The Red-Blue War chapter 1 The Red-Blue War , meaning The Red-Blue War , genre The Red-Blue War , book cover The Red-Blue War , flies The Red-Blue War , The Red-Blue War f21b28f40f121 The Red Blue War Is Three Stories In One The First Tale, Scream Feast, Is A Compilation Of News Stories, Magazine Articles, Police Interrogation Notes, Court Transcripts, Combat Vignettes, Diary Entries, And Poetry Each Illustrates The Butchery Taking Place Across America Next, No Man No Problem Is A Tale Of Treachery, Revenge, And Survival Its Protagonist, Comrade Lieutenant Juan Mart N, Abandons His Platoon During A Mormon Guerrilla Ambush And Must Pay The Price For His Dereliction Of Duty However, He Elects To Survive By Any Means Possible The Consequences Of Which Produce An Unfortunate Result For His Entire Company Finally, The Livormortis Womb Describes The Experiences Of A Methamphetamine Addict Forced To Smuggle Drugs Across The US Canadian Border In Order To Pay A Debt He Owes To A Dangerous Gangster Regrettably, He Is Detained By American Border Police On The Very Day Marine General Shpitoli Throws His Coup D Tat It Is The First Day Of The Red Blue War He Survives Through Pure Audacity Determined To See Another Day, He Breaks One Of Human Civilization S Greatest Taboos

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    Good, But Disturbing It s been a long time since a book evoked such a variety of emotions, from outright rage to sadness In The Red Blue War, there are no good guys Both sides, while sure they re Right, prove, beyond a doubt that once you strip away the thin layer of civilization, humans haven t come much further than barbarians with clubs on one hand, and vicious animals on theother A thoroughly disturbing, but thought provoking book.

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