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The Essential Kahlil Gibran (3 Volumes in 1) (ILLUSTRATED) txt The Essential Kahlil Gibran (3 Volumes in 1) (ILLUSTRATED) , text ebook The Essential Kahlil Gibran (3 Volumes in 1) (ILLUSTRATED) , adobe reader The Essential Kahlil Gibran (3 Volumes in 1) (ILLUSTRATED) , chapter 2 The Essential Kahlil Gibran (3 Volumes in 1) (ILLUSTRATED) , The Essential Kahlil Gibran (3 Volumes in 1) (ILLUSTRATED) 56bf6b NOTE This Book Has Been Scanned Then OCR Optical Character Recognition Has Been Applied To Turn The Scanned Page Images Back Into Text This Means That The Text CAN Be Re Sized, Searches Can Be Performed, Bookmarks Can Be Added, Unlike Kindle Books That Are Only ScannedOur Aim Is To Provide The Reader AND The Collector With Long Out Of Print Books OOP At Realistic Prices If You Load Your Mobile Device With Our Books, Not Only Will You Have Fingertip Access To A Large Library Of Antiquarian And Out Of Print Material At Reasonable Prices, But You Can Mark Them Up Electronically, Always Have Them For Immediate Reference, Without Worrying About Damage Or Loss To Expensive Bound CopiesWe Have Added A Blank Space After Each Paragraph To Make Reading Easier, Especially On Smaller Mobile Devices, As Well As Indenting The First Line Of Each Paragraph Put Page Breaks After Each Chapter For The Same Ease Of ReadingWe Have Inexpensively Published On Kindle E Books Format Other Interesting Non Fiction Classics On History Science, As Well As Civil War Titles, Such As Abraham Palmer S History Of The Th NY Regiment We Will Be Adding To Our Kindle Titles Regularly Look For Our Offerings, In The Kindle Store The Essential Kahlil Gibran The Madman, The Forerunner, The Prophet Edited By Harry Polizzi Are The First Three Books Published In English By Kahlil Gibran The Renowned Lebanese American, Writer, Philosopher, Poet And Artist All Three Are Here Published In One Continuous E Book For The Enjoyment Of The Reader Each Book Contains The Original Illustration By Gibran That Was Included In Each Separate Volume When It Were First Published The Madman His Parables And Poems, Gibran S First Book Was Published In It Is A Slim Volume Of Aphorisms And Parables Written In Biblical Cadence Somewhere Between Poetry And Prose The Forerunner His Parables And Poems, Is His Second Book First Published In The Forerunner Is A Memorable Collection And It Speaks To The Heart And Mind About Such Timeless Issues As Love And Death, Pride And Vanity, Foolishness And Holiness The Prophet, Is Gibran S Third Book First Published In And His Most Famous And Often Quoted Work The Prophet Speaks Of The Yearning For Unity Within Us All Through A Series Of Twenty Six Poetic Essays, The Central Character Of The Book Teaches Us That Only Through Love Can We Truly Achieve That Unity It Has Been Translated Into Than Twenty Languages, And Is Often Cited As The Most Widely Read Book Of The Twentieth CenturyGibran S Timeless Poetry And Prose Breathes The Spirit Of The Orient Onto Our Western Souls And Gives Us A New Interpretation Of Life As Well As An Intense Beauty In The Arab World, Gibran Is Regarded As A Literary And Political Rebel His Romantic Style Was At The Heart Of A Renaissance In Modern Arabic Literature, Especially Prose Poetry Though Much Of Gibran S Writings Deal With Christianity, Especially On The Topic Of Spiritual Love, His Mysticism Is A Convergence Of Several Different Influences Christianity, Islam, Sufism, Hinduism And TheosophyHis Beautiful Formal Language, Intense Philosophy, And Deeply Mystical Thoughts Make Him The Third Most Widely Read Poet After Only Shakespeare And Lao TzuWith Each Reading, The Reader Finds Deeper Meaning And Spiritual Exposition To Gibran S Verse, Making Him An Author That Can Be Read Again And Again For New Discoveries

About the Author: Kahlil Gibran

was a Lebanese American artist, poet, and writer Born in the town of Bsharri in modern day Lebanon then part of Ottoman Mount Lebanon , as a young man he emigrated with his family to the United States where he studied art and began his literary career In the Arab world, Gibran is regarded as a literary and political rebel His romantic style was at the heart of a renaissance in modern Arabic literature, especially prose poetry, breaking away from the classical school In Lebanon, he is still celebrated as a literary hero He is chiefly known in the English speaking world for his 1923 book The Prophet, an early example of inspirational fiction including a series of philosophical essays written in poetic English prose The book sold well despite a cool critical reception, gaining popularity in the 1930s and again especially in the 1960s counterculture Gibran is the third best selling poet of all time, behind Shakespeare and Lao Tzu.

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