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The Red Kite Killings chapter 1 The Red Kite Killings , meaning The Red Kite Killings , genre The Red Kite Killings , book cover The Red Kite Killings , flies The Red Kite Killings , The Red Kite Killings b072953584d0d Jack Renton Was On A Rare Vacation When He Was Asked To Return And Check Out A Body Which Had Been Recovered From The River Tyne He Initially Refused When He Was Apprised Of The Victim S Mutilation, He Became Obsessed With An Old Case, From Which He Still Suffered Flashbacks His Team Was Concerned About Such A Delusional Pursuit, And Then A Second Body Was Found Was A Copycat Killer Responsible

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    The curate s egg again There are good elements to the story line, but there was too much information regarding characters sexual preferences When the killer became confused over which of the voices in his head should be dominant I had to agree You re confused How do you think I feel Then, another irritation took over, An author s writing style is often individual and recognisable but most manage to distinguish between characters in their dialogue The same quirky turn of phrase was used by both male and female They would avail themselves of the delights of the cafeteria or avail themselves of legal representation This was supposed to be set in the North East, unless I ve missed something, nobody talks like that in normal conversation anywhere, let alone in Newcastle So, good in parts and irritating in others.

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    Excellent readI have read this book and enjoyed the characters and the plot It is well written and has a surprise ending Looking forward to the next two in this series.

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