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My Granny Made Me an Anarchist quotes My Granny Made Me an Anarchist, litcharts My Granny Made Me an Anarchist, symbolism My Granny Made Me an Anarchist, summary shmoop My Granny Made Me an Anarchist, My Granny Made Me an Anarchist 02d629fa Stuart Christie S Granny Might Well Disagree, Given The Chance, But Her Qualities Of Honesty And Self Respect In A Hard Life Were Part Of His Development From Flash Glaswegian Teenager The Haircut At Is Terrific To The Year Old Who Sets Off To Spain At The End Of The Book As Part Of A Plan To Assassinate The Spanish Dictator Franco In The Meanwhile We Get A Vivid Picture Of S And Early S Glasgow, Its Cinemas, Coffee Bars And Dance Halls As Well As The Politics Of The City, A Politics Informed By A Whole Tradition Of Scottish Radicalism Not Just Glasgow, Because Stuart Was All Over Scotland Living With Different Parts Of His Family, And In These Chapters Of The Book There Is A Lyrical Tone To The Writing Amplified By A Sense Of History Of Each Different Place When We Reach The S We Get A Flavour Of That Explosion Of Working Class Creativity And Talent That Marked The Time, As Well As The Real Fear Of Nuclear War And The Bold Tactics Used Against Nuclear Weapons Bases It Is Through This Period Of Cultural Shake Up That Stuart Clambers Through The Obstructive Wreckage Of Labour And Bolshevik Politics, And Finds A Still Extant Politics Of Libertarian Communism That Better Fitted The Mood Of Those Times Now, In ,it Is Stuart Who Finds Himself Quoted In An Earth First Pamphlet As The New Generation Of Activists For Global Justice By Pass The Dead Hand Of Trotskyist Parties And Renew The Libertarian Tradition John Barker What Exactly Stuart Christie S Granny Is Being Made Responsible For Is Rather A Lot Given That The Opening Scene Of This Riveting Autobiography Is A Bitterly Funny Account Of His Trial For Attempting To Murder General Franco, It Seems That The Poor Lady Is Being Saddled With Responsibility Than Is Fair Moreover, Her Quick Draw Way With A Bar Of Carbolic Soap When Confronted With Obscenity Does Not Mark Her Out As Much Of A Subversive On The Other Hand, As I Know Only Too Well From My Own Experience, Grannies, Like Stuart S, Can Provide An Ethical Framework That Leads To Serious Questioning Of Conventional Politics As This Marvelously Readable And Often Moving Book Reveals, The Real Responsibility Lies In Part With The Post Break Up Of A Social System Based On Deference Although It Would Be Interesting To Know Why It Did Not Have The Same Effect On Alex Ferguson Forged In The Spirit Of Community In Poor Working Class Glasgow, Profoundly Influenced By Chic Murray And Dennis The Menace, Local Religious Conflict, The Father Who Went Out For A Packet Of Fags And Did Not Come Back For Twenty Years, Christie S Road To A Francoist Courtroom In Madrid Had Many By Ways Perhaps The Profoundest Influence Of All Was The Rebellious William Brown Although This Book Has Of Billy Connolly Than Of Richmal Crompton A Compelling Read Professor Paul Preston, LSE

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