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Hebridean Storm quotes Hebridean Storm , litcharts Hebridean Storm , symbolism Hebridean Storm , summary shmoop Hebridean Storm , Hebridean Storm 8d456b17 Matt MacAulay Is A Disheartened, Medically Retired Royal Marine, Who Feels Trapped, Back At Home On The Scottish Island Of South Uist, In The Outer Hebrides His Self Esteem And Drive Abandoning Him As He Felt The Navy Had Travelling To Glasgow On Family Business, He Intervenes To Help A Woman Marieke And Her Small Child Who He Thinks Are Being Mugged He Is Unwittingly Dragged Into Their Nightmare, Being Hunted Down By Ruthless Villains Led By Nick Parson, A Bent London Copper, Who Will Stop At Nothing To Silence Her And Recapture The Evidence She Holds Against HimTo Keep Them Safe, Matt Brings Her Home To Uist, Thinking No One Will Find Them In The Peaceful Hills Of The Remote Community But He Underestimates Parson, Who Follows Them Home Like An Unrelenting Hebridean Storm They Hide, But Even Here, Nowhere Is Safe Matt Seeks Help From Friends And Family, But Will It Be Enough To Escape With Their Lives And To Protect The Safety Of Those They Love

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    Something that I really loved about Hebridean Storm was the way the characters were developed Matt went on a very clear journey from the beginning of the novel, but most of all, I loved how the baddies were portrayed The main baddy was clearly really bad but the two henchmen could be identified with I think the passages written from their point of view really helped with this, and it showed them as real life 3D characters.The plot was very exciting and had me sitting on the edge of my seat at times Although I m from Scotland, I m not used to the Hebrides being of a north coast girl but I found the references to the geography very interesting Being very familiar with an island community, I could recognise some of the characters clearly The book does, however, need proofreading There are a lot of errors mostly with speech marks It s very easy for an author to read over these so it s handy to get the opinion and help from someone else It doesn t have to be a professional just someone who can distance themselves from the plot.The Gaelic works well in the speech but I d avoid using it in the narrative There were actually only a couple of instances of this.I m saying these constructive comments because I think this book really deserves the time these amendments will take This is a really good book I m looking forward to reading the next one

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    Just finished Hebridean Storm by Libby Patterson A great mystery set in the Hebrides with visits to Glasgow and Fort William, A really gripping story from this new to me author Loved it so much I have bought book 2 in the Matt MacAulay series The Uist Connection.

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    I often veer towards books set in the Hebrides, and this book conveys very well the author s love of South Uist describing the island vividly and well Matt, his family and his relationships with the islanders are also convincingly described However, I felt the book was much too long, with far too many unnecessary details, especially in the dialogues This slowed down the book considerably, and I admit to skipping through the last half just so I would get to the resolution.The villains were not believable but came across as Keystone cops, funny but unintentionally so Matt deserves better bad guys than those he went up against in this book And readers deserve that too.

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    I usually don t buy self published books but I saw this mentioned on a list and thought I would try it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it The characters were well developed, the descriptions of the areas they were in were vividly described , and the plot was good I appreciated the humor of the bad guys trekking through areas they were not familiar with and falling on their faces I m looking forward to the second book.

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    ElizabethI enjoyed this book very much The story went at a good pace and kept me interested I recommend this book and I am looking forward to reading the next one in the trilogy.Njoyedenjoyed this book very much The story moved along at a good pace and kept me interested I recommend this book and I am looking forward to reading the second one in the trilogy.

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    A fascinating read from a new author discovery for me I found the plot fascinating and well handled and I loved the characters, well written, warm and human in the case of the protagonists and believebly rotten in the case of the bad guys I felt like i was in the hebrides as i read it and can t wait to read from the author a solid 5 from me

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    I probably enjoyed it as I have bee privileged enough to visit the Western Isles smaller myself At places it was a bit silly and predictable, and somewhat wooden, but short enough to be interesting enough to finish Will probably read another, especially when I go back to the Western Isles.

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    A naive and implausible tale This is simple readable entertainment, but the plot is implausible, and the characterisation, in most cases, unconvincing I shall not bother with the rest of the trilogy.

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    Outstanding read, great characters and beautiful writing

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