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    This book grabbed my attention because it was set in an interesting time period that I ve always held a fascination for First off this is classified as a historical fiction and as I delved into it I was pleasantly surprised that it was well done Often historical fiction in this time period suffers from plot holes and inaccuracies Neither of which do you find in this story The author H.A Culley is able to pull together a story that is vivid and understandable The characters are well defined and fantastically developed The book flows along nicely without any slow periods I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction I will definitely be looking into Mr Culley s other works.

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    An interesting readIt is a story of Hammurabi the king of Babylon I knew that he was a law giver, he created the unified laws and wrote it down so it survived thousands of years I was surprised at the number of characters that are actually known by name, it made the story realistic and closer to the reader It s an interesting book, a good read, a story set firmly in history of our civilization The only downside is the lack of a map of Mesopotamia in that period so it could be pictured in the right location and that I could refer to while reading several times I wanted to do just that.

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    So good things about the book firstly, the period it is set in is novel for me, and thus I enjoyed learning about it However, though the plot was reasonable, at points the narrative felt a wee bit repetitive I found Culley s writing style narrative than descriptive Character development is okay, but not brilliant As the book does not follow any single character s mind frame in great depth, I suppose some loss of character development is to be expected However, I was a bit disappointed with the way the book showed changes in Hammurabi s thinking such as his decision not to bring his brother to trial but did not do much to suggest why this would have happened At the end of the book I felt like I had learnt a bit history of the time but had not really got to know any of the characters really well There were moments of brilliance, especially in the battle scenes, but they were a bit too infrequent for my liking But a good book to read once regardless, though I probably wouldn t read it again hence, I gave it 3 stars Hope that helps

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    This book tells a story about the early part of Hammurabi s life and reign The story begins with the murder of Hammurabi s father by one of his stepbrother Author was able to catch my interest straight away with Hammurabi s struggle to stay alive and how he raised an army to capture his father s throne The storytelling is straightforward and it is possibly not of the highest standard, but it depicts a very interesting period of the human history I have a natural interest in history and that was certainly helpful.

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    Compelling look at a little appreciated time and place in history, as well as a gripping drama An interesting read for a summer night.Would be a good way to introduce this part of the world and it s cultural impact I enjoyed it a lot.

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    I m interested in the story of Hammurabi As with many Kindle books, the editing proofreading is very poor.

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Babylon - The Concubines Son (Babylon #1) download Babylon - The Concubines Son (Babylon #1) , read online Babylon - The Concubines Son (Babylon #1) , kindle ebook Babylon - The Concubines Son (Babylon #1) , Babylon - The Concubines Son (Babylon #1) 19e4f5f3bd23 In Bronze Age Mesopotamia Hammurabi Narrowly Escapes Babylon With His Life After His Half Brother, Zuuthusu, Murders Their Father And Seizes The Throne Although Only Sixteen, Hammurabi Manages To Raise An Army To Overthrow Zuuthusu Using Diplomacy And Innovative Tactics, He Then Defeats The Neighbouring Kingdom Of Eshnunna, Which Has Given Refuge To Zuuthusu, But His Brother Escapes Again, This Time Into Elam Hammurabi S Marriage To The Feisty Princess Of Eshnunna Creates Problems At Home, But He Finds In Her A Soul Mate Who Shares His Dream Of A Single Kingdom To Replace The Plethora Of Small City States Which Are Constantly At War With Each Other Surrounded By Powerful Neighbours, Including The Assyrians, The Hittites, The Sumerians And The Elamites, He Employs Astute Diplomacy, As Well As The Judicious Use Of Military Force, To Make Babylon Into One Of The Most Powerful Nations In Ancient Mesopotamia And A Springboard For His Later Conquests Zuuthusu Uses Every Trick In The Book To Frustrate Hammurabi S Ambitions Until, Defeated On The Battlefield Once , He Flees Into The Mountains And Heads Towards A Final Showdown This Is The First Of Two Novels By H A Culley About The Fascinating Life Of Hammurabi, The First Emperor Of Babylonia, Who Was Also The Creator Of The First Written Code Of Laws In The Ancient World, Several Hundred Years Before The Ten Commandments