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EFT explained EFT , review EFT , trailer EFT , box office EFT , analysis EFT , EFT b447 Tapping Is One Of The Fastest And Easiest Ways To Address Both The Emotional And Physical Problems That Tend To Hamper Our Lives Using The Energy Meridians Of The Body, Practitioners Tap On Specific Points While Focusing On Particular Negative Emotions Or Physical Sensations The Tapping Helps Calm The Nervous System To Restore The Balance Of Energy In The Body, And In Turn Rewire The Brain To Respond In Healthy Ways This Kind Of Conditioning Can Help Rid Practitioners Of Everything From Chronic Pain To Phobias To Addictions In EFT EFT Tapping Scripts Solutions To An Abundant YOU Simple DIY Experiences To Prove That Your Mind Creates Your Life , The Book Lays Out Easy To Use Practices, Diagrams, And Worksheets That Will Teach Readers, Step By Step, How To Tap On A Variety Of Issues With Chapters Covering Everything From The Alleviation Of Pain To The Encouragement Of Weight Loss To Fostering Better Relationships, Janet Evans Opens Readers Eyes To Just How Powerful This Practice Can Be Throughout The Book, Readers Will Be Provided With EFT Tapping Scripts To Overcome Top Fears They Face In Life

  • Kindle Edition
  • 34 pages
  • EFT
  • Janet Evans
  • English
  • 13 March 2018

About the Author: Janet Evans

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the EFT book, this is one of the most wanted Janet Evans author readers around the world.

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    Interesting I am going to do this for a few weeks and see how I feel There is nothing to lose but negativity and I dont need that.

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    Very helpfulI liked this read because it was very simply explained and I could use the information right away Very helpful.

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    I had heard about EFT about a decade ago, but it was explained to me in such a confusing manner that I didn t pursue it It made my list of things to research but was low priority because I believed it would be difficult to learn and would require a bigger financial commitment to hire experts to train me than I d be comfortable or able tp spend This book has proved that to be false.The writing style is easy to understand, conversational and easy on the jargon to aid comprehension What jargon is included, is very well explained There s a few images to illustrate concepts or placements that is easier to understand visually This isn t literature, but when you want something explained, literature isn t necessarily the best method There were very few sentences I needed to read twice to completely understand, although I ll be referring back to the book as I develop this practice.There s only one thing in the book that kind of stuck in my craw and bothered me, and that s the assertion that acupuncture can be painful because of the needles People may have phobias about needles that make it difficult to do acupuncture, however acupuncture itself isn t really painful You might feel an electric senation or rarely a very small amount if pain and that s always been immediately resolved, in my case, by telling the acupuncturist who adjusts the needle Every acupuncturist I ve seen, and I ve seen many over the years, has explained that it should not be painful and to let them know if it is, so they can adjust it This however, is a minor squabble.Acupuncture is mentioned because EFT uses the same points, but you re tapping with your fingers as opposed to using needles This process doesn t require technical knowledge of all the exact points on the body, you re only using a few and by using all your fingers you re hitting the meridians the points are on, which makes this very user friendly and saves the cost of acupuncture.The book is divided into clear sections, the first deals with the actual process of tapping and is extremely clearly explained I went through the process many times, it s pretty easy to remember Just tapping alone actually felt good I felt a little lighter I ve been a raging ball of stress and anxiety and my headache felt a bit better So far so good I was eager to read on.The next section deals with the emotional aspect This is cool because as you ve releasing the negative energy, this ultimately replaces it with positive energy The book goes into detail about what to explore before you write your own or customize the script you ll be saying as you tap This was fascinating to me because it s a creative way of looking at your situation, isolating the cause, remembering how you felt in that initial moment and exploring various outcomes stemming from the initial cause Sometimes just getting that all straight and lokking at it clearly helps.The book goes on to explain that acceptance of yourself regardless of problems is vital to creating change This reminded me of some people that ve successfully lost weight how they said the first step was accepting themselves and only then did things come into line and finally work The author also highlights forgiveness as a necessary step in letting things go and moving on with your life That s a truism I ve heard many times and is important to remember and implement Also noted is the need to rate the severity of the problem so you can measure improvementThen the author gives 10 sample scripts that you can either customize or use as examples to make you own Also included are sample affirmations to use after the severity level of the problem decreases significantly It s suggested that you can further change the scripts as you move down the severity ladder to best address your situation I tend to like and be successful with things that are customizable because it gives you a layer of control and ownership of the process that seems to facilitate improvement These sample scripts are on topics that affect a lot of people, like phobias, addiction, decreasing pain, making healthy relationships, etc This gives you a clear direction on how to begin this practice And it is a practice you go through the tapping regularly till it s better and then you can move on to another problem, since many of us have than one I definitely recommend this book It s a terrific intro to the topic and you ll walk away empowered to start using EFT to help resolve your problems I did receive this book free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.

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    Great resourceGreat resource I really liked the scripts in this book I will be using them as a guide in creating scripts tailored to my issues.

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