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Tales from Longpuddle txt Tales from Longpuddle , text ebook Tales from Longpuddle , adobe reader Tales from Longpuddle , chapter 2 Tales from Longpuddle , Tales from Longpuddle c02a35 A Level Oxford Bookworms Library Graded Readers Retold For Learners Of English By Jennifer BassettTony Kytes Is A Favourite With The Girls But He S Not Terribly Clever If You Meet An Old Girlfriend And She Asks For A Ride Home In Your Wagon, Do You Say Yes And Then If You Meet The Girl You Are Planning To Marry, What Do You Do Very Soon, Tony Is In A Great Muddle, And Does Not Know How To Escape From ItThese Stories Are Set In An English Country Village Of The Nineteenth Century, But Hardy S Tales Of Mistakes And Muddles And Marriages Belong In Any Place, At Any Time

About the Author: Thomas Hardy

A Pair of Blue Eyes in 1873 In the novel, Hardy chose to leave one of his protagonists, Knight, literally hanging off a cliff staring into the stony eyes of a trilobite embedded in the rock that has been dead for millions of years This became the archetypal and literal cliff hanger of Victorian prose Excerpted from

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    A surprisingly good audiobook where Thomas Hardy has been adapted by for classes learning English.It is well read sometimes with a Dorset accent and loses none of Hardy s humour in the telling

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    1 Publisher Level Oxford 22 05 28 90minutes3 Seven word summery tales, Longpuddle, marriage, church, band, house4 a So there was Milly hiding in the front of the wagon, and Unity hiding in the back Hannah ran downstairs and got in beside him These scene are that Tony who is a favorite with the girls but not clever will be in trouble He tried to choose one girl who marry him He could decide one girl because other two girls ran away from him because of his stupid character b I like this scene It s very funny story How stupid he was I think boys shouldn t get old girlfriends ride on their cars when they ask for a ride if they have new girlfriend He tried to get advice from his father but he didn t accept the advice He was stupid again Finally, he was in trouble with three girls and two girls were ran away, and a girl who didn t leave was his fianc Therefore I think this is happy ending story.5 I like the word, tales, so I decided to read this book Tales are sound interesting This book has 5 short funny stories All stories are funny My favorite story is The church Band This story is actually sad story because the church band could t play no in the church They fell down asleep during long sermon They didn t start playing and after they woke up, played another wicked dance tune Therefore they have to quit the church band Ending is sad, but the reason is stupid and funny I think.

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    1.Oxford 2rating2.wagon, stranger, wife, drink, baby, band, house3.7 8 50minutes, 7 9 30minutes4 a I like the first story b This story is interesting and funny.5.This book has four short stories First story is about a lustful man Second one is about the marriage ceremony s day Third one is about the church band Last one is about the land Each stories are very interesting I enjoyed reading the book.

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