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    I loved the idea of utilising Sigil Magick an exceptional technique to working with ancient Egyptian deities seemed like a great idea.Also as a companion to Evocation through Sigil Magick it worked brilliantly

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    I saw this kindle book when I was browsing a few nights ago, trying to see what else can catch my eye Now this book is not large it is around 20 minutes or so, but it gives a nice amount of workings that you can do that will probably lead into a few months or of workings I always love books like this If they are small they pack a punch.It starts off giving some pertinent information of Bast Beset Ubastis Bubastis Shows her connection with Ra, her worshiping, and what she is known for and what she does.The next section shows how to conduct a simplified ritual to summon her, her altar, and how to do the sigil There are hint about incense and colors and beads, all for use with Bast The ritual is briefly explained as it is of your own choosing what you decide to do Afterwards there is the sitting in silence to absorb any and all information that you have received from her, to digest.The last pages of the book are different sides of Bast that you can invoke I never even thought about blending her with Planetary magick but it is very interesting and I can really see the benefits Bast can be summoned by the following planets for a few of the following aspects I will lit only three of the aspects None use for communion, intuition, illuminationSun contentedness, protection, unveiling secretsMoon serenity, mental strength, peaceful sleepMercury foresight, persuasive communications, intellectual inspirationVenus beauty, attracting a mate, serenityMars rid an enemy, strength energy, vitalityJupiter wealth, enthusiasm, protectionSaturn black magick, endurance, mystical inspirationEach summoning entails, uses, the time, candles, lamps and numbers Its all very useful and worth the couple bucks.

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Cat Magick download Cat Magick , read online Cat Magick , kindle ebook Cat Magick , Cat Magick 805961c02797 This Is A Small Manual On Evoking The Spirit Bast Or Bastet According To Some Of The Methods Outlined In My Other Work, Evocation Through Sigil Magick Bast Is An Ancient Egyptian Goddess Known As The Cat Goddess , As She Was Commonly Represented As Having The Head Of A Cat And Was The Patron Of Cats Here I Give Sixteen Sigils For Bast, Fourteen Of Which Correspond To Bast As Manifested Through One Of The Seven Hermetic Planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter And Saturn , And Two Of Which Are Sigils For Bast As A Totality