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Pretty Kings II pdf Pretty Kings II , ebook Pretty Kings II , epub Pretty Kings II , doc Pretty Kings II , e-pub Pretty Kings II , Pretty Kings II a3ca4188f4b The Pretty Kings You Love Are Back But They Are Not Alone The Kennedy Kings Have Resurfaced Only To Learn That The Women They Married Are Not The Same Scarlett And Camp Kennedy Continue To Have Marital Problems Although Their Troubles Stem From Past Physical Abuse On Scarletts Part, Their Issues Are Magnified Now That She Has Ngozi, Her Mysterious New Love Interest With All Of Her Troubles And Her New Baby, Scarletts Emotional Stability Plummets Bambi And Kevin Kennedy Try To Put The Pieces Of Their Marriage Back Together Although The Scars Of Infidelity And Secrets Of Betrayal Linger In The Air The First Thing He Wants To Know Is What Happened To His Beloved Aunt Bunny Add To That The Fact That He Has To Deal With Feeling Emasculated Now That His Wife Is Running The Kennedy King Empire Denim And Bradley Kennedy Seem To Have Not Missed A Beat In Their Marriage However, Denims Mother, Sarah And Her Heroin Addicted Sister Grainger Continue To Ravel Denims Happy Home When Bradley Makes A Single Mistake In Defense Of His Family Everything In Their Lives Change For The Worst Race And Ramirez Kennedy Are Back Together And Thanks To Carey, Their Vixen Love Toy, Their Sex Life Could Not Be Steamier Before Long Race Discovers That Shes Having A Hard Time Figuring Out Her Place In The Trio Operating As Muscle For The Pretty Kings Empire Is Not The Only Thing She Wants To Control As The Kennedy Family Struggle To Put Their Lives In Order, Drama, Turmoil And Tragedy Meet Them At Every Corner Will They Come Out As A Whole Or Is It Curtains For The Empire

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    T Styles I m not sure what I am going to do about reading this book I am about anxious to read the next book So many things going on here I m just wondering when the bomb is going to drop on this family.

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    Omg this book was off the damn chain it started right where book one left off at Those Pretty King Women were no joke It s crazy how Momma T can draw you into her books She is definitely that chick She writes master piece every time she put her pen to paper Now on to part 3 This is a 5 star banger with a question You will never be disappointed in anything she writes.

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    3.5 stars

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    Loving T Styles right nowBook two down now on to the thirdthese books are great leaves you wanting every time Another author added to my list

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    The girls are back with problems than a magazine has issues Bambi is now the head of the Kennedy empire and Kevin cannot deal with that and to top it off Cloud is blackmailing Bambi into having sex with him so that he will keep her secret Race is confused as to who she loves her husband or Carey and who does her husband love Carey or her and who does he love the most Race stands up for what she wants and all crap breaks loose Scarlet keeps scheming and proves to be an unfit mother but unfit to some maybe not to others Denim has the most pain in the book she is trying to be everything for everyone and not for herself and she pays for that the book is good not as good at Pretty Kings but good, will be reading Pretty Kings III next.

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    My, My, My T Styles went over and beyond this book is that FIRE Judging from the final pages, there WILL BE another installment to this series and I will patiently await for its release The PRETTY KINGS are ruthless than the KENNEDY KINGS ever dared to be The PRETTY KINGS will stop at NOTHING to protect the family and of course the CONNECT With Bambi, Race, Denim, and Scarlett running things NO ONE IS EXEMPT FROM GETTING DEALT WITH Simply put, I loved this book 5 STARS and I would definitely recommend this book to everyone

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    Denim, Bambi, Race and Scarlett are back, and have even secrets this time around Now that the husbands are back, there is trouble in the Kennedy camp, because everybody is vying for power I lost plenty of sleep rained this book and look forward to losing plenty with part 3 Once again, my hat is off to Author Styles for another job well done

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    This book was entertaining The characters are different But, there just seem to be situations that are implausible The whole Scarlett Ngozie plot line for instance Then the Denim Grainger Bradley saga When he broke her jaw OK But now her accusing him of rape too Over the top We ll see what the next one brings.

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    One of my fave author did the damn thing again PK2 was off the chain The Kennedy family have drama coming out the wazoo but still on top of their game Lots of secrets of its all coming out Can t eat to see what s up with Scarlett and her weird issue lol well the Russians calling roll and picking toe tags let s see whose up PK3 here I come.

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