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    Lucky Sevens amazed me It is better written than Robb It has grit and glamour than E Leonard Cynthia Vespia s only rival is Daniel Brown for action and suspense The male lead is not a man in a super hero costume He is a super hero in a man costume And the female lead is cut from the same cloth.If you want a book to heat up the wintery nights put down whatever you are reading and get into Lucky Sevens by Cynthia Vespia.

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    What city better epitomizes the struggle between good and evil, sinners and saints, than Las Vegas Sin City is the American capital of indulgences, of gambling, sex, drugs and alcohol Vegas is a hedonist s oasis, where the wealthy congregate, where power resides, where lives and dreams are made and broken It s where fortunes are won and lost, and where ultimate price is sometimes paid.Luck Sevens by Cynthia Vespia follows a motley crew of characters, each with their own journey, their lives intertwined by Saints and Sinners, a casino and main setting for our story.When casino owner, Charles Vega, is found dead, after appearing to have jumped from his suite at Lucky Sevens casino, the place is sold, rebranded as Saints and Sinners, and life goes on It s just another day in the city of sin.Luca Lucky Luchazi, head of security for Lucky Sevens, survives the transition and remains at his position Lucky s mentor, friend, and father figure, Vega, built Lucky Sevens from the ground up, and after Vega s death Though his job consumes much of his time, he bemoans the changes brought about by the new owners.The driving force behind the story is the power play between Eddie Zeder and his main headliner, magician Chris King Zeder, forced to drop out of law school by his father in order to manage the property, is at once out of his league, but has the desire to manage Saints and Sinners to finance his personal addictions to cocaine and later meth.King, who s own draw is beginning to wane, had been attempting to hijack control of the casino from the previous owner, only failing due to Vega s untimely death After the set back, King attempts to take the reins from Zeder, and a battle of wills ensues, one where not only egos are at stake, but lives are seen simply as collateral damage.Lucky is caught up in the in fighting, struggling to maintain order He is at odds with his boss, who he sees as a petty egotist, and King As the death count begins to rise, his own life is at risk, as he tries to get to the bottom of the situation Once Brooklyn, Lucky s ex, becomes involved, a woman who he still cares for and deeply loves, he knows that he must do what he can to protect her, while trying to protect his tenuous hold on his job.There s a lot of elements at play in this book Like I ve already mentioned, there s the war for control between Zeder and King, and their disregard for anyone who stands in their way to power There s Lucky s struggle with accepting his mentor s death and seeing old Vegas make way for the new There s the heartbreak of a failed relationship, and the lingering feelings between the two Add to it an element of black magic, and you have a recipe for a great book, or the potential for a mess.Happily, Cynthia delivers, offering a action packed, sordid tale of sex, drugs, and the pursuit for power In lesser hands, this would have been a belabored collection of stories that would have clashed, but Cynthia expertly manages to bring to this story to life.There were, I felt a few missed opportunities I would have liked to have seen the black magic angle play out a little , especially during the climax of the story I felt as though there was no denouement The action fell away, leaving me wanting .Still, this was a very enjoyable read The best stories invite you in, as if you are experiencing the action yourself I felt very much as if I were looking at the events unfold through Lucky s eyes The few negatives I found were minor, and are outweighed by the positives.As such, I would recommend this book if you like a compelling story This is very much a book with adult themes Sex features prominently a several key scenes They are written in a tantalizing manner, without becoming obscene Drugs and alcoholism are on display as well, but again, serve as a function of the story.The book is now on sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit the Colon Cancer Research Program at Cedars Sinai in honor of Cynthia s mother and father.For book reviews, check out

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    They never advertised the hidden corruption that was rampant in the casinos, on the corner bar, in the strip clubs everywhere Someone always had a hand in a pocket somewhere Dirty dealings were the norm Lucky SevensI love a good thriller and a sexy setting, with well drawn characters, and seriously fast pacing only adds to my enjoyment of the read.Lucky Sevens is a character driven thriller set against the smutty sin city backdrop Former Navy Seal and casino security guard Lucky Luchazi is tortured, by his addiction to booze and the ghost of his former boss, father figure Charles Vega, who plummeted to his death from his casino penthouse apartment.Now Lucky is barely able to hold onto his job and reality Then things go from bad to worse when his ex girlfriend Brooklyn, a naive stripper, whom Lucky still loves, is hired by Eddie Zeder, the mouthpiece and son of the wealthy absentee casino owner, who is a known womanizer and abuser.Realistic flawed characters, each with their own desperate drives and ambitions, in a plot that well illustrates the shadow of humanity addiction, voyeurism, murder, violence, crime, black magic, and using abusing others The bodies are piling up By the time magician s assistant Shea Stone takes a swan dive off a casino balcony, Lucky is determined to look out for Brooklyn, who is moving up in the Las Vegas entertainment scenes and has been hired to participate in the magic act at the casino s nightly show.The seriously fit, handsome, brawny ex SEAL, Lucky is also increasingly curious as curious as he can be given that he s a functional alcoholic whose main ambition in life is maintain his perpetual buzz about what is really going on at the Saints and Sinners Casino Struggling to fight his main personal demon, a penchant for the emotion relief brought by hard liquor, to escape his emotional pain, Lucky determines to get to the bottom of all the hush hush going on around at Saints and Sinners Casino Then top casino act star magician Chris King is burned in an accident, and goes into a coma, which may have been a set up Because, the minute King is hospitalized, crazed addict and woman beater, Eddie Zeder sets about seducing Brooklyn into starring as the headliner in a brand new sexual fantasy show involving simulated sex acts and sadomasochistic on stage rituals.Smitten with his good looks, faux charm, money and power, and caught up in a fantasy about having made it in Vegas, Brooklyn refuses to believe Lucky s dire warnings about Eddie Zeder And then things get really interesting.Lucky Luchazi starts to figure things out, who s behind recent murders and the extent of Zeder s evil, but just when he discovers the evidence he needs, to put Eddie Zeder away forever, he s caught, beaten, tied up and dumped in the desert to die Meanwhile, Zeder has Brooklyn in his grasp at last Will Lucky find his way back to Saints and Sinners in time to save Brooklyn, or, as she s always insisted that she can, will Brooklyn take care of herself It s down to the wire and you ll have to read the book to find out what happens Three parts zany or horrifying evil characters, obsessed with achieving their goals and dreams and one part surreal, Lucky Sevens is a sex and drug crazed sin city escapade, with a page turner of a plot that is unputdownable.Some of my favorite exchanges between characters in this book were those between Lucky and the ghost of Charles Vega, his former boss, mentor and father figure Although this is a thriller, the book has some truly comedic moments.The characters are well drawn and the plot moves fast Like Sin City itself, this book has a curious, almost seductive attraction for the reader that makes Lucky Seven a compelling read Think sexy, fast paced and dizzying desert heat Happy reading

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    I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Lucky Sevens by Cynthia Vespia Vegas means comedy, tragedy, happiness and sadness all at the same time Artie Lange From the author of The Chosen One and Phoenix Rising, comes this gritty thriller that transports you to Sin City where you follow along with Luca Lucky Luchazi who is just trying to make it from one day to the next, but gets dumped in the middle of a hot mess I love this book, but not only because of the action, humor and suspense, but because Miss Cynthia has created these characters that are so real They have real issues, and flaws and are so far from perfect they are relatable Lucky is an ex Navy Seal that has found work as the head of security at the newly transformed Saints and Sinner Hotel and Casino He s got anger issues, he drinks way too much and you just love him for it The object of his affection is Brooklyn Becker, an exotic dancer at the Diamond Dolls gentleman s club, the statuesque blond with a biting whit and a temper to match adds a flare of colour to this story This town is fast becoming an industrial waste land of crime and corruption Lucky Page 7 Boy did he have it right, especially when it comes to his new boss Eddie Zeder You love to hate him in everything he does I found on several occasions after young Eddie did something particularly troubling, I would have to put the book down and walk away for a minute He s arrogant, manipulative, abusive and a coward when it comes to his father Several other characters round out this intriguing cast such as Chris King The King of Magic, Bobby Bradley the hefty Texan and drug mule and many others After reading anything I ask myself several questions What did you like best or least about this work and did the author achieve their goal My gut rings out with a resounding YES Yes, I think the author achieved their goal, Cynthia has created a world that is so easy to escape into Waltzing thru Lucky s mind and hearing his thoughts, listening to his stories about the good old days, feeling the emotions of Brooklyn as she realizes that she still loves Lucky, hating Eddie and Chris King for their actions and intentions I think I liked best that Miss Cynthia didn t pull any munches here In Conclusion I would definitely suggest this book to anyone It s got aspects to engross all Love, lust, loss, murder and mayhem, magic and secrets Not everyone gets lucky in Vegas.

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    I went back and forth on this rating I started with a three but ultimately had to land on a two and a half I read this novel as part of the Goodreads Reviewer s Association Cynthia Vespa has the framework of a good book here A good foundation and skeletal structure but at times the inner workings are left undone or rushed for the sake of the plot Part crime drama, suspense and part supernatural, Vespa has created some stock characters and some new characters that do leave the reader interested The main character, Lucky, head of security at the Saints and Sinners casino in Las Vegas, is a tortured soul An alcoholic who is still trying to piece together the death of his former employer and owner of the casino He is part veteran, part down on his luck, part detective and part film noir character The casino is under the management of Eddie Zeder, a young, coked out slime ball, running the casino for his mafia father Add Brooklyn, the tough stripper with the heart of gold and a main stage magician dealing with black magicthe story is bizzare but in some ways works As a reader I enjoyed the author s depictions of Vegas and its history, and was even willing to suspend disbelief and follow the mystical plotlinesbutthey were either often cut short or not established enough Some plotlines were rushed and some of the killings and ease of the body disposals didnt match the rest of the world she created I also was disappointed in Brooklyn often vascilating between this tough, no nonsense woman and a moment later becoming this wide eyed pawn to men that had half her intelligence Much of the violence came quickly without proper set up or narrated suspense and was then over as quickly as it appeared The story felt rushed in places but unfortunately, once the action subsided you just were left with the same repeating plot or the same characters making the same choices I wanted to like this than I did.so I think there is a good start here, but the story and the character motivations need to be developed .

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    Luca Lucky Luchazi head of security, Lucky Sevens Casino, Navy Seal observed his friend mentors body Charles Vega Navy Seal They had been in the Persian Gulf War together Lucky s Italian mom dad had ties with the Mafia back in RI Charles Vega had had come to Las Vegas at a ripe age built his empire the Lucky Sevens Casino 100,000 square ft., 135 game tables from the bottom up The Casino was about to bottom up Las Vegas Metro PD Mel Harrison was also there Supposedly Charles had been thrown from the balcony Lucky frequent spot was Diablita s Bar Grill Marty s Melody Room inside the Lucky Sevens Casino Marty Cholmers was the bartender There specialty gimmick was eat free 2 burrito win a t shirt if you could Lucky was in the bathroom when he spotted a reflection in the mirror it was Charles they had quite the conversation Is Charles Vega really dead If so who whacked him What will become of Luca Lucky Luchazi Will Lucky Brooklyn Becker rekindle their past relationship What will happen to the Saints Sinners Hotel Empire owned by Gary Zeder ran by Eddie Zeder What will become of all the other characters Cool book cover, font writing style A look at the life of those that own those that gamble partake in what sin city offers A very well written sexy romantic fast paced book, easy to read follow from start finish, never a dull moment Lots of surprising twists turns A few grammar errors, but no out of line repetitive sequence sentences A great set of characters Could be the makings of a great R Vegas movie or as usual a TV series Very easy for me to give this book a rating of 5 stars.Thank you for the free book Tony Parsons MSW Washburn

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    Luca Lucky Luchazi former Navy SEAL now head of security at Lucky Sevens Casino Lucky admires his boss Charles Vega because of his old school attitudes are very similar to Lucky s Charles Vega takes header off his penthouse balcony leaving Lucky with questions than answers driving him to be functioning alcoholic Lucky Sevens Casino is under new management and new name Sinners and Saints run by Eddie Zeder Lucky gets strange vibe from Eddie Zeder but does his job anyway Lucky has been seeing Charles ghost lately Charles has been giving Lucky cryptic clues about his death which makes Lucky uneasy Brooklyn Becker, a dancer at Diamond Dolls strip club, has been searching for her ticket out of Sin City but has yet to get it in the four years she s been here Brooklyn thinks she s finally arrived by becoming apart of Chris King s act little does she know it s further from the truth Strange accidents are befalling key people at Sinners and Saints What do Charles messages mean Will Lucky stay out of the bottle long enough to find out What is Brooklyn s part in all of this Your answers await you in Lucky Sevens.We are shown different side of Sin City in Lucky Sevens grittier and dirtier than we could ve ever known otherwise I really admired Lucky, Marty, and Brooklyn as characters because they were the heart of this book and thensome I loved Lucky s old school attitude The characters were rich, bold, thoughtful, creative, and unique too I thought the writing was edgy and dark too I look forward to reading work from this author.

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    First, I want to say Lucky Seven is not a book I would have normally chosen to read I received the book as a gift for being the insert number th of people visiting a page or something like that anyway It took me a while to get into the book due to the format I ve received, PDF I set it down a few times before I decided to give it a try It turned out to be a nice surprise If I had known I d have loved the story as much, I wouldn t have waited that long.The author brings us behind the scenes in Las Vega, which gives the story a fun yet dark side not everything is glamorous in Vegas as we discover along with Lucky, ex marine and head of security at the Lucky Seven Casino The story has everything from murder, mystery, love, a little bit of magic, and even a ghost Highly entertaining, the characters, with their flaws, feel like real live people The writing is clear and descriptive without being overdone Overall, a great read I d recommend to anyone who loves a good mystery murder suspense story.

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    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway The characters were great The book was non stop with romance, magic, lust, murder, greed, and full of emotions I would recommend this book, I enjoyed it and found myself not wanting to put it down.

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    Very much enjoyed this character driven thriller Highly recommended.

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Lucky Sevens download Lucky Sevens , read online Lucky Sevens , kindle ebook Lucky Sevens , Lucky Sevens 4dd2daf7c5d3 Luca Lucky Lucazi Is A Man Who Lives For The Job, Until The Job Starts To Threaten His Life A Former Navy Seal, Lucky Is Ideal As The Head Of Security For Lucky Sevens Casino But When Major Names At The Casino Start Falling Victim To Deadly And Suspicious Accidents Lucky Must Find Out If A Crazed Killer Is On The Loose Now Lucky Must Fight His Way Through A Cast Of Eccentric Characters Only Las Vegas Could Spawn, And His Own Battle With Alcoholism, Before His Lover Brooklyn The Sweethearted Stripper Becomes The Next Victim But When Lucky Faces Off With Illusionist Christopher King, Endowed With Real Magic Powers, Will His Luck Finally Run Out A Portion Of All Proceeds From The Sale Of This Book Will Go To Help The Colon Cancer Program At Cedar Sinai Medical Center In Honor Of Charles And Leona Vespia