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Frozen Tides txt Frozen Tides, text ebook Frozen Tides, adobe reader Frozen Tides, chapter 2 Frozen Tides, Frozen Tides 201948 Rebels, Royals, And Monsters Wage War Over The Mytican Throne In The Shocking Fourth Book Of The Falling Kingdoms Series, From New York Times Bestselling Author Morgan RhodesEO Reeling After A Bloody Showdown In Limeros Ending With Amara S Abduction Of The Water Crystal, And A Vacancy In The Mytican Throne, Princess Cleo Must Cast Aside Her Feelings And Look Toward Her Kingdom With The Eyes Of A QueenGNUS With The Kingdom In Chaos, Princess Lucia Still Missing And Quite Possibly In Danger, And A Shocking Realization About Cleo, The Steely Prince Is Once Again Torn Between Love And Duty, Leaving Him Wondering Whether He S Strong Enough To Rule His PeopleCIA The Young Sorcercess Has Had Her Vengeance After The Cruel Death Of Her First And Only Love Heartbroken And Unable To Trust Anyone, She Allies With The Awoken Fire God, Who Also Seeks RevengeNAS After Escaping Death By The Skin Of His Teeth, The Defeated Rebel Along With A Mysterious Stranger Leader Reunites With Princess Cleo, Only To Find Himself A Mere Pawn In A Dangerous Hunt For The Elusive KindredNG GAIUS Abandoned By Melenia And Betrayed By His Own Children, Gaius Flees Mytica And Sails To Kraeshia, Where He Attempts To Ally With The Famously Brutal Emperor Across The Silver Sea

About the Author: Morgan Rhodes

Morgan Rhodes lives in Ontario, Canada As a child, she always wanted to be a princess the kind that knows how to wield a sharp sword to help save both kingdoms and princes from fire breathing dragons and dark wizards Instead, she became a writer, which is just as good and much less dangerous Along with writing, Morgan enjoys photography, travel, reality TV, and is an extremely picky, yet vor

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    You know, the first half of Frozen Tides didn t pull me in right away but the second half HOLY CRAP SO GOOD SO FREAKING GOOD Plot twist after plot twist after plot twist Cannot wait for the 5th book 4.5 5 stars I also don t know where I put the dust jacket for this book.fail.

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    All magic comes with a price A price that is never revealed until after the damage has been done Once Upon A Time anyone I don t know what s the price Morgan Rhodes has to pay for her magic and shamelessly, I don t care Because no price will ever be enough for such a mind blowing, engrossing book as Frozen Tides.Of course, paying for my therapy would be greatly appreciated because I m pretty sure thisisn t normal reaction for a 23 years old girl who stayed up all night reading Frozen Tides instead of studying for her LLM But then, having a list of 50 book boyfriends that includes dark princes and aliens is not normal either Because if you don t choose to fight against the wrong in the world, then you are the wrong in the world In Frozen Tides, everyone fights for something Power, love, justice, redemption, revenge, freedom, a place in the world They fight against something Corruption, their inner demons, their enemies, their families, their past They use a variety of weapons Magic, betrayal, scheming, deception, swords, arrows, brain, their bare hands They forge alliances They lose loved ones They search for the elemental crystals They try to protect their countries and their hearts In a world where nothing can be taken for granted, Cleo and Magnus and Lucia and Jonas try to find their strength and their purpose, and their journey is full of blood, misplaced trust and love.Frozen Tides is my favorite book in the Falling Kingdoms series The most astonishing thing about it was that Morgan Rhodes made me feel a pang of sympathy for the most cunning and devious characters, the ones I wanted to hate and I actually hated at some points She made me love Felix he s going to die, isn t he , and understand Amara, and find a glimpse of humanity in Gaius She made my mouth drop and my eyes pop like a cartoon with the shocking relevations and plot twists, she made my head spin and my heart overwhelm with all kinds of emotions, and she gave me the most precious gift The one I ve been waiting for months and begged the book gods to deliver.MAGNEO She was his princess No She was his goddess With her golden skin and golden hair She was his light His life His everything.He loved her than anything else in this world tries to get rid of goofy smile and lovey dovey eyes mission failed doesn t care Besides my ship, many other extraordinary things happened in this book I finally grew fond of Jonas Surprised Me too Perhaps it s because he stopped pining over Cleo back off Magnus goddess dude , perhaps because he became mature and tried to make up for his mistakes and failures, whatever s the reason I actually like him And Lucia well, I still believe she needs therapy but towards the end she started behaving like a human and less than a menace who wanted to hurt everyone because she hurt Character development Check Spectacular plotline Check Constant heart faltering Check Happy Katerina Check Well done Morgan Rhodes

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    Reread They freaking killed one of my favorite characters And NO, I m not saying who, but I certainly want to kill them all So, Jonas is still bumbling around getting a few things done here and there But mostly getting saved by Lysandra and a new character named Olivia Magnus and Cleo are off in another place where Magnus is sitting the throne since that s what Prince s do and such Of course his father will probably kill him, but that s neither here nor there I love Magnus and Cleo I was on the fence with Magnus for some time but he has redeemed himself in this book And Cleo is just the best ever Some things I wanted to happen did happen, at least it seemed like it happened I will see in the next book Lucia has gone over to the dark side when she lost her love in the 3rd book She s kicking around with some jerk named Kyan He s a you thought I was going to tell you Heh He s an arse as well that needs to be hulk smashed Some rather strange but good turn of events happened Geez, this review is starting to sound like some rambling mystery that isn t making sense But, I can t write a normal review when I can t spoil anything so deal with it And I can t believe that Lucia is what s going to happen with that Omg Oh and freaking Amara is worse than she was before I can t stand her To the nth people I mean she did have a sucky childhood because her people believe if royalty has a baby girl they should be killed Seriously Good thing she has a wicked smart grandma But even still, she s beyond hating on peeps and life and wanting it all She might just get it all if people don t look out On to the next book on tiptoes I think there are two coming out after it so what all is going to freaking happen with all of those books I think everyone and everything will be killed and then it will say THE END I hope not Ooops, I was going to leave a couple of funny little excerpts to lighten the mood Even though Magnus believed this boy was well overdue for a painful death, he had to admit that Nic did occasionally amuse him You might do well to consider the possibility that I don t care what my father says, he said, taking another swig Just how long have you been drinking here tonight, Cassian Nic waved his hand flippantly Long enough not to care what happens next I should kill you now, really Just stab you with this dinner knife Until you re good and dead Yes, well, the feeling is mutual Now, shall we pick something worthy to drink tonight No wonder it s such a repulsive mess Olivia shook her head Fine Yes, I will make some fresh healing mud since it is a perfect substance to hold earth magic First, I ll have to find a cow Jonas was too weak to fully express his impatience for her to start, but this was truly unexpected Why do you need a cow What do you think the mud is made from she asked, a glimmer of amusement in her emerald eyes Cow dung is a common ingredient in many earth magic concoctions She left the building without waiting for a response Jonas stared after her, stunned She means to heal me with cow dung Lysandra patted his good arm And you re going to let her ON TO THE NEXT MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    EDIT 1 1 16I loved reading this and OMG MAGNEO CANON YASSS but unlike the other books, it didn t feel like there was a definite goal in this one It felt like a bunch of events that could have been a buildup to an actual goal, like defeating Limeros in book one or finding the Kindred in book 3 However, I still enjoyed this one and I still absolutely love the characters of this series They ve all developed very well and they feel like real people Cleo is legit so in control of her life i can t even.I m so sad for Jonas because no one deserves to have that much bad luck.Magnus is my baby Everyone wants to kill him but he s actually such a cutie and people jUST DON T SEE THAT.Luciahad some serious character development, let s just say Her growth is believable though, and she s a much complex character than she was.Lysandra deserves better.Bless Nic because bisexual representation and he s a pretty good character ASHURi should not care as much as I do for Amara view spoiler As a side note, ASHUR WHAT THE HECK WHAAAATAnd Lysandraaaaaaa But if Ashur can come back to life, maybe Lysandra can too Please Morgan Rhodes Also maybe Jonas and Olivia Or.Felix and Olivia hide spoiler

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    Re read January 2018 Still my favorite in the series And rereading this solidified Amara as my favorite character This exceeded my expectations which is impossible because my expectations were at an all time high By far my favorite in the series

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    SOMEBODY TATTOO CHAPTER 31 ON MY FUCKING FACE AND BURY ME WITH IT I AM SCREAMING AND I AM DECEASED GOODBYE AND GOODNIGHT, I LL JUST DIE NOW HOLY SHIT PRE REVIEW here are some ideas Rhodes should steal from me Lucia never opening her mouth Jonas can either die or never again be mentioned in the series Lucia should probably die and so should Jonas Magnus and Cleo are a ship They should kiss a lot They shouldn t die thanks

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    Morgan Rhodes, you never disappoint I thought nothing could dethrone Rebel Spring, but Frozen Tides proved me wrong This book is everything I needed and .As per usual, this novel doesn t shy away from Falling Kingdoms edgy premise From its rich and detail world building, bloody politics, conspiracy, rebellion, romance, the portrayal of justice, and how there is an ocean difference when it comes to monstrosity and beauty.Frozen Tides opens up where Gathering Darkness wrapped it off Cleo and Magnus is in shambles after what transpired in the temple They are guilty of treason of opposing the King of Blood While, Jonas and Lucia is in pursuit to hunt the ambiguous Kindreds.Frozen Tides is by far the best installment of Falling Kingdoms It is radical and progressive by all accounts Rhodes added two point of view to our usual four key players, Felix and Amara Compared to its predecessor s line up, I find the additional chapters, much engrossing to read It s very clear their part has a vital contribution to the plot Of course, it is only natural that I would favor my beloveds.For everyone who was disappointed with the turn of events in Gathering Darkness, you will be pleased to read Frozen Tides Some of the plot holes were addressed in this book This book also explore the vast, rich nation that is completely out of Mytica s border Readers will get the chance to see the distinct contrast between Mytica and its outsiders.While, I love the calculated political aspect of Frozen Tides I have to admit, the best element of this series will always be its characters, most importantly my favorite bunch, Magnus, Cleo and Jonas.Like most of Falling Kingdoms predecessors, Rhodes didn t set the romance to take reign of the plot There is just an ample amount of Magnus and Cleo s interaction Though, I horribly wish there is But, if you are a Magneo shipper, you still wouldn t be disappointed One thing is guaranteed, Morgan Rhodes is the queen of writing angst.What really happened in this book tbh Here s a snippet of my favorite scene.He sighed aloud Why do I both to speak with you at all We ll never see eye to eye on any subject Perhaps it s because you have no one else to talk to The insult landed with a sting that he didn t expect A muscle in his scarred right cheek twitched How true No one knows me like you do, princess She looked at him with a furrowed brow That was unkind of me to say The truth is never unkind, princess It s liberating Now, if you ll excuse me Magnus turned and walked away from her before she could reply.We need to see proud bisexual characters in any form of genre I am virtually tipping my hat right now All I know is I ve never felt that way, ever, for His jaw tightened I don t know Cleo I can t explain it, not even to myself I ve liked girls all my life, and I know I haven t only been fooling myself Girls are pretty and soft and amazing What I felt for you, especially for you. that wasn t fake or lie I told myself It was real But with the prince I don t know what to think It s not as if I ve undergone some massive change and now want to kiss every boy that crosses my path But you liked him Perhaps than liked him He rubbed his hand through his short red hair I barely knew him, Cleo But what I d begun to feel, it Didn t feel wrong The only thing I didn t liked about this book is that the new villain is a character of color It doesn t bode well with the lack of racial representation But, I m glad there s an additional heroic character of color to balance things out.Though, overall Frozen Tides deftly set up another bunch of knots to untie in the follow up sequel I m thoroughly excited to see where is Rhodes s head at Falling Kingdoms is a high fantasy series, you should be tuning in.Review is also posted at Hollywood News Source You can listen to my Falling Kingdoms fanmix in 8tracks And see the full tracklist tumblr.

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    This book honestly annoyed me to no end. But I m assuming that was the goal that Morgan Rhodes was trying to achieve so therefore, Frozen Kingdoms did its job well lol.So much happened in this book but all I remember is MAGNEOMAGNEOMAGNEOMAGNEOMAGNEOAnd yet, it s still not enough MAGNEO. But other than that, all I have to say is that as much as I enjoyed this book, Gathering Darkness is still my favorite book in the series thus far However, Frozen Tides was every bit as exciting as I thought it would be and the long wait surely paid off in the end If you loved the previous books, then you will definitely enjoy this one as well because aside from the boring POVs we have to endure, Frozen Tides is every bit as action packed that you could hope for with a sprinkle of plot twist here and there.I m hoping that the next book and the last are going to be longer than the previous books because I want MORE Morgan has a lot of explaining to do lol P.S SHOOT ME NOW BECAUSE THIS MEANS I ALREADY HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER YEAR FOR THE NEXT BOOK.DON T DO THIS TO ME.

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    Re read 7 10 17 Fuck you guys this was still so damn good I can t wait to finally carry on with the series now WHAT S GONNA HAPPEN SUSKSHAJZAJOriginal read 12 16 16 FUCK ME YOU GUYS THIS SHIT WAS SO WILD WOW THAT LAST CHAPTER WOW Okay but really though this book was such a stand out in comparison to the rest of the series SO MUCH HAPPENED I m so hot for Magnus I can t even

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