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Gathering Darkness pdf Gathering Darkness, ebook Gathering Darkness, epub Gathering Darkness, doc Gathering Darkness, e-pub Gathering Darkness, Gathering Darkness 08c30793896 In GATHERING DARKNESS, Book Three Of The New York Times Bestselling Falling Kingdoms Series, The Stakes Have Never Been Higher As Three Teams Push Forward On A Race To Find The Kindred, The Four Elemental Crystals Possessing Ancient All Powerful Magic, First Prince Magnus Has Just Witnessed Torture, Death, And Miracles During The Bloody Confrontation That Decimated The Rebel Forces Now He Must Choose Between Family And Justice As His Father, The Cruel King Gaius, Sets Out To Conquer All Of Mytica All Gaius Needs Now Are The Kindred The Four Elemental Crystals That Give Godlike Powers To Their Owner But The King Of Blood Is Not The Only One Hunting For This Ancient, Storied Magic THE KRAESHIANS Join The Hunt Ashur And Amara, The Royal Siblings From The Wealthy Kingdom Across The Silver Sea, Charm And Manipulate Their Way To The Kindred, Proving To Be Ruthless Than Perhaps Even The King Of Blood Himself THE REBELS Forge Ahead Princess Cleo And Vengeful Jonas Lead Them, Slaying With Sweetness, Skill, And A Secret That Can Control Lucia S Overpowering Magic All So They Can Use The Kindred To Win Back Their Fallen Kingdoms THE WATCHERS Follow Melenia Out Of The Sanctuary They Ally In The Flesh With King Gaius, Who Vows To Use Lucia S Powers To Unveil The KindredThe Only Certainty In The Dark Times Is That Whoever Finds The Magic First Will Control The Fate Of Mytica But Fate Can Be Fickle When Magic Is Involved

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    I honestly don t know where this series is going to gothat s why it s so good Gathering Darkness wasn t my favorite book in the series but I m excited for Frozen Tides

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    Re read in audio to finish the series Still loving it There are a few people in this book that made me rage You have King Gaius who is beyond And what he did to Gregor in front of Lysandra I CAN T EVEN Another one I didn t like was Melenia She was just evil and did stupid stuff over what she thought was love AMARA Her and King Gaius can be thrown on the same fire pit I m on the fence with Prince Magnus, I mean he did one good thing for Cleo I love Cleo by the way she s so strong and her character is easy to like And I love Lysandra and Nic.Jonas, he s a nerd but he tries lolFelix hmmmI want to know about the Kindred and what s going to happen when they all get the crystals Sounds all crazy doesn t it There s kingdoms that hate one another, naturally Magic, betrayal, love, and some other crazy going on Alexius and Lucia sob All I know is that I hope some evil people get theirs in the next book, or the next one, or the next one You get what I mean Her magic burned withing her, her ring blazed on her finger, but despite the pain and suffering of this night, she d never felt powerful in her entire life Will you help me he asked again when silence fell between them.He was dangerous she felt it down in her very soul The price of this young man s freedom would be forged from pain, death, and fire Yes, she said The single word sealed her fate Standing there on the steep Limerian cliffs, she was ready to watch the world burn. and thus it begins .MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    DNF 28%So here is the fucking deal.I have suffered I do mean REALLY SUFFERED with this series I cannot deal with these paper fucking thin, shallow ass, completely not even worth my time, dumb as fucking dirt characters. I cannot deal with this boring as hell, killing off characters left and right for shock value, completely derivative of every fantasy book ever plot. I cannot deal with this childish, who even edited this, are we sure someone actually fucking edited this writing. I don t even have the vocabulary to express how much I despise this series Regardless of how much I didn t enjoy these books, I had the best time reading this with my lovely pals Frankie Kaylin Rachelle Jeremy BentleyBut this is the end of the road for me I can t take it any I honestly want these books out of my house as fast as possible Read at your own risk.

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    Craziness My mind was blown in those last 100 pages so many twists so many feels. I can t even with this book It is definitely my favorite out of the series so far LOVE these books to pieces 3 I cannot wait for the next one

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    See this review and like it on www.bookbastion.net __________Break out the bubbly for me friends, because I have finally escaped finished, this pure torture book Cut to me, wondering where all the glowing reviews for this series come from, because I just don t get it There are so many better written YA series out there that I would recommend over this one, because this one s got problems It s derivative to an extreme Every plot point and character outline is lifted directly from Game of Thrones You ve got incestual siblings and their mean old dad who runs the world You ve got the downtrodden Stark daughter who has been separated from her family and you ve got the pure hearted do gooders rebelling against those in power In this book, everything is painfully simplified There is no nuance to Morgan Rhode s writing When she wants you to know that a character s a bad dude, it s going to be telegraphed 14 times in earlier chapters before the big reveal so that there s absolutely no surprise When she wants you to sympathize with a character she s going to give that character a stock scene where they pour their heart out in an overly sappy monologue that fairly screams love him, which only made me dislike them even It feels like there s no heart or soul to this series No moral lessons underpinning the plot to make this series worth reading It s poorly plotted events and poorly drawn characters randomly bumping into each other over and over again and sometimes killing each other, which might be entertaining if it was well written Spoiler alert it s not, so it was painful to read And not just for me either The Fantasy League I was reading this series with fell apart trying to get through this book It wasn t from lack of trying but rather a lack of a reason to care This series killed off all our interest one by one like some horror movie slasher By the time I finished it was like I d just crawled out of the woods at the end of the movie, and I didn t even get an I survived t shirt to make it worth it I have to rant about the LGBT rep in this series In my review for Rebel Spring, I brought up some issues with a particular male character who was revealed to be bisexual For the record, it was not the fact that this character was revealed to be bisexual that annoyed me It was the way the reveal was treated shoehorned into the final 30 pages of the story and the way it played out read like sexual assault of an intoxicated character, rather than a romantic reveal.Regardless, because Rhodes had already committed to the storyline at the end of the last book, I went into this one looking forward to seeing how it played out It s than disappointing It s badly handled and almost offensive to me as a gay man, because it s pretty clear Rhodes had no intention of showcasing a M M romance in the same way she does her straight pairings Keep in mind, at this point in the series Cleo has kissed every leading male character, including some of the ones that are now dead Straight characters hook up left, right and center in this series while the M M relationship stagnates and the characters dance around each other, never saying what they mean or expressing real romantic feelings for one another Frankly, It s not even a M M relationship It s a subplot that was shoehorned in for diversity rep by an author who clearly had no intentions of showcasing it in the same way as she does her straight relationships It s like someone told Morgan Rhodes that LGBT rep was profitable in the YA community and included the storyline only to draw in those readers, with no real intention to ever do anything with it To drive that point home, view spoiler she kills off one of the two involved in the relationship at the end of the book before their true feelings are ever discussed hide spoiler

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    Q A with Morgan Rhodes and you could win the whole Falling Kingdoms series, postcard set and a tshirt in Young Adult Hollywood Wait a second. I need to calm the rapid thumping in my chest Okay Here we go.Falling Kingdoms is one of my favorite series and its sequel Rebel Spring is by far my favorite book for so many reasons It cemented my love for this series And here comes the Gathering Darkness, this book is without mercy the most goriestIt is cruel and there would be a princess, a rebel and a prince kissing but they don t live happily ever after They are still at war I wouldn t highlight the book closely, in fear of spoiling the whole book to our dear readers and my friends I ll be very vague as I could be.Gathering Darkness quickly follow up where Rebel Spring wrapped up In this third book, everything escalated so fast, there was a whirlwind of disaster, romance and action It was relatively easy to get lost into Rhodes s luscious but brutal world.Our main characters are back and they are sassier and baddest than yesterday Every one of them is craftily written and layered as expected from Rhodes There is nothing interesting than seeing all of the main characters together having a fiery banter so I hope that would happen in the next couple of books.The romance doesn t take over the plot, it is not the entire focus of the story I don t know if that s a good thing or bad thing for some of the readers, but all I could say is I want kissing I definitely vote for .The plot is intricate and there are so many twists every chapter It is not a perfect book, I have a one problem with it, but aside from that Morgan Rhodes outdid herself again AND THAT ENDING Spoiler It does not end well.Gathering Darkness is such a great addition to the intense and magical series that is Falling Kingdoms I am eager to see how the next couple of books would play out.Review also posted at Young Adult Hollywood Thanks to Morgan Rhodes for the ARC Edited September 20, 2014.Cleo and Magnus have sexual tension than I can actually deal with THEY NEED TO HIT IT OFF AND STAY MARRIED FOREVER IM SORRY JONAS

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    Believe in magic.Believe in the impossible I do believe in magic.I do believe in the impossible.I believe in acts of courage and kindness even when is seems a lost cause,I believe in the knight in shining armor whoever that legendary rescuer might be,even myself ,I believe that no matter what the good will prevail,and thanks to Gathering Darkness,I believe that even the most hideous actions,the most desperate and lost heroes can be redeemed When the sorceress blood is spilled,they will finally rise.And the world will burn The world will burn leaving nothing but ashes,but no one is willing to stop searching for the elemental crystals.As we learn about the godesses and the reasons behind Melenia s interest in the world of the Mortals,Magnus is trying to deal with the devastated truths that were revealed to him,Cleo to reclaim her kingdom,Jonas to keep the resistance alive and Lucia to fight the gathering darkness that tries to consume her.The Kraeshian royals seem determined to find the Kindred for themselves,the Watchers are divided and the people of Mytica still suffer under the cruel rule of the King of Blood Blood is the answer to everything. Hatred is like fire.It burns the one who harnesses it.It s also extremely hard to see helpful truths through its flames Even though the third book of the Falling Kingdoms series started off rather slowly,it truly compensated in the last chapters.I could hear my heart pounding loudly in my chest,my jaw was clenched and I tried really hard to deal with the numerous deaths and revelations and the choices some of the heroes made.Morgan Rhodes can cause some strong emotions and make her heroes become a part of your universe,to make you concerned about them and their future,and share their feelings.There were many interesting characters and most of them died,obviously and she effortlessly prepared the road for an intense next book until the release of which I will suffer,again obviously Some sought revenge against their mortal enemies with the edge of a sword Her plan for vengeance began with the edge of a smile. Cleo is developing her deception skills,she tries to manipulate and guide people towards her goal,despite the ache in her heart every time she has to pretend that she has made peace with the demise of her family and the loss of her kingdom.I still fiercely believe that her cause is the right one and that her heart is the purest,she actually came to care about Lucia and she fought to discover something good in Magnus There is no goodness inside of me princess,so please don t waste time fantasizing that there might be But there is.Igniting hatred in order to cover it didn t work for him,because Cleo got under his skin,and found out that he is selfish and selfless,mean and kind,all at once.Cleo and Magnus feel so wrong due to their past but so right at the same time,I don t know when it happened but I ship them.Hard.He will do the right thing in the end.I believe in him We both want to embrace who we are,we both want to stop being used by others and discarded at their will.We both desperately want control over our destinies,and revenge over our enemies Lucia my dear,your dream of being free of whoever tries to control you is fair,but you seriously need to consider visiting a therapist.He could help you with your anger management and your resentment towards everyone Everything he touched turned to ash Except saving Lys,Jonas didn t make a single right choice.If it wasn t for Cleo guiding him,he would wander aimlessly in Paelsia reciting how much he wants a better future for his people.The way he handled things with Felix is one example of said weak choices.December,you can t come fast enough.

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    WhWha t have I just finished This book has completely changed the direction of the series UNEXPECTEDLY AMAZING is just an understatement of what this book is view spoiler Sabina is Magnus s REAL mother I didn t like this Kindred, four elemental crystals which can give god like powers to the keeper, have found This is totally an unexpected thing I got from this book I thought we would get them in the second last or last book But NO Oh God I am sooo excited right now Princess Amara I didn t like her before in the series I thought she was useless At the same time I also had a speculation that she would must turn out to be useful Because Morgan Rhodes doesn t like useless characters Eventually I understood the role of Amara and pretty much liked it She is blunt Evil Has craving for POWER So far a good antagonist Felix was also an amazing addition I liked him very much I am very excited to read him further in the series I am liking Jonas and Lysandra together I humbly request to the author that PLEASE don t meddle with this I am liking how Magnus is improving I am eager to read how he will face his father in the next book after what he has done King Gaius took the back seat here, didn t appear or act that much So it was understandable that how this book was little less bloody Kraeshia is now a threat for Mytica Wow King Gaius deserves to face this hide spoiler

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