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    This is a collection of essays actually ideas about the play and its staging by someone who has acted and directed Shakespeare and is currently associated with the Michigan Shakespeare Festival, which his wife directs , as well as writing the Star Cross d series, which are a sort of prequel to the play After reading so many academic articles full of jargon these essays in informal natural English by someone who actually has to think about how the play works came as a relief The title essay is about the author s relation to the play and the research that lead to his novels, as well as explaining his take on the backstory The next essay explains that the play is a Comedy that goes horribly wrong at the end rather than a tragedy from the beginning interestingly, the article I read previously by Kiki Lindell comes to the same conclusion and was also written from the perspective of someone who has directed the play The other essays deal with staging of particular scenes, and gave me some things to look for as I see the play at the Utah Shakespeare Festival next week I would love to see one of this author s productions.

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    This collection of essays on Romeo and Juliet is a must read for anyone who loves Shakespeare David Blixt writes entertainingly of Shakespeare s play from the point of view of an actor and director He discusses Shakespeare s sources and several misconceptions about the play Some things I learned were that Romeo and Juliet isn t a tragedy, but a comedy gone horribly wrong and that there is no actual mention of a balcony in the play The famous Balcony Scene should be called the Window Scene instead Blixt explains how the staging actually works better without a balcony After you read this book, you will never look at Romeo and Juliet in the same way again.In the title essay, Blixt writes about his idea on the origin of the feud that Lord Montague and Lord Capulet were once best friends, but Lady Montague, who was once engaged to Lord Capulet, ran off with Lord Montague instead This idea inspired his masterful work of historical fiction, the Star Cross d series If you haven t read this series yet, I highly recommend that you do so, starting with the first volume, The Master of Verona Blixt combines the worlds of Dante and Shakespeare in an unforgettable way If you are already a fan of the series, these essays prove to be an insightful companion to it.

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Origin of the Feud - Essays on Shakespeares Romeo & Juliet download Origin of the Feud - Essays on Shakespeares Romeo & Juliet , read online Origin of the Feud - Essays on Shakespeares Romeo & Juliet , kindle ebook Origin of the Feud - Essays on Shakespeares Romeo & Juliet , Origin of the Feud - Essays on Shakespeares Romeo & Juliet b0b99f900f3e A Collection Of Shorts Essays On Shakespeare S ROMEO JULIET By Author, Actor, And Director David Blixt, Exploring The Comedic Nature Of The Show, The Famed Balcony Scene, And The Origin To The Capulet Montague Feud An Idea Which Sparked Blixt S Highly Acclaimed Star Cross D Series