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Setisia chapter 1 Setisia , meaning Setisia , genre Setisia , book cover Setisia , flies Setisia , Setisia 3c621c8adfe7c Young Hunter Tellimakis Is From A Small Community Existing In Complete Isolation From The Rest Of Humanity, Cut Off By Distance And The Natural Barrier Of A Great Mountain Range Aware Of His People S History, He Knows That His Ancestors Escaped From Their Country On The Far Side Of The Mountains During A Time Of Great Strife As Tellimakis Approaches Adulthood, He Is Consumed With Curiosity As To The Fate Of The Great Civilisation Left Behind By His Forebears, And Sets Off For The Huge Mountains In An Attempt To Rediscover The Ancient Kingdom Beyond He Finds Many Surprises On The Way, Not Least Among Them, The Charming Setisia

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    I enjoyed this storey different would recommend it

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