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The Fury chapter 1 The Fury, meaning The Fury, genre The Fury, book cover The Fury, flies The Fury, The Fury a349a0a97d6b3 The Victorian Gold Rushes Of The Early S That Lured Swarms Of Prospectors From Every Corner Of Australia And The Rest Of The World To Ballarat And Bendigo Are The Colourful Background Of This Dramatic Novel To Thifabulous Melting Pot Came Seventeen Year Old Sally May Lorne, Beautiful, Untamed, And Almost Alone In A Colony Where The Smouldering Fires Of Rebellion Were To Culminate In The Bloody Eureka Stockade This Is The Story Of How Her Fortunes Became Linked With The Montcains A Once Wealthy Family Now Down On Their Luck And Particularly Of Richard Temple, Husband Of The Strange Arlene Montcain

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