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Gay as Mardi Gras pdf Gay as Mardi Gras , ebook Gay as Mardi Gras , epub Gay as Mardi Gras , doc Gay as Mardi Gras , e-pub Gay as Mardi Gras , Gay as Mardi Gras 6192f391aea After The Demise Of His Relationship With His Childhood Sweetheart, Janey, Jesse Needs To Get Away His Nan Has Just The Thing A Month Long Cruise Around Hawaii And The Pacific Islands It Seems Perfect Until Jesse Realizes What Kind Of Cruise It IsA Gay CruiseSince Jesse S Roommate, Daniel, Is Recovering From A Broken Heart, The Two Decide To Buddy Up They Hit It Off, And With Daniel Now Jesse S Partner In Crime, They Explore The Boat And Participate In All The Fun Activities On Offer With Some, Ah, Interesting Results For Straight Boy Jesse

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    Before I start, yes, I know that this used to be fanfic However, I honestly couldn t tell what fan dom it was from and so I didn t mind that it was published For some reason, I have been lusting after this book forever It is kind of inexplicable I mean, why this one I think the cover got me interested and I loved the idea of a grandma knowing her grandson was gay before he did Super cute, right So I bought it And this book is adorable Just fluffy marshmallow fluff with some whipped cream on top I loved the easy, breezy sexiness of it It felt happy and light, just what I needed.Yes, the writing is a bit clunky and awkward at times, but you know what I didn t care I got my sweet, lovable GFY story and I m a happy camper.

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    On the fence on weather fanfic being published is just or not, I am sitting on it I still don t know how I feel about the process on a whole I did feel a bit fooled when I found out this was a Twilight fanfic, and was free on the internet I felt a bit ripped off, so I returned the title.Now for the story itself it was good, I enjoyed it for the simplicity of the romance I enjoyed the foolishness of the characters, and chaos of them falling in love.So if you don t mind paying for something that was free, just with different names I recommend this book.For me, I didn t feel right paying for it.

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    First things first, I liked the cover a lot, it ties in nicely with the boys enjoyment of sudoku and crossword puzzles and it s not the typical torsos on a cruise ship cover that usually graces these type of books Kudos.Jesse s nan is a riot, totally irreverent and funny She is sure Jesse is gay, as a matter of fact , she tells him he is gay as Mardi Gras Jesse doesn t believe her, he had a long term relationship with a girl, so he can t be gay.Once he is on the cruise his nan put him on, he notices fairly quickly that there are a lot of men on it, a lot of men making out with other men, and he starts to worry a bit.Jesse is the narrator of this story and his thoughts are funny and not always PC, but hey, your thoughts are your own He is relieved to find his cabin mate is Daniel, a great guy with whom he seems to have almost everything in common,and a really great friendship ensues on the month long cruise Slowly things heat up between the two, but at a very believable rate and since the friendship seems to be the focal point, is was believable to me They don t talk about what is happening and Daniel never pushes or confronts Jesse on what they do to and with each other In his mind Jesse is slowly working things through There is no angst or conflict really, it s of a slowly dawning realization, that at least for Jesse, Daniel is who he wants, not a label.The GFY aspect was explained a bit with the premise that people in Jesse s family fall once and fall hard I thought it was a funny, cute and entertaining short story A nice light read that left me smiling and wishing for an epilogue or a sequel, since the very hopeful HFN ending always leaves greedy me wanting .

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    Sigh Twilight fan fiction Because writing your own original fiction without sucking at Stephenie Meyer s teat is too fucking hard.Once fanfic, always fanfic Converting your OF is a weak and ridiculous excuse It s fan fiction Forever Changing names and writing words does not suddenly make it not fan fiction You just wrote fan fiction It s not that hard, guys.Oh, I forgot.And then

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    2.75A bit clunky and I m not sure about Jesse stereotyping gay men the way he does but it s funny in parts and seems a bit fairytale ish in that the characters don t really come across as real people to me Still it was cute even if I did cringe at some of the things that were going through the MC s head.

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    What a delightful book this was, so sweet and simple, yet so heartwarming, total keeper and 5 stars from meI absolutely LOVED this book.Jesse breaks up with his childhood sweetheart, the relationship going nowhere, and Jesse s Nan decides to send him on a cruise to help him make his mind up.she thinks he s gay, he s uncertain.so they go shopping for clothes etc., She tells him the Torrens men only fall in love once, you just haven t met yours yet He meets the ship at San Diego and of course discovers that it s a cruise for gay men He s freaked out, but as he s already on the ship, decides that he ll continue with it as it s his Nan s wish.He meets his new cabin mate Daniel, who should be on the cruise with his partner.until his partner decided to have a romp in their bed with 2 other men Daniel is shell shocked, Jesse fully understands this, and they both decide to get the most out of their situation The cruise continues for a month, and what happens whilst they re on board, you ll have to discover for yourself.This book was funny, the MC s were hot, there was obviously romance and love in the air And I loved the cover.what a change to find an m m book with a cover that you actually like

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    What a little cracker this story is I saw a friends review and was pulled to purchase and download it straightaway, and boy am I glad I did, because this is so delightfully sexy, romantic and fun I can honestly say, for pure lightweight enjoyment alone, its one of the best shorts I ve read for a longtime The premise of story is far fetched but Lily Velden writes it in such a lovely way that you find yourself not caring about that at all I fell in love with every character and just lost myself in it right up to its fabulous HEA Minimal angst, easy laid back style of writing and lovely smexy chemistry makes this a perfect sit back and just chill story Will it give you the warm and fuzzies Hell yeah In spades Keeper DEdit 11 01 14 Just had a really intense back to back reread and needed something to wind down with last night before I went to sleep This one fit the bill perfectly Second time round and I still adore this story by Lily Still 5 stars and still a keeper Makes me smile and gives me the warm and fuzzies. Engaging MC s, sweet story, plus great love scenes First read in March 2013.

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    Short and sweet, and not descriptive enough I have absolutely NO clue what either of these guys looks like Well, actually, considering this used to be Twific, I guess they look a bit like Edward Cullen and maybe Jasper I m not sure, because there weren t a lot of personality traits here either I also have no clue who was supposed to be which character This is where publishing your fanfic fails readers, because while fanfic readers know who these characters are supposed to be, and don t always need so much detail, non fic readers have no clue, we need the details, the descriptions, the personality quirks, and these two guys could have been ANYONE Tall, short, thin, built, blond, brunet, the only clue I have is that one of the guys has blue eyes I don t even know what they do for a living.I know one guy is just out of college, one guy is still in college, but they both speak a bit like old fashioned men, which I guess is of the Twific coming through They did NOT speak like guys in their early twenties.Edited to add Ok, I found a copy of the fic The original fic was only 9 PDF pages, so the author DID expand on the story a LOT Pity she didn t remember to add any character descriptions or than basic generic personalities FYI, the POV Jesse was from the Jasper character, and the other guy Daniel was the Edward character.

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    Thanks to Macky s review I decided to pick this one up I instantly fell in love with the characters Jesse and his Nan had me in stitches from the first page Any book that can do that to you in my opinion, must be good Jesse s Nana is such a wise old gal She has cottoned on to the fact her Grandson is as gay as Mardi Gras yet he thinks she is just completely bonkers So what does his Nan do to show she knows what she is talking about She books him on a gay cruise hahaha Yes only a loving Nana would do such a crazy thing lol I did feel the humour wasn t as good as the story went on which saddened me slightly, but the story and the slow relationship building up between Jesse and Daniel kept my attention till the end without it It is a short read but I thought the length fit this story perfectly If it had been any longer I think it would have dragged out too much So the moral of this story islisten to wise old owls as they may be right about some things Thanks Macky for inspiring me to read it I loved it mwah

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    Wonderful short story, fun to read, very engaging way of story telling Left me with a smile and I will definitely read by Ms Velden Hopefully soon.

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