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Networked (Argo, #2) files Networked (Argo, #2) , read online Networked (Argo, #2) , free Networked (Argo, #2) , free Networked (Argo, #2) , Networked (Argo, #2) e948f7772 An Argo NovelMajor Duncan Harris Is A Union Soldier Serving Aboard The Space Station Argo, Leading One Of The Station S Exploratory Teams He Is Quiet, Reserved, And Has Sworn Off Any Personal Relationships Since His Last One Ended Messily Besides, Working Closely With Various Team Members Makes Him UncomfortableOne Of Argo S Engineers, Dr Christophe Vabre, Recently Started Serving On Duncan S Team Chris Is Slowly Getting To Know Duncan, But Duncan Seems Determined To Keep Him At Arm S Length, And His Mixed Messages Confuse Chris When, On One Of Their Missions, They Discover A Piece Of Technology That Allows People To Share Their Thoughts, Chris Never Imagines He Ll Use It With Duncan Or That The Machine Will Reveal The Depth Of Duncan S True EmotionsDuncan Is Horrified To Find Himself Not Only Sharing His Feelings But Forcing Chris To Reciprocate His Advance Mortified, He Flees Chris S Lab But Before Duncan Can Discover The Truth, An Attack On Argo Forces The Station To Evacuate He And Chris Will Have To Team Up One Time If They Want To Save Their Home

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    3 1 4 starsReviewed for Hearts on Fire view spoiler When our story opens up, we find our heroes, Major Duncan Harris and Science Officer Christophe Varbe, under fire from aliens who do not take kindly to the arrival of the exploratory team from Argo, the team s home station in the Thessalia Galaxy Harris, a man used to hiding his feelings from his colleagues as well as himself, discovers he cannot deny his feelings when Varbe is in danger Reacting quickly, Harris drags Christophe Varbe out of danger then spends over half the book denying that he s in love with the man, not only to himself, but to his friends and colleagues both of whom think he s being an idiot.For his part, Christophe Varbe is interested in the new alien technological possibilities he s discovering than paying attention to Harris s strange behavior With each new piece of alien technology brought to the station by the exploration teams, Varbe sees new ways to integrate it into Argo s systems On a trip to the planet Alt, he and the rest of the team discover a new technology, called connectors, which allows the wearers to become essentially telepathic and part of what the natives call the great net.Varbe s tinkering with the connectors leads to the discovery that there are parts of the connectors have been out of commission for some time He reactivates the parts of the connector which have something to do with the DNA of the wearer and allows said wearer to choose to whom he wishes to send his thoughts It turns out that Major Harris is uniquely qualified to use the connector thanks to his genetic heritage It s during the testing of the connectors, however, that both men get a first real inkling that their feelings for each other are anything but platonic However, neither is ready or willing to deal with reality yet.Networked is one of those books which fall comfortably into the gentle and enjoyable end of science fiction known as space opera The technology here is written lightly and with an eye toward moving the story forward rather than trying to predict how it will develop and be used in the future such as would be found in hard science fiction Unfortunately, I do not think Ms Russett is very successful in explaining just how the DNA of a specific wearer makes the connector work Her description is very confused and muddied at best, which makes me think she was having a hard time explaining the process to herself.Though I enjoyed this book, there are number of points where Ms Russett misses an opportunity to deepen the story and explore an issue in detail At times you can see the paper behind the plot, it s so thin The visit to the Alt, for instance, could have led to a discussion to how the connectors have affected the culture and society of the planet with everyone able to communicate with each other via telepathy Though the people seem open and welcoming, there still a military like presence, which, even with common alien enemy which has plagued the Thessalia Galaxy, seems a little over the top for such an open culture they do not even blink when Harris team arrives for a visit.Mind you, there s nothing wrong with Ms Russett s focusing on the narrow confines of the story she wants to tell, mainly that of the connectors and how they affect the relationship between her focus characters, but there were missed opportunities throughout as a result In the end, this is a fairly light read The characters and plot are sometimes a tad too thin and the basic premise of the exploration teams and opening scene of this story is just a little too clich However, Ms Russett manages to pull away from that enough to make me care about the characters and curious enough to read the first book in this series, Catalyst hide spoiler

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    4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewshttp mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com This story is part of a series and best read in order Duncan serves as a leader of an exploration team for the space station Argo, as a Major in the Union military he swore off personal relationships and as such has distanced himself from one of the scientists when Duncan began to develop feelings for him Chris is one of Argo s engineers and scientist, he has recently joined Duncan s exploratory team and is slowly getting to know the man better and is still trying to understand why Duncan pulled back from him years before On a mission they discover technology that could prove useful and Chris and Duncan are the guinea pigs testing if it works, what they discover shocks both of them, but they have to pull it together when Argo is attacked and they have to work together to save the space station This is an excellent science fiction adventure Duncan keeps his feelings and emotions to himself, part of that is because of a messy breakup, so when Duncan began to realise that he was developing feelings for Chris he pulled back hoping to avoid the messy feelings, but when a mission goes wrong he discovers that Chris still snuck under his armour, and when they test some alien technology Duncan reveals to Chris than he ever wanted to Chris admires Duncan and was always puzzled that Duncan pulled away from their friendship, but being on Duncan s team is a new experience for him, and he finds it both exciting and scary When he discovers how Duncan really feels about him he is puzzled and excited, and it also makes him realise that what he feels for Duncan isn t as platonic as he always thought I must admit to having a soft spot for science fiction and although many people have compared Argo to Stargate Atlantis, I have to strongly disagree and say it reminds me of Babylon 5 which was around before any of the Stargates Duncan and Chris are two great characters, we met both of them in Catalyst as secondary characters, but in this one we see how their relationship develops and we get to know them both a lot better, Duncan is a guarded man, hating others to know how he really feels, wanting to always be in control and to come across as a steady calm man Chris loves his job and can get lost in it for hours he doesn t really care what others think of him and can be quite oblivious to those around him When Chris and Duncan final get together it s wonderful, it isn t easy for either of them though, especially as Duncan is very set in keeping his emotions hidden and Chris never thought someone like Duncan would want someone like him, but first they have to save a space station from a threat that they might never have known was coming if it hadn t been for an accident Ah, if you love science fiction, then you will love this storyline of new technology, surprise benefits of experiments and saving a space station I will recommend this to those who love science fiction, hidden emotions, a mysterious threat, alien technology, a great storyline and a happy ending.

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    Typically when I get a book I don t enjoy or I feel has significant flaws I m not inclined to publicly list those flaws A lack of reviews for a book speaks than one scathing review can, but sometimes I have to speak up Networked, by Claire Russett, has me speaking up The premise was good A classic science fiction trope with intrepid explorers on a science vessel setting out in teams to meet new species and cultures They manage to get their hands on some alien technology which wreaks some havoc but also manages to save the day Yeah, it s a deus ex machina ending, but should still be a good story In Networked the piece of alien technology allows the characters to not only read each other s minds but harness the energy of the mind and use it to power a space station Okay, I m willing to suspend my disbelief to allow for mind reading tech Then things go wildly off the rails.I m tempted to go into a long winded description of brain function, but really all I need to say is the climax of the book had the main characters creating something from nothing I think Claire Russett has the ability to write a decent book, but this is not it If you re going to write science fiction learn science It s not the flexible loosey goosey part of the story.Faye s full review can be found at Live Your Life, Buy The Book

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    Duncan Harris, a major in the union, has been working on the Argo Space Station since before its departure from union space A strict military man, Duncan finds it difficult to show emotions, making relationships a near impossibility.Chris is an engineer, or actually he is than that Dr Christopher Vabre is the second research engineer on Argo Joining Major Harris s team is an opportunity for him to explore the planets in this new area of space, allowing him to share and learn about new technologies.Visiting a planet with a thought sharing technology is too much temptation for Chris He just has to talk them into allowing him to look at it, and then experiment with it on Duncan.Duncan and Chris are an amazing pair in a very difficult situation Not everyone is able to venture into unknown space to build a space station, let alone build a relationship Duncan has a heart of gold, which everyone but him can see Chris is just so adorable you want to take him home I cannot wait to see what happens to the rest of the crew on the Argo space Station.Hollie Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance More

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    2.5 starsI like sci fi, don t get me wrong but this had too much technical detail that did not move the story forward or that was unnecessary to believe the situation The story felt repetitive and drawn out and then ended abruptly The characters felt like echoes of the first book s characters There wasn t much to differentiate the one group from the other I liked the world, and felt the book had potential but that it didn t really meet it.

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    Disappointing The two main characters just didn t seem to have that spark between them Story was very wordy and slow at first, before the plot actually started moving But without any charisma between the love interests, it just fell flat for me.

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    Enjoyed and will be reading again would have liked a little depth.

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    2.5 3 stars While I enjoyed the story, I didn t really feel the romantic relationship between the main characters.

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    3.5 Stars

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