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The Bug Out Bag summary The Bug Out Bag , series The Bug Out Bag , book The Bug Out Bag , pdf The Bug Out Bag , The Bug Out Bag 66eb584df0 When The SHTF Stuff Hits The Fan , Will You Be Prepared For It If You Don T Have A Bug Out Bag Ready, You Re Going To Waste Valuable Time Gathering Resources When You Should Be On The Road Having A Bug Out Bag Ready Will Allow You To Get On The Road Ahead Of The Sweaty Masses And Avoid The Mass Exodus Of People And The Associated Traffic Jams That Could Put Your Life At RiskThis Book Lays Out Everything You Need To Have In Your Bug Out Bag To Ensure Survival Even If You Have A Bag Ready, You May Be Woefully Unprepared For The Worst The World Has To Offer

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    Very goodThe author goes through a list of what you should have and why Also emphasises learning to use the equipment you take There us also a brief section on bugging out with your pet

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