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    This one was a bit of a cheesy hot mess Example, this is a story about two bear shifters Their names are Brian and Blakewait for itwait for itBrian Blake BEAR Get it, cause they are BEAR shiftersBRIAN was a douchnoodle of EPIC proportions Let me share some of his wonderful nuggets of douchedom As he spoke to Gwen, his eyes never left Susie s Brian was puzzled because she wasn t model material by any means, and he couldn t understand the feelings he had as soon as he saw her He d never been interested in someone who wasn t an absolutely gorgeous front cover model If someone asked him to describe Susie in one word, it would be cute She was his mate It explained why she smelt like his favourite food and he found her gorgeous when usually he wouldn t even glance her way No, honey, you smell like heaven to me We recognise our mates from their smell, and I was also attracted to you instantly even though you re not my usual type I usually only date models or women who could model Gosh, I don t know about you all, but I just CAN T figure out why Brian isn t up for mate of the year The we have BLAKE who likes his women THICK and he REALLY likes the women He s a manwhore extreme He sleeps with clients He fucks them in his office at the gym They are everywhere And we are told repeatedly about them Even the real estate agent that helps them find a house is one of the women he has slept with The heroine even forces him to apologize to the woman for not calling her after sleeping with her three times All the while he is sleeping with others at the same time..I mean WTF This poor girl really lucked out in the mate department let me tell you On top of ALL that the writing was choppy and ALL over the place Storylines were never resolved umm Taylor anyone Brian and Blake s mom is a bitch, then all of a sudden she isn t Ugh I can t believe I am going to even say this, but I am really tempted to read the next one just to see how craptastic it compares to this one.

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    1 WHAT THE HELL STARI was hoping for the same type of story as the last one I read from Hazel Gower entitled Ours, boy was I WRONG.This whole book just pissed me off The heroes are jerks and the heroine is just stupid and the whole story is inconsistent at best.I will not waste time going through all the ways this book SUCKED for me here As it s thanksgiving and I have wasted enough time reading this book Here is a small sample of the type of writing I am usually attracted to models, or women who could model but instead I am attracted to you OKAY so I am mildly paraphrasing here but he tells her how he has sex with hot girls and how they don t pick their mates They don t have a choice hereWFT Don t you just feel special here NOT I will not read it again and I don t recommend this book to anyone here.

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    Realizing that if she doesn t do something immediately, Susie is about to have to by a new wardrobe in a bigger size Deflated already, Susie joins a gym and happens upon Brian the co owner of Healthy Bodies Susie finds him attractive but completely out of her reach If she knew about bears and mates, she may not be quite so hesitant but Brian suffers from foot in mouth syndrome and it takes his brother Blake to smooth things over with the woman he realizes is his mate as well Susie however has her own plans and they don t include either of them.Very fun book for the first in the series Susie is a handful and Brian, oh Brian should have idiot tattooed on his forehead I could totally relate to Susie, love a good full figured woman book with shifters.

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    Before I begin let me state that I really liked this book, it s a solid 3.5 stars Having said that this story line was all over the place It s almost as if someone took the completed book and randomly pointed out that we need a spanking scene here, menage sex here and she should make them jealous somehow here Some of these scenes didn t fit the character personality at all Example Susie s first encounter with Blake he spanks her ass and tells her that he is in charge and she will obey, okay that s hotbut then a couple chapters later, she mouths off, goes off with her friends to a club, gets waaaaaay blasted and Blake s reaction isnothing He takes care of her during her hangover and yeah, that s hot too but there is no punishment for disobeying, in fact, Blake is a pussycat errr, teddy bear barring that first scene Then you have Brian, who doesn t usually go for the chunky chicasand tells her that Susie storms off in righteous indignation and thena couple of phrases later, all is forgiven Now I know that I have to make allowance, this isn t a full length novel and at under a hundred pages Hazel Gower only has so much time to devote to character developmentbutAnyway, rant aside this is a very decent book The sex is hawt and the men are hotter I love that Susie isn t a stick figure and actually has a few very normal to my mind at least internal freak outs because of her weight because it doesn t matter if you weigh 100 lbs or 500 lbs women tear themselves up at one point and time over some real or imagined flaw All in all Theirs kept my interest and aside from a few pet peeves of mine was a very hot, quick mfm read.

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    I met Hazel Gower at Indie Down under this year, Theirs is one of the last books I picked up for the day, I love Shifter stories, and I have not read too many bear ones, so I must say I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this story.Susie decides that she needs to lose weight so she joins a gym and signs up for a personal trainer, feeling embarrassed she hopes for a female trainer Brian takes one look at Susie and decides that she is his mate, which gets a bit hot because for her first session they are locked in his office and are up for some steamy fun, I did find this a bit strange as they have only just met, although they have extreme sexual tension because of her being his mate I find it out of character for Susie as she has no body confidence and here she is getting it on with an extremely hot personal trainer.As she is leaving she meets Blake, Brian s brother who is also her mate they all have to overcome their jealousy and lust to find a neutral ground for her new relationship.I did really enjoy this story, It was a fun read and I get the author was trying to write a story about a BBW, which is fine by me but I found the story focused too much on her weight I love the interaction between the brothers and the rest of the family and I am looking forward to reading ours, the next book in the Series.

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    My Rating ACCEPTABLE The characteristics of a 2 star story include a passable story but there was some element s that kept it from being a good story and, it won t make it to my read again pile I would consider recommending the book My Thoughts The story felt a bit erratic and all over the place for my taste The relationship and the revelation of shifters happened at a break neck pace I would have like to see a bit character and story development Unfortunately, I didn t much care for this one but others may.For reviews, visit The BookChick blog

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    I love me some bear shifters There is just something about them that makes me all tingly This is a good story that had great characters, just no wow factor I really liked Susie, she was relateable and engaging Oh, to find myself in her situation Two buff bears claiming you are their mate, almost makes me want to go to the gym myself I loved it when Blake went all Alpha in the bedroom Delicious Brian was equally snuggly The side stories were good but could have been a touch developed It was a short read that could have been longer to really flesh things out and draw out the drama.Ready for the next book

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    An erotic, m nage, curvy woman shifter story The story made me smile quite a few times and there were a lot of hot sex scenes In fact this story heads into the erotic fast, so if that s not your thing then this story is not for you.If you have a thing about unprotected sex then be warnedthere is no condoms in sight or mentioned in this fast paced story.There are a few errors that have been missed in the editing process, one of which actually made me laugh This author is new and I look forward to reading of her work to see her style mature.

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    I got a signed copy of this book from the author at our IADU2014 event, I hadn t read it before then but I have to say that I am super bummed that I didn t This was a awesome shifter book, and I have recently decided that bear shifters are one of my new favourite type of shifter This story covered a lot of emotional ground, but it did it in a way that made the story really fly quickly After I finished this one, I went straight on to the second book, and it was just as much of a fun read

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    I really enjoyed this book I thought Susie was great She had spunk and spirit She kept the two men on their toys at all times The develop of the book and the characters kept me entertained and I longed for I look forward to reading another book from this author and this series

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