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カテキョ! 4 chapter 1 カテキョ! 4, meaning カテキョ! 4, genre カテキョ! 4, book cover カテキョ! 4, flies カテキョ! 4, カテキョ! 4 9a58464174e05 While Living Together With Kaede, Rintaro Decides To Start A Part Time Job As A Private Teacher But He S Met With Objections From Kaede And In Order To Ascertain How Suitable He Is, It S Decided That He Ll Teach Kaede S Little Brother, Tsubaki Rintaro Suddenly Starts Going To Kaede S Family House, But What Will Happen It S The Final Conclusion To Yuu Moegi S Four Part Romance Of Two Lovers Trying To Learn From One Another As They Encounter Different Obstacles In Their Relationship

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    This super possessive seme is kinda cute I really like him together with Rintarou kun They are both match made in heaven.Getting all jealous of your lover dreaming about you doing wicked things to him is priceless ROFL

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    It was gay that s why i loved it.

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    The brothers were my favorite things out of this whole series

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    Copied from website Rintarou is bothered by the throbbing of his heart caused by this tutor, Kaede One day, Rintarou finds out that he is in love with Kaede during his punishment.Yaoi wow y they are so cute If your lucky enough to start with chapter 0 it starts off when a sexy bang and just continues in every chapter with a new ecchi scene Their chemistry makes everything so steamy and sweet Kaede is sexy and possessive of Rintarou and loves to embarrass him for his own pleasures sake Their love is tested when Kaede s family tries to break them up.

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    this story is quit cute

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    A favorite series of mine, I loved the first two volumes especially It took awhile to get all four volumes and I finally finished up the series still have all four paperback copies

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    3.5 stars

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    Rintarou s thinking of being a part time tutor Kaede says he ll hire Rintarou to see if he s capable to be a tutor for 2 months, he s gonna be teaching Kaede s brother in high school he sees Kaede s house for the first time it s crazy big nice Kaede s brother is Tsubaski resembles Haruka then is it Kaede s mother she s got a picture of them 2 kissing Tsubaki tells Rintarou that Kaede often gets caught up in the family s plots schemes whatnot wants to know about him he even ends up meeting the family head Kaede s really busy with work Rintarou decides to put in some effort gets some kinky magazines from a friend he Kaede finally do go at it, Kaede was holding back to see Rintarou gets sexually frustrated HAHA And OMG THE HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD AOI, ASKS RINTAROU TO BREAK UP WITH KAEDE WTFF OFFERS HIM MONEY Ritnarou doesn t want to ruin KAede s future or make his lose out on something as the heir to the family line bb c of their relationship RINTAROU GOES BREAKS UP WITH KAEDE, SAYING HE DOESN T LOVE HIM WHAT THIS IDIOT BUT Kaede sees right through him laughs knows it s his family Aoi he goes with Rintarou confronts her Rintarou takes back whatever he said before says he won t break up with Kaede that he ll give him happiness than his household ever could they don t even treat him like a person but wait, Aoi played a prank on Rintarou Kaede isn t the heir she just wanted to see what Rintarou would do apparently, he passed the test WHAT.Anyway, they thought they better explain their relationship to Rintarou s other 2 brothers aside from Sentarou His 2 brothers are fine with it, except for Sentarou whose dragged out His parents are cool tooSpecial Story Young Kaede we see briefly Then back to the present Kaede still can t believe that Ritnarou loves him wholly he discovers Rintarou has a plush toy HAHAH 3Kaede s trying to quite smoking Rintarou will do ANYTHING to help wrong choice of words LOLKaede then keeps buying rintarou cosplay costumes Ritnarou buys him a dracula one HEHThen Kaede has a dream about him being a wolf Rintarou a rabbit wants it make it real with cosplay HAHAThen Kaede finds out Rintarou kisses him every morning awwAnd that s it an alright manga is it a thing in yaoi manga to go overboard on the sex it just gets boring after a while if there s so much

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    I read the synopsis of the fourth volume and this is where he gets to be the tutor to his little brother Well, they just introduced the cute little brother so I m assuming that I m reading the fourth volume HAHA Uh ohhh There seems to be a problem with this older woman that s in Kaede s home I m thinking that it s his mother It s always the mother She has found out that Kaede and Rintarou are together OOOOahh of course OF COURSe the mom wants for Kaede and Rintarou to break up MANNGGG And then Rintarou is going to be like, Let s break up and then the whole Kaede will figure out that his mother has something to do with this and then says something to her about how their love isn t fake and stuff like that OOP I CALLED IT Let s break up WHELP THAT WAS A BIT OF A TWIST So, I knew that Kaede was going to be confronting his mother about the whole relationship thing but I didn t think that they were just tricking Rintarou Man Poor boy He s been tricked left and right oh wait that s his grandmother well damn now that we know that she s the grandmother you can see the age in her eyes HAHA.OMGGGG Rintarou s brothersssss OMGGG I WANT THE OLDEST ONE HAHAHA Well, I m glad that the families are completely fine with their boys being gay.Oh, well I suppose I just finished it HMMM HAHAHA I really like both of the characters They are so cute Rintarou makes me think of the loving wife.

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    This manga series is just soooooo cute For once I think I am satisfied with the length of the series Since the protagonists never get into conflicts, it can get dull and boring if it is any longer But for its length it has been just cuteness overload I will definitely read of Moegi s work 3

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