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The Sowing (The Torch Keeper, #2) explained The Sowing (The Torch Keeper, #2) , review The Sowing (The Torch Keeper, #2) , trailer The Sowing (The Torch Keeper, #2) , box office The Sowing (The Torch Keeper, #2) , analysis The Sowing (The Torch Keeper, #2) , The Sowing (The Torch Keeper, #2) fccb This Time, There Are No ChoicesLucian Lucky Spark Leads A Double Life By Day, He Trains To Become One Of The Establishment Elite At Night, He Sabotages His Oppressors From Within, Seeking To Avenge The Murder Of His Love, Digory Tycho, And Rescue His Imprisoned BrotherBut When He Embarks On A Risky Plot To Assassinate Members Of The Establishment Hierarchy, Lucky Is Thrust Into The War Between The Establishment And The Rebellion, Where The Lines Between Friend And Foe Are Blurred Beyond Recognition His Only Chance For Survival Lies In Facing The Secrets Of The Sowing, A Mystery Rooted In The Ashes Of The Apocalyptic Past That Threatens To Destroy Lucky S Last Hope For The Future

  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • The Sowing (The Torch Keeper, #2)
  • Steven dos Santos
  • English
  • 04 November 2017
  • 9780738735405

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    I LOVE THIS BOOK WAY TOO MUCH OHMY GOODNESS serious review hopefully soon3 review added, check it out below ____________________________________hello, i love this book, and therefore i will follow the same format I reviewed on my last review on my old account i love it so much pls read it.____________________________________Basically me after reading the predecessor to The Sowing, The Culling If you haven t already read this book, please, please, please go read it It makes most sense for you to read book one before book two, after all Everyone an their mom knows how much I love The Culling, but need you be reminded, you can check my review for that here Alright, onto the good stuff.First ThoughtsThe Sowing, like its previous, is an LGBT dystopian book compared many times to the mother of modern dystopian books, The Hunger Games Now if the words Hunger Games with gay characters catches your eyes, then what are you waiting for Get your butt up and read this series now But, regardless of that, The Sowing offers so much than the gay hunger games Let s take for a second, that you are in our main character, Lucky s, place right after the Trials at this point, spoilers may occur for those who haven t read the previous book You ve lost so much, and gained so little And now you re going to make the Establishment pay And that, is just what Lucian Lucky Spark was aiming to do.I never really enjoy the successors to most books as they always seem to lose that magic I felt in their predecessors However, I didn t feel that way about The Sowing Though, I love The Culling to bits, The Sowing was such a strong competitor for my heart.What s different about this book is that no longer was it an emotional train crashing at every two stops No, what s different in The Sowing was Lucky s resolve He no longer feels helpless, and is completely confident in avenging his fellow recruits deaths So with less of these tragic deaths, I actually didn t cry as much as in the first book Maybe that s good for me, heh.But in the newer book, we get to see a new side to Lucky One I appreciated with all my heart.Of course, like in The Culling, The Sowing was fast paced, not allowing me a moment of rest I m not kidding, I read this all in one night because I was that obsessed The rest of the book was just plot twist after heart break after plot twist after heart break It was wonderful.not.Plot SummaryTaking place after the Trials, Lucky is putting to life his next plan in favor against the Establishment Behind their backs, he sets bombs and frees captured children from their owners, all the while seeking revenge for Digory s murder Lucky, shortly after, finds himself in the hands of the Rebellion after an occurrence of events, and agrees to help them However, a series of events were only just about to unfold in front of LuckyCharactersA new band of characters, with at least one to your liking, I promise I didn t know how to feel about the majority of the characters at first, since we didn t have the time like we did in The Culling, to bond with them But nevertheless, they fell no short in personality I ll only list the 5 imposer trainees this time I m sad I can t write about Digory any because I love him Lucky This kid is on fire As the last in line to being an imposer, he s got a new resolve, new everything But he still manages to be the sweetest and most loveable characters in the world And I appreciate him for that.Arrah This girl s got some spunk left in her too Second in line, Arrah has got some secrets of her own, and she s willing to risk her life for it.LeanderRodrigo Best friends, and third and fourth These two guys seem to be totally on the side of the Establishment.Dahlia Typically the leader, and first in line She seems to be soft spoken despite her relation to Lucky Regardless, it seems she knows a little than we thinkoh, oops, did I say I d only mention 5 characters I lied.Cage WHAT S THIS A NEW MALE CHARACTER POTENTIAL LOVE INTEREST Who knows But Cage is definitely one of the stronger characters I felt connected with in the story Though, I really wish to see a lot of him, it s reasonable.RomanceCRIESFinal ThoughtsI loved this book so much but im dead nowforeverthank u_____________________________ view spoiler OH MY GOD STEVEN DOS SANTOS YOU ANSWERS MY PRAYERS ABOUT DIGORY IN THIS BOOK BUT I ASK THEM AGAIN I BEG OF YOU, PLEASE KEEP DIGORY SAFE NEXT BOOK TOO _ hide spoiler

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    Last year, I enjoyed THE CULLING, a brutal dystopian about Lucian Lucky Spark surviving the worst job application process ever in the wake of a bitter betrayal When THE SOWING opens, he is quietly rebelling against the government using his power as an insider But when things go inevitably awry, he s right back where he used to be except this time, he has to rely on others to save him People who have no reason to want him alive.THE SOWING cemented my love of The Torch Keeper series I thought THE CULLING was well paced and well developed, but I was put off by the extreme violence and other bad things THE SOWING is no less brutal, but it s just the teeniest bit optimistic Plus, it isn t a mere retread of the first, as the setup seems to promise It takes a turn and then never stops turning, revealing so much about Lucky s world that neither he nor I ever contemplated.By dint of most of the old cast being dead, there had to be new characters I thought the new additions were very well done, even if I often got to love them just in time for their horrible death Steven Dos Santos has one sick imagination, and he employs it fully I don t want to give too much away, especially not to people who haven t read the first book, but I think there are characters for almost everyone to identify with There s a range of ages, sexualities, and represented.THE SOWING is tense, heart wrenching fun I am eager to read the third book and see what trouble Lucky gets into next as he tries to rescue his loved ones and fellow citizens from an awful fate This series is the definition of intense.

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    2nd time reading this and already on page 224 So awesome

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    Posted at THE OFFICIAL TORCHKEEPER FORUMShttp chaosreads.com topic 7792 the Five Star book reviews are not something I give out often because 5 star books really need to WOW the hell out of me and have me going through all sorts of emotions as I read the book The Culling managed to do that.I was worried about the Sequel Sequels have a hard task.If a series starts of mediocre but is decent, the sequel can or less make the series betterHowever, if a series starts off with near perfection, the sequels need to continue that while building their own identity and perfections.I am so pleased to Say that The Sowing not only maintained its predecessors Strengths, it also managed to raise the bar even higher by simply being better than an already Excellent start.If you haven t read The Culling, just skip to the bottom to see my Overall Score to avoid Spoilers for Book One.1 Plot 5 out of 5 Remember in Book 1 when Lucky was a recruit fighting for his Incentives Cole the little brother, Mrs Bledsoe and then later digory Have you ever wondered what life was like for the incentives since we only got to see the Recruits Well rest assured in Book 2 you get a full picture of Incentive life and my god it was so awful and disgusting and heartbreaking.Book 2 picks up a few months after the end of Book 1 and we find Lucky is on his way to become an imposer after winning the trials But Lucky has been secretly rebelling against The Establishment and committing terrorist acts Eventually, Lucky meets up with a group of rebels and he uncovers a chance to take down The Establishment once and for all by assassinating the Prime Minister and Prefect Cassius LOVE HIM xD Lucky has the chance to finally take out the people who took away his family, the guy he loved and hurt his brother..but unfortunately a shocking discovery forces Lucky to have to Betray the rebellion and Lucky is faced with a new horror.He is being sent back to the trials.But not as a Recruit This time he is an incentive and his life literally is in the hands of the people he betrayed But Lucky is not one to sit around aimlessly, he begins plotting an escape but as the book continues on, he ll discover an even greater truth has yet to be revealed By books end so many surprises, twists and discoveries hit you and you re left reeling as everything Lucky thought he know has changed and hell is about to break loose.2 Writing 5 out of 5 Steven Dos Santos is an Author who has absolutely no problem being grim and dark as hell So many authors write Dystopia type of books but they try to glamorize the world It s such an awful place and people are sick and starvingBut yet you never see it You have to imagine it However, Steven s writing paints the World of The Parish so vividly, I feel like I am there suffering with the characters all through their perils and struggles That is good writing when you can literally almost feel what they feel SMell what they smell See what they see I felt like i was IN THIS world vs just reading about it.More importantly, Steven has managed to great one of the best examples of a GAY CHARACTER i ve read in a YA book Lucky is gay yet he is not struggling with his sexuality, he is not confused or conflicted It does not define him He is what he is and it s not a big deal He doesn t match any stereotypes and that is essentially why I love Lucky Because he is a GAY CHARACTER that is gay but so much So many authors write these caricatures of a Gay Character and it s utterly annoying because nobody Gay or straight sexuality should define them as a person.The Writing is superb and I give it a 5 out of 5 The only minor issue I had was the beginning..I wanted to see of the Rebel Lucky before we got into the main plot as Lucky was being a badass but other than that, i was impressed.3 Characters 6 out of 5 This is a book that has a Great Lead, A Twisted but addicting Antagonist and great secondary cast Usually a book has me sort of hating the lead but I love Lucky He is not my favorite character That is Cassius but Lucky is great.A Lucky Lucian I ve already gushed a bit about Lucky above, but Lucky has amazing growth In a lot of ways in Book 1, Lucky sort of bothered me because at times it felt like he was being carried by Digory some of the way even though he still was a strong character But here in Book 2, Lucky has hardened and toughened up a bit He fights backharder and he even has a dark sense of humor and sarcasm that he originally didn t have But importantly, even when it is hopeless.Lucky takes a moment to despair but he suddenly remembers how strong he is and who he is fighting to survive for Lucky is one of my favorite Protags from any series I read.B Cassius Cassius is deliciously twisted and evil, but there are so many traces of humanity in this young man He has done some awful things and even so, he does even worse in Book 2, but you can t help but feel attached to him I absolutely love Cassius because he can be incredibly awful but something about Cassius has me feeling there is than meets the eye.The only complaint I have about Cassius is that he went from being a jackass with a smug nature to sort of psychotic in this book Don t get me wrong he is still the best character but I felt like his crazy was upped a little TOO Much at times.C Cage Cage is a new character introduced in this book and is one of the rebels Lucky meets early on I am sorry to Spycho Digory Lucian fans but I feel connected to Cage Lucky than I ever felt with Digory and Lucky in Book 1 Don t worry they aren t love interest but Cage is already interesting to me than Digory was, simply because he sort of reminds me of what Digory could have been The Good Guy who is a sweetheart but a fighter Even after Lucky s betrayal, Cage has his own secret and reason for backing Lucky despite what it means to the rebellion and watching him during the trials peaked my interest Cage is just awesome and I felt so bad for him towards the middle and end D The Imposers Lucky s fellow imposer team Rodrigo, Leander, Arrah and Dahlia in a lot of ways mirror the Recruit team from Book 1 At first glance you can sort of say they are essentially their counterparts.However, the imposer team had way personality and pulled at my heartstrings Leander and Rodrigo at the start come off as these assholes and jerks who seemed brainwashed by the propaganda of the Establishment but as the book goes on, humanity in them shines through I absolutely adored Leander and he had me feeling all sorts of emotions in this book Dahlia is Mrs Bledsoe s daughter and basically the Cypress of the group In all honesty, I kind of felt like we already went through this with Cyrpress in Book 1 where she was a bitch initially so I was not 100 percent a fan of Dahlia because it did feel like a rehash in a lot of ways but she is still interesting Arrah was another character who was okay to me She wasn t bad but i felt like with characters like Leander and Dahlia, Arrah sort of gets lost in the shuffle But she certainly is an interesting Lesbian character and i like her enough.E Tristin CorrinTristin is Cage s younger sister and one of the incentives I liked the fact that she was the source of optimism that even Lucky himself didn t initially feel She was not a fighter but she didn t have to be She brought Hope and brought courage that she was able to instill in the fellow incentives and he rbrother She was such a sweet girl.Corrin was the youngest incentive and I absolutely loved him He is just a child, forced to witness and feel the pain of the trials and I wanted to jump in there and shield him from harm He had a fire in him that sometimes seemed like it was nearly being put out but he never gave up and he is essentially an adorable young boy We get some time with Captain Valerian, Slade and the evil duo Style Renquist God I hated these two..not to mention we get a little face time Cole as well.4 Overall This book managed to exceed it s Predecessor on so many levels which is nearly impossible because it already was a 5 star book xDCharacters grow and developNew Characters are able to stand up on their own and don t feel like one dimensional characters So many books have their secondary characters sort of revolve around the main character It s why i usually hate first person books but Lucky was his own man as were the others around him.There are some dark elements to this story.A Rape not graphic , A sex Scene not graphic either , and implied abuse to children It gets darker It goes THERE but even after all the shit that happens, as dark as it is.hope is not lost Lucky may be down and out but he is not defeated His fire is not out.My main issue with this book are not showstoppers but they did sort of bother me slightly1 Lucky is our star character but in this book Lucky is an incentive not a recruit so that takes him out of the action of the trials during Part 2 the book is split in 3 parts This is not bad per se but I enjoyed seeing Lucky and the recruits fighting for survival in Book 1 and instead, In Book 2 we have Lucky sort of planning behind the scenes and doing a lot of work but not actually involved in the action.Don t get me wrong, there is a lot of action but Lucky actually is not directly involved in it for part of the book and I wanted to see of Lucky DOING than planning but i know it was necessary for him to sort of be sidelined in the trials because after the trials, he really does come alive.and is on fire Besides even though Lucky was not directly involved in the trials, we get to learn of his character as he essentially is sort of in danger because if his recruit loses, he would be the one chosen to die and you see him going through exceptional growth 2 I also wants to see of Cassius We get loads of Prefect Cassius in this book aka the villain and main antagonist but I want to see Cassius so on a human level He is the strongest and most interesting character though Lucky certainly does rival him but as of now we know how twisted he is I am longing to know about him as a person because i want to see how Lucky s first love best friend became this amazingly twisted character and I don t want Cassius to become a one dimensional villain because he is too awesome for that DSo many twists, So many turns.You get backstory, you make discoveries and importantly, you see a new challenge is coming We learn about how the war started that or less destroyed the worldHow the fleshers are created and so much All in all this is a 5 out of 5 star book and I read it three times Once i got the arc in December, The day it came out and then again 3 days later xD.

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    This is the second installment of The Torch Keeper trilogy, the first being The Culling I have read practically every YA dystopian novel that has hit the shelves in the past few years the quality varies, but this series is up there on the top of my list Post apocalyptic dystopias are the trend of the moment, and a lot of them are very similar to one another You can tell when an author is just jumping on the proverbial bandwagon hoping to make a buck They add some generic oppressive government to some generic teen angst, stir in some rebellion and some wacky science and there you have it It isn t that this series doesn t have all that oh boy, does it have all of those things, and in abundance It s that paint by numbers feel that s missing I don t think the author is any less excited about his books than his biggest fan would be he cares about his world and his characters, which in turn establishes what can only be described as a visceral connection between the story and the reader You feel the terror when characters are forced to witness the grisly deaths of those they love and they are grisly if you aren t willing to witness at least one person per chapter losing their eyeballs or several limbs I would avoid this series altogether Although this book is full of action, the internal lives of the characters are not forgotten Main character Lucky grows a lot in this second installment basically, becoming a complete action movie badass But an action movie badass who still experiences heart pounding panic and confusion and guilt someone who has changed a lot, but is nonetheless identifiable as the same person you met in The Culling My favorite character is probably Cassius Thorne, the villainous Prefect Many YA dystopias fall short on the villain front, often opting just to prop up some generic caricature to represent the whole of the Sinister Powers that Be Cassius is a central character in his own right, with questionable motives and agendas of his own His voice is fantastic, with the stylized condescension and mannerisms of some of the better Bond villains And yet, unlike most Bond villains, he actually seems to be fairly adept at villainy he s smart, manipulative, and dangerous He s actually quite charming in his sadistic glee, and during the Trials manages to set himself apart as being in a class all his own even in a world where overkill is already the order of the day The fact that there s a history between Lucky and Cassius only complicates things further, in a way which I can t wait to see resolved The secondary characters are brilliant as well, and I m glad that those that show up in The Sowing are worthy successors to all the great ones we lost in The Culling The writing is clean and taut, and there are some pretty great one liners too one less chicken in the coup go clean up your friend The only moderate qualm I have is POTENTIAL SPOILER with Digory he doesn t seem that interesting to me, at least not interesting enough to remain Lucky s main man although there are some uhcomplications to this story so I m holding out on not shipping it until the end of the series END SPOILER The end of this book made my head spin, but in a good way Everything is scaling up, becoming and epic Ridiculous, truth be told, but ridiculous in the same over the top adrenaline rushy way that a really satisfying action adventure superhero serial is I bought The Sowing the day it came out, and I can t wait for the finale If you re looking for over the top escapism and in the market for a post apocalyptic tale that s flashy, outrageous, and bloody but surprisingly heartfelt as well give this series a try.

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    I honestly wish I could give this book stars It s not unusual for me to prefer the second book in a trilogy, mostly because the cute couples are established so it s cuter, and they are exciting in general in my opinion, but I was not expecting to like The Sowing as much as I did I mean don t get me wrong I expected to love it obviously, but I didn t think I d like it than The Culling because of the unspeakable Digory situation but I just adored book 2 There was enough action and romance and plot twists to keep it entertaining and once I got into the book I couldn t put it down until I was finished The ending is going to keep me on edge waiting for the final book to see how this is all going to resolve because everything went so downhill at the end that I am amazed Lucky can handle being alive Basically an amazing book that I would recommend to everyone who enjoys dystopian books

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    I wasn t sure how Steven was going to be able to write a sequel to The Culling and have it live up to the heart stopping action of the first one The Sowing definitely accomplishes that goal And The Sowing picks up where we left off, with the hero of the story, Lucky Spark now working as one of the Establishment s prized officers by day while sabotaging the Establishment bases of operation at night He is a one man army trying to free the innocent and dispense justice, until he meets a group of rebels who want him to join their cause What s created is an action packed story filled with a new cast of characters that we grow to love and root for and the overall question, will Lucky ever be able to live free from the terrible and impossible choices the Establishment forces on all of its citizens, and in particular, on Lucky Spark Read it today You won t be disappointed.

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    Let me love you.

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    Lemme learn y all about my dude Cassius I spent the first book hating his guts I mean, why the hell not He was disrespectful, possessive, sociopathic, remorseless, and practically every other characteristic normally reserved for antagonists who have a romantic history with the protagonists It wasn t that difficult to hate his guts, hate the way he conned Lucian, hate the way he stole the one person Lucian would do anything for As I read through The Culling, I had fun imagining their struggle against one another as some kind of age old queer epic of past loves creating future tragedies Of course, in the actual narrative, it s a post apocalyptic dystopia, but that still didn t make it any less of an epic albeit unfinished, as we have yet to see how it concludes As expected, the first book presents a detailed map of the kind of hero most audiences can only hope for queer, flawed, brown, and badass With the development of the hero, we were given the development of the hero s love interest Admitted, I m not too hot on Digory, but he serves his purpose well He s flawed, he poses both a problem and a solution for the hero, and he actually pushes the story Personally, in moments like this, I prefer the heroes to forgo romance for the sake of their mission I give Lucian the cred for at least trying to put a damper on his feelings, but he fell in love anyway, and that s OK His love for Digory made him stronger, even if Digory himself faded out of the narrative in the first half of the second book.But you see, this post isn t about the narrative, or Digory, or even, really, about Lucian Spark This review is about Cassius motherfucking Thorn, the most hateful piece of shit this side of lgbt dystopian fiction, and God, is he loathsome I mean, he killed an old lady, had his ex boyfriend arrested for daring to interact with another guy, stole a little kid away from his older brother, and then swooped in at the last moment of the first book to declare he had forgiven our protagonist s transgressions and was ready to take him back He s batshit, he has auburn hair which is, to me, one of the fanciest ways of saying lowkey ginger , and he s brilliant Hence, Ginger Satan view spoiler Honestly, I was half hoping that Lucian would take Cassius down with him in The Culling, if only to satisfy my need to see his rude ass pay for all the horrible things he did I didn t really know there was a second book until Goodreads did me a solid and told me there was a second book, but when I did, I was rooting for Cassius s demise almost as loudly as I was rooting for some way to bring back Cypress, Ophelia, and Gideon I did not take too kindly to their deaths, and really, with Cypress s death, my hatred for Cassius was pretty much unshakeable He was a monster that had to be put down, and our hero was almost ready By the time I was two chapters into The Sowing, Lucian was than ready All he needed was one, clear shot, and Cassius was done and I would have the pleasure of reading about a interesting antagonist in dos Santos world instead of reading about this salty turd who couldn t get over his ex boyfriend from when he was sixteen Honestly, who would take him seriously He was like a sociopath with shades of manic depression and undertones of megalomania and he was always thwarting our hero, trying to kill his new boyfriend at one turn, and then finding other ways to torture poor Lucky who just couldn t get a break Evil, inconsistent Ginger Satan, his pathetic feelings, and his equally pathetic obsession with someone who stopped giving a damn about him And so I huffed, and puffed, and raged my way through book one and 95% of book two, because seriously Cassius, you re nineteen and gorgeous, you ll find someone bruh.And so I committed the one great sin that someone of my age shouldn t be committing after having dedicated so much time and effort into reading and dissecting and generally having fun with all kinds of characters from all kinds of books, manga, and comics I misjudged the villain And I am oh, so ashamed But than that, holy fucking shit, Cassius is Batman, and I aint finna be the same ever again, so lemme tell y all why Cassius, the Dark Knight, Thorn is the greatest fucking character to walk queer YA dystopia LET ME TELL Y ALL A THING OR FIVE.He s nineteen years old by the end of the second book if we give him three years since he was picked for the trials, and one year from when Lucian was picked for the trials Now, by the end of The Sowing, we know each and every one of those things was rigged, and FINALLY, I received an answer to why Lucian wasn t Cassius s incentive when he was recruited Yeah, we know that incentives are usually family members, but in a police state with a strict curfew and steroid pumped dogs working as enforcers, you d think that the Establishment would be smart enough to tweak the rules and go after the people the recruits actually loved and not just the people they were related to by blood Especially with a person like Cassius, I was concerned as to why Lucian wasn t picked as an incentive when Cassius s love was alluded to be exceptionally passionate It didn t make sense then, but it makes sense now Motherfucking Cassius was played Within the story, it s not clear if Cassius colluded with Sanctum before or after being recruited, but from what he revealed to Lucian at the end, I believe he found out about the cloning procedure and the Fleshers after he was made prefect Which makes sense More than that, I feel like the Establishment specifically chose Cassius and removed him from Lucian s like because, oh ho, LUCIAN IS FUCKING QUERAN EMBERS, SO HE S NOT EVEN THE FUCKING HERO.AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE Ever since Cassius s unholy extraness in the first book, I couldn t for the fucking life of me figure out why this bitchass government official was so damn obsessed with his ex, why he was torturing him one second and then begging for his love the next He had the whole world at his feet He was privy to state secrets He had the luxury and the power He didn t need to tip off Lucky, to mold him into something different than what Queran Embers would eventually become.Imagine having spent your ridiculously short life being in love with your best friend, only to be forcefully taken from him, molded into a remorseless killer, ascending the ranks of power away from your beloved, only to find out that the person you loved your entire life was actually the root cause of all your misery Lucian Spark aint even Lucian Spark His name is Queran Embers, is he is literally evil incarnate, cloned and dished out to the world every couple of generations, allowed to live in a perpetual state of immortality with all his memories safely tucked away until there s use for them The ultimate double agent, the ultimate monster whose evil is written in his genes, and whose actions will, sooner or later, cause even destruction.And if that s not enough to drive a person insane, then I don t know what will.It s not to say I don t feel for Lucian Queran I do It sucks There have been than enough books about clones who do not want to follow in the footsteps of the originals, notably Matteo Alacr n from Nancy Farmer s House of Scorpion series From one perspective, Cassius s fight against both Sanctum and the Establishment seems understandable, but he could have done it efficiently with Lucian Queran well aware of his origins At least, that was my initial thought.But after reading that last chapter of The Sowing, I have realized that even if Lucian Queran knew, it wouldn t have changed anything Dos Santos dystopia is rooted in the systematic destruction of people s spirits However, our hero Lucian fought against that dispiritedness by telling his little brother stories and keeping his imagination alive Already, in our eyes he s a revolutionary.But then again, so was Queran Embers After all, it was he was able to help humanity sustain life above ground when no one else could Looking at Lucian without Cassius s influence, sooner or later, he would have snapped If not Cassius pulling the strings during the Recruitment Ceremony, then one day after Cole was unwittingly snapped up by a steroid pumped dog Or maybe after Cole broke curfew and got shelved Or maybe after Cole caught a cold that transformed into something worse In a world as horrid as this one, there s a guarantee that death is set to be gruesome, regardless of when Placing Queran Embers clone into the midst of what he once created is like sending out a wraith who was once king We know from the book that Queran s memories are stored in Lucian s brain, and that all it takes is a surgery to tap into that mine of memories and feelings I have no clue whether or not those memories are retrievable without the help of a hippocampal surgery, but I have a feeling they are Long story short, even without the Recruitment, there was always a fair chance of Lucian losing his mind and becoming what he was born to be a copy of his true self, Queran Embers And Batman Cassius did what most Batman writers have Batman do covertly find ways to thwart the inevitable I m not saying Cassius isn t still the most batshit all the pun intended man in the entire seriesl, because he is But at the same time, he s crazy because the motherfucker s WOKE CASSIUS BEEN WOKE SINCE HE GOT PROMOTED ANYONE THAT WOKE WOULD SEEM ANGRY AND CRAZY TO EVERY IGNANT FOOL THIS SIDE THE PARISH.And I aint finna lie, I m ashamed to have been a part of the ignant pile Cassius motherfucking Thorn knew his childhood sweetheart was a carbon copy of the greatest evil in their world, and as crazy as his schemes were, he only tried to make sure he survived and didn t become a part of the cyclic horror that both Sanctum and the Establishment were perpetuating Cassius could have killed Lucian with his bare hands and gotten himself killed Cassius could have had Lucian killed by a third party instead of finding ways to save him and coming off as a bigger jerk Cassius could have done things for his own benefit, and let the chips fall where they may, and let Sanctum overrun the Parish while watching from the comfort of his couch at his Sanctum summer house Cassius could have chosen to sleep on Lucian s eventual evolution into Queran Embers and turned away when shit got real.But instead, he actively tried to mold the playing field to his advantage, to an advantage that could save the Parish from both the Establishment and Sanctum Because Cassius motherfucking Thorn was woke, and knew that the Establishment was the least of their problems He knew the world was shitty as it was, but it could get shittier Things could actually get worse, and the man we thought was our hero was actually turning out to be the monster Not that it was ever Lucian s fault, but he was falling, and he was falling fast It s literally in his blood, he has the memories, and Cassius could have walked away and let Queran Embers arise from whatever was left of Lucian Spark But instead, he gave it his best to have the cards favor his side, a side that could potentially save the remaining population Was it brutal Yes Was it ruthless Of course Did he kill, and scheme, and lie to succeed Hell yes.But y all can t deny the motherfucker knew and was gonna try and save the world anyway He was the necessary evil, but even he realized Lucian couldn t be saved I know damn well Cassius aint gon survive book three, but he deserves the honor and respect for being the one woke motherfucker in a world full of dead spirits He is the motherfucking Dark Knight, the hero the readers deserve, but not the one we need I know there s a than likely chance that Lucian will be able to survive the ordeal and remain Lucian and not transform into Queran and save the Parish, but Cassius is the true MVP Cassius said he was gonna save his people, and he finna do it the nitty, gritty, disgusting way Cassius motherfucking Thorn is the unsung hero, and when he dies, I m finna remember him as the baddest queer motherfucker this side YA lit., with balls of steel and a heart of iron, AND MOTHERFUCKING BATMAN hide spoiler

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