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Lost Boy (The Lonely, #2) pdf Lost Boy (The Lonely, #2) , ebook Lost Boy (The Lonely, #2) , epub Lost Boy (The Lonely, #2) , doc Lost Boy (The Lonely, #2) , e-pub Lost Boy (The Lonely, #2) , Lost Boy (The Lonely, #2) bf378e3adb9 LOST BOYThis Is The Companion Novel To The Lonely It Is Recommended You Read That First This Is HIS POV On The Events And How They Came To Be, How He Came To Be A LOST BOYBeing The Boy Who Accidentally Shot His Sister Was HardNever Being Able To Find The Girl Who Actually Pulled The Trigger Was WorseConvinced, Through Years Of Relentless Therapy, That She Was A Figment Of His Trauma And Imagination, Eli Adams Gave Up On Her ExistenceUntil One Day A Name, Bearing Remarkable Resemblance To The People Missing In His Life, Showed Up Out Of NowhereSuddenly He Was Thrust Into A Journey That Forced Him To Offer Up His Soul As Payment For The TruthWhat He Discovered Along The Way, Was That The Girl Who Took His Sister S Life And His Hand, All Those Years Ago, Had Become The Thing He Needed To Be WholeSaving Her Was One ThingHealing Her Was AnotherConvincing Her To Love Him Will Be The Toughest Part Of It All

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    5 Heart Wrenching StarsThis is the companion novel to The Lonely which you should read first To be inside Eli s head was awesome He was so lost and broken and so very in love with Sarah This finishes past the point of the first book and ties everything up beautifully Would be good if Stuart had a book These two books are on my keeper list for sure Dark and intense but love wins in the end.

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    5 Amazing Stars Lost Boy is a great follow up to the The Lonely better story in my opinion I read The Lonely and although I liked it, I was pretty confused A lot of the time I was lost, and felt there was too many things going on at once Lost Boyfills in all the gaps, and Eli s questionable motives are much appriciated and understood.A dark, heartfelt book story told by Eli I absolutely loved reading his POV He is amazing and completely prefect A great dark romantic read If you enjoyed The Lonely, this is a MUST read So I read that Sebastian is getting a book Cool, cool But what I would die for would be Stuart s story PLEASE Enjoy

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    review to come..

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    Lost Boy was a great follow up probably better than the first book The Lonely The first book is told from the girl s POV, Sarah, and the second is the guy s, Eli It really is like two different books from each of their perspectives Not much repeating here What I really liked better with this book is the way the ending was handled not nearly as tedious and this one had a delicious Epilogue that gave us a glimpse at everyone s story, not just Eli and Sarah s.Certain parts of these books are fairly dark Both of these main characters were abducted when they were children and faced many horrors And, their adult lives are almost just as horrible trying to deal with the memories and psychological problems that came from their abductions But, in the end they were both strong enough to heal each other as much as they could ever be healed.The writer, Tara Brown, did a wonderful job handling the complex situations presented in these books I would definitely read another book authored by her And, you know, there are enough tormented characters left in these two books that another one might be possible i.e., Stuart.

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    3.5I m so torn as to how to rate this one I cannot express how much I was anticipating Getting Eli s POV There was so much I wanted to know about what had been happening behind the scenes in The Lonely, and I wanted this tobe my holy grail of explanations Unfortunately, I didn t feel like I understood all that after finishing this book Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed it Eli was a character I both loved and hated in the first book, and learned to love even in this one I just wanted to give the poor guy a hug I think he was messed up then poor Sarah I just wanted to understand about his issues, and the way he coped before finding Sarah, about that bithch Jane, and a better explanation of what the theory behind her therapy was I wanted about how Eli could go through with it And geez, way to raise questions, about Sebastian and Stewart Overall It was a good book, and I would defiantly recommend it for fans of The Lonely, just don t expect to come out for it with a lot of loose ends tied up.

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    4.5stars Still as weird as book one but I loved Eli s story. I needed to skim through The Lonely first otherwise I would have been The Lost One Once I had reacquainted myself with the story it was all good I said at the end of the last book I was looking forward to getting into Eli s head and I wasn t disappointed X

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    Reviewed on I love Tara Brown for so many reasons and this series is a huge reason as to why It started with The Lonely, an intelligent, dark and disturbingly appealing story that was so unique that it shot straight into my heart as a loved favourite.Well, as much as I loved The Lonely, I loved this companion novel Lost Boy even No question, one of the best books I ve read in a long while, it just messed with my head even , I loved it even and I weirdly understood everything even However, I also cried and my heart literally bled as my tears blurred my vision I want you to pick me Does that make me as eccentric as its maker and I mean this lovingly Or does it show what a fantastic and original Author Tara Brown really is I m definitely going to go for the latter though with a hint of the first It s best to not poke the things that live inside of me with confinement, not when I am already too close to losing it EliI m mindful of dropping spoilers in this review as I really recommend reading The Lonely which is then followed by Lost Boy They should be on everyone s to read list if you love the dark and emotional reads If you love a good clever mind f ck basically.It all started with a tragedy A tragedy that impacted two people whose souls were in that moment bound together forever in the most disturbing yet beautiful way I owe that girl the sun, the moon, and the stars I owe her everything in the whole world EliIt puts them on a path which would leave deep scars and affects them to the extreme when their paths cross again One knowingly, the other in the dark in respect of who and the why s I want her now I want her safe now I want to take her away from it all I want to save her, the way I promised I would EliIn The Lonely we had Sarah s POV and it broke my heart In Lost Boy we have Eli s POV and it not only broke my heart it completely broke my whole being I love this man LOVE him, and I will never ever forget him no matter how many books I read or how many broken male characters I come across He s so screwed up from what life has offered him so far but seriously he had me in stitches of laughter one second and in floods of tears the next He BROKE me and I love him for it The pain was stuck in my seized up heart Everything was too big and too scary, and I had to be a man A man that saved his little sister A man that saved the day A hero Instead, I was a lost boy I cried out for help like a child EliEven though some of this story feature the same scenes as The Lonely they re from Eli s POV making them seem somewhat original and different This companion novel stands on its own in the sense that NO WAY is this a re write, this is its own story The story of Eli I can t really explain it, but it was as if I was reading with fresh eyes and making new conclusions We learn so much and experience things we had no idea happened So many questions were answered and what I thought was one thing turned out to be completely different She needs me She s going to be scared and confused, and the lonely is going to come and take her away She is me, but a girl The two of us together would probably cause the apocalypse Well played Tara Brown truly spectacular I don t even know how to accurately explain how reading this book made me feel What I will say is, please read these books in order as you will be taken on one hell of a journey you will never forget When I was a boy, I met a girl and the worst things imaginable happened to us We knew Eli is a man obsessed but I won t say why or how His outlet is Sarah His reason is Sarah His life is Sarah His breath is Sarah Sarah is his redemption The dead look in her eyes came from loss The loss of her family, safety, and love As for Jane someone please hand me a pitchfork And Stuart I wanted to hug him I m so glad Eli had him as a brother This series is so gritty and the emotion is so raw and ugly it makes for something beautiful and heart breaking I cannot recommend this series strongly enough Tara Brown you ROCK, you astound me and mesmerize me with your words and I love you for it It means that even though you see me differently, I have the same reactions to things as you I am human, just different than you but no less worthy of love, respect, and justice I bleed, laugh, and die the same as you, regardless of the differences inside of me Or outside Eli Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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    The Lonely was amazing But THIS one OMG I am beyond blown away Tara Brown is a master I loved getting Eli s story Being in his head was quite an experience Your understanding of his character will reach a whole new level He truly made me laugh out loud, cry good tears, and feel his emotions through the words on the page It s quite safe to say that I love Eli even than before, if that s even possible.So many things we didn t know from the first book are shown to us for the first time We also get to see of Stuart and learn about his heartbreaking story Also loved Eli and Stuart s relationship.Seeing Sarah through his eyes is incredible too Because of the past and how they found each other makes me love them even All the terrible things life thrown at them, they are still strong enough to heal and love each other I m begging Tara to give us a Novella for Sarah and Eli One to show us their future of growing up, getting married and starting a family So glad I read this one AMAZING BOOK Wish I could give it 10 stars

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    3.5 Stars I liked the second half than the first half Overall it was okay.

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    10 STARS Okay well due to restrictions I will have to only give it 5 starsI was given an ARC for an Honest Review LIKE.TOTALLY.OH.MY.GOSH How s that for my 90 s cheerleader inner self Tara Brown has written yet another winner.Lost Boy is the companion Novel to The Lonely.It is from Eli s Point of View and should only be read after you read The Lonely.I normally am not a huge fan of these type of books,meaning rewriting the same book in the Males POV.But this is one of those times where I make an exception In fact,I truly encourage anyone thats read The Lonely to read it and if you haven t read The Lonely..then what the heck are you waiting for Lost Boy is just as gritty as The Lonely obviously.But its edgier since we are dealing with Eli.We also were able to see of Stuart which I really enjoyed getting to know him better as well.As with all books that are rewritten from the other main characters Point of View..we know what will happen and yet I still found myself worried.I kept telling myself..Self..you know what happens.You ve read The Lonely.You know what happens.Well Self wasnt listening very well and was still worried about Eli and Sarah This is one of those..can I call it a series..That will blow you out of the water.Im serious.When I see the books they make into movies..im like Why hasn t Tara Brown been contacted Her books are A FREAKING AMAZING.Tara Brown honestly has never disappointed me in anything she has written.She is one of the select few authors that I hold close that is able to mesmerize me with their writing.Tara has written other wonderful books that you should check out as well

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