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The Trilisk AI (Parker Interstellar Travels, #2) txt The Trilisk AI (Parker Interstellar Travels, #2) , text ebook The Trilisk AI (Parker Interstellar Travels, #2) , adobe reader The Trilisk AI (Parker Interstellar Travels, #2) , chapter 2 The Trilisk AI (Parker Interstellar Travels, #2) , The Trilisk AI (Parker Interstellar Travels, #2) e8e50c The Trilisk AI Is The Second Book In The PIT SeriesTelisa Relachik Studied To Be A Xenoarchaeologist In A Future Where Humans Have Found Alien Artifacts But Haven T Ever Encountered Live Aliens Recruited By A Group Of Artifact Smugglers, Telisa Endures Deadly Opposition On Her First Expedition And Comes Out An Experienced Explorer Struggling To Sell The Artifacts Found On Their Expedition To The Trilisk Ruins, Telisa And Magnus Fear Reprisal By The World GovernmentBecause Of Their Harrowed Existence, They Are Receptive When The Alien They Call Shiny Resurfaces And Offers Them The Chance To Scavenge His War Torn Homeworld Their Obstacle Shiny S Robotic Nemeses, The Bel Klaven Telisa And Magnus Feel Up To The Challenge, But Does Shiny Have A Hidden Agenda Meanwhile, A New Team Forms To Hunt Down The SmugglersThe Trilisk AI Is The Second Book In The Parker Interstellar Travels Series

About the Author: Michael McCloskey

I am a software engineer in Silicon Valley who dreams of otherworldly creatures, mysterious alien planets, and fantastic adventures I m also an indie author with over 111,000 paid sales.Visit

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    I enjoyed this book as much as the first, The Trilisk Ruins, which is to say it was a fun read The story contines where the first left off and runs Telisa and Magnus are on the lam and in short order have a new mission and a pursuer I quite like the dynamics of the relationship between Shiny and the humans complex and fraught with uncertainty I also find the technology in the story quite fascinating.Because of the delay between reading The Trilisk Ruins and this sequel I was wishing for a few reminders of the events that took place in the former But overall I quite enjoyed it.Now I m looking forward to part 3

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    I enjoyed this book It is the next book in the saga of the Trilisk Telisa and Magnus are wanted by the Space Force as well as by a detective that has been hired to find them They are mainly interested in Telisa The adventure is quite good and I m sure you will like it as well as I did.

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    This review war originally published through Invincible Love of Reading under Kurt s Frontier.Synopsis This is the second book of the Parker Interstellar Travels series It is about Telisa Relachik In book one, due to the restrictive nature of her profession as a xenoarchaeologist by the world government, Telisa throws her lot in with a group of smugglers in order to practice her trade and search for the coveted artifacts of the Trilisk This proves to be a baptism by fire as she is only one of two survivors of the expedition They are aided by an alien creature they dubbed Shiny.The second book opens with Telisa and her lover Magnus living a life on the edge, fearing the world government s reprisal for stealing artifacts out from under their noses They find themselves reunited with Shiny A faction of Shiny s people picked a fight with a race allied the Bel Klaven The Bel Klaven have used robotic weapons to ravage Shiny s home world leaving his race all but extinct Shiny offers them a chance to scavenge the remains of his destroyed world In exchange, he wants an artifact that will allow him to start over Their concern Shiny is obviously not telling them everything.At the same time, Telisa s father, a former navy captain, is hunting for his daughter.The Review Michael McCloskey has spun a tail of one possible future of humanity, where people are hooked into virtual reality through neurological implants The mystery of the Trilisk people is a constant theme throughout the stories The story is a fast paced one with surprises around every corner as Telisa and Magnus make their way into the underground city of Shiny s world with Bel Klaven machines constantly looking for signs their work isn t finished Telisa and Magnus also have to contend with the fact that Shiny isn t a human and thinks very differently The reader will find this a very entertaining and exciting book.

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    Solid book Naturally, a continuation of the first one, and while it does feature characters investigating puzzling their way through matters a la the first, it takes a different shade of tone here And now I m actually interested in learning about the Trilisks Pretty consistent with the first novel, although there is what looks like one minor retcon worked into the manuscript.But, than just the Trilisks, we also see a slightly larger scope of the setting However, there were not a lot of other characters introduced in this book, at least of any real consequence The book closely follows its two main protagonists and only its main protagonists even as the universe is gearing up for war This may be intentional for a variety of reasons, I don t hold it against the book, but at the moment the war certainly feels like a backdrop item rather than anything of real consequence.This one is also much obviously a setup for lead in to McCloskey s next coming book in the series On the one hand plot and character advancement both definitely get done in this novel, but on the other perhaps because of said coming war I can t help but feel it was flying a holding pattern for the next Trilisk book.Maybe when we can buy all three in one volume it ll feel a bit whole.As a miscellaneous note, I liked the point about prayer.

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    I like how quite ingenious tech is put into context with only a little extra explanation Michael avoids the old trap of actually explaining too much of how it works, he focus on what it does.The extra star is much Shinys doing, I really their relationship in cooperative mode.Story Characters Environment Tech Dialog

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    Again fantastic, I really like this universe I ll definitely be hanging out there again.

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    THE SECOND TRILISK TALE NEW LOCATIONS, CHARACTERS, A FANTASTIC SEARCH ENCOUNTERSFour and a half EXPLORTORY Stars The Trilisk AI Parker Interstellar Travels Book 2 is an enjoyable, page turner of a SciFi novel by talented indie author Michael McCloskey It is the second in the 10 novel series about the exploits of the young, adventurous female xenoarchaeologist, Telisa Relachik Dovetailing the incidents of Book 1, The Trilisk Ruins , where we were introduced to Telisa and Magnus, other members of the Parker Interstellar Travels agency, the UNSF, their unusual cohort, and alien tech, the author creates up a story of expertly converging multiple storylines Once again, the enigmatic Kirizzo makes an appearance and the plot expands to new locations, characters, and dangerous encounters While there might be a seeming overabundance of pedagogy, it has a purpose of validating techniques used in later action scenes that otherwise might seem odd The exploits of Telisa and Magnus, and the Kirizzo parts are particularly compelling with everything ending in a surprise sequence of events, a troubling revelation, and a hand over to Part 3, The Trilisk Supersedure Parker Interstellar Travels Book 3 which I bought next in what is becoming an addictive series Highly Recommended Four and a half REVELATORY Stars Paperback Squidlord LLC 262 pages.

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    Good read and downloading 3This has been a very good read It has everything that a science fiction reader would want Aliens that tap dance to communicate all the way to an alien factor which is unknowable at this point of the story The heroine is a runaway from a politically powerful father and is living life on her own terms She has been the first person in the series to really deal with aliens of this variety Many twists.

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    A great sequel Not as clean as first book, but still good Good character development and good story line Consistent with first book without being the same I like a consistent story because you then know what you re getting generally I very much recommend this series

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    Excellent 2d installment Book 2 in the series was good enough to keep me reading it and to make me buy the next volume Clean, fast writing style, good storytelling Now I need to buy book 3

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