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    I loved this series as a teen and I still like it a lot Of course one can not treat this story as a serious sci fi it s of adventure fiction for kids teens disguised as space opera than anything else It s light and humorous although not HAHA funny with gorgeous graphics It s a really fast read and if you re into comic books you simply have to read it Know your classics P.S So can t wait for this movie But I hate the idea that they made Laureline blonde

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    Mislio sam, zbog naziva, da je ovo glavna prica koja je inspirisala film ali sem velikog bazara drugih slicnosti nema.Sdruge strane stip kao strip je odlican Fina prica sa puno ideja, lepi crtezi sa par odlicnih dizajniranih panela, narocito kostima i pejzaza Tempo je brz posto na zalost nemaju previse strana na raspolaganju cija je ideja da ogranici evropske crtace na 50 strana tako da mnogo detalja same price bude zaobidjeno Ali ope vrlo zabavno i jedan od stripova koji cu ponovo citati.

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    Despite the title, this book is like planetary romance than space opera Time travel capability on protagonist s ship is just a gimmick I still don t understand the limitation of the time travel ships of Space Time Agency, and if the limitation has been explained, maybe I missed them maybe it is explained in another book of the series The one strong point of this book is the planetary romance theme through the adventure plot Oh boy, how I spent hours of my life just watching the art of the exotic Syrte, and re read the favorite scenes over and over again Despite my fondness of this book and series, I could only give 3 star for this book Okay, a very fat 3 star, but not yet 4 star quality The story oversimplify some things, leave some questions, even for a child.It is the second book of the series, and I see this series is getting better on later books Later books have beautiful arts and ambitious stories From another point, later books have mature adult contents, so earliest three books of Valerian could be suitable for young readers My personal note I first read this comic at my childhood age, and Valerian is one of my foundation for building my taste in science fiction fantasy SF F I didn t know anything about SF concepts or jargons This series had given me a taste of wonders in world building when reading science fiction, and pushed my imagination very hard The imagination stretching exercise of this book affects me until now Without understand French language even learning English is taking my whole lifetime to be a passive reader , I accept my fate to have limited access to this series.

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    Comics have had a huge influence in my life I learnt to read from them with my grandad and they literally peopled my childhood, with statues and wall paintings of famous comics all around Brussels I kid you not There is even a museum dedicated to them, housed in a Horta building famous art nouveau architect , where you are welcomed by Tintin s red and white rocket Valerian was in my radar but never one of my favourites, although I enjoyed the few I did read Queue a few years, or two decades, and I m very much wanting the rectify this This instalment, the second in their adventures, see our two space time agents investigating whether this Empire is a threat to their Galaxy, and get thrown into the middle of some weird and complicated situation This story came out in 1971 and yes, does show its age with the old fashioned feel, but also some really good points aspects to it, enough for George Lucas to be inspired by it when he created Star Wars 0 P.S The new movie adaptation is sadly not a good one and has very little to do with this story It kills me to say this, especially because I could see the huge potential only to see it flop 0

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    There s too many walls of text, lots of cliches, and the characters are pretty bland Honestly, if I didn t need a book becoming a movie in 2017 for my reading challenge, I would have probably passed it over Some of the background art was pretty good though.

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    I wanted to read this because of the title similarities with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which is based on this series However, when you see the trailer and compare it with this, I doubt there is much in common with that In fact they look totally different Which I hope means the movie is different from this.Sure this started to feel pretty different from volume 0 and 1, but over time considering how fast rain comes and turns into ice rain that produces giant ice crystals and how quickly it all melds you have to wonder how there can be any civilization on Syrtis if they have such primitive buildings.And Veronique got captured again and something is done to her against her will again This time she fell into some giant clam, got drugged by it and is a party girl. and so far we had no pov scene by her, it is all Valerian again.The giant space battle is over pretty damn quickly And while the look of these immortal humans is gruesome they look flayed , their whole backstory as being the survivors of a long lost ship and how they now want to destroy earth as revenge for allegedly turning them into space monsters and how now they cannot go back and how on Syrtis everyone hates them is ridiculous I could understand some insanity, but the animosity of the natives, they caused themselves.

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    A short space adventure There is little depth of characters or plot There are some interesting parallels to Star Wars that makes you think perhaps George Lucas was a fan I read this to hopefully have some background for the new movie coming out I plan to read this to my daughter age 5 as Star Wars is one of her favorite films I think she ll love Laureline eventhough she doesn t actually do much in the adventure.

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    In many ways a ambitious narrative than the previous volume.

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    Better than the first one Pretty entertaining and cool artwork for something from 1971 Can definitely see the influence it had on Star Wars.

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