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Theater of Pain chapter 1 Theater of Pain , meaning Theater of Pain , genre Theater of Pain , book cover Theater of Pain , flies Theater of Pain , Theater of Pain e5dc771ddc1f1 In The World Of Professional Wrestling Everything Is Over The Top The Costumes Are Eccentric, The Action Is Theatrical, And The Fighters Themselves Are Amplified Comic Book Characters But It Is The Pain And The Politics That Are Very Real And Essential To The Game Some Competitors Would Do Anything To Make It To The Topeven Murder Jason Dunjeon Is Riding High As World Heavyweight Champion Of Global Championship Wrestling Nothing Can Take Him From That Top Spot, Until He Is Charged With The Murder Of One Of His Fellow Competitors Enter Vince Vinchelli, A Decorated Homicide Detective With A Disdain For Pro Wrestling Now These Two Opposites Must Come Together, Putting Their Odds Aside, To Solve The Crime Before One Someone Else Winds Up Dead

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